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  1. I view a conviction of manslaughter as walking in this case. He committed 1st degree murder on camera.
  2. I wouldn't expect Abbott to just stand up and let him take it.
  3. The interesting thing about that map is that the eastern 1/3 of Colorado is basically indistinguishable from Kansas. I would bet their obesity rate is closer to 10% if you only look at the mountain part.
  4. The IRS should do your taxes for you without itemized deductions, and then send you a statement allowing you to itemize and do your own taxes if you wish to do so. That is the reform that is needed most.
  5. I think Don Jr's outrage is understandable. Even if we haven't heard of these books, they are 6 books that he's capable of reading, which constitutes a substantial portion of books that fit into that category.
  6. Sure, but if everyone else got the vaccine, you should be fine to come into work. If half of the office has some sort of religious exemption, then god will sort them out as their religion dictates he should.
  7. I think your job would be taking reasonable enough actions to keep you safe by mandating the vaccine.
  8. Comedians are overly sensitive to the cancel culture thing because their careers depend on the ability to offend people. Dr. Seuss is a very poor example because Dr. Seuss Enterprises asked for the books to stop being published. It's like if Cardi B's kids 50 years from now were to get together and ask if the radio would please stop playing WAP because it makes them feel uncomfortable.
  9. I would say very very hard. Hell I know I would go live in a van in NYC and get that cost of living basis then come back to cheaper place in Texas lol I don't think the NY minimum wage would be enough for you to afford to park your van.
  10. Not only that, but it also should reduce the government's burden on subsidizing low earners with food stamps, EITC, etc. It's a reduction in the socialism the conservatives claim to oppose.
  11. Seems pretty tame compared to your typical cpac speaker.
  12. I actually like it. It's funnier that I believed him capable of being.
  13. This is just factually wrong. Ted Cruz doesn't have friends. They must have been parents of his kids' friends or something.
  14. Rush couldn't support his beliefs in an argument the way that Stewart can because he never really held those or any beliefs. He has only ever played devil's advocate to the democrats. He was smart enough to not debate liberals because it's much easier to win an argument with a straw man. It's the model of the modern republican. It's also very effective with stupid people.
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