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  1. Lulz at Bruin posting reaction during the replay.
  2. Very nice win. Texans magic number is 1 to win the division.
  3. Romo is damn good. That observation that the Texans should throw the ball at 2:03 is next level.
  4. Because these refs are stupid.
  5. I know everyone hates BoB as a coach But BoB , the GM, has been solid. Hyde, Johnson, Tunsil, Stills, Hargreaves and Conley have been good pick ups.
  6. So you enjoy sitting through multiple pitching changes in the same inning?
  7. Manfred threatening to do away with MILB. https://mlb.nbcsports.com/2019/12/14/major-league-baseball-threatens-to-walk-away-from-minor-league-baseball-entirely/
  8. WTF? Tiger sits himself out in the afternoon foursomes. He is not doing well as a captain.
  9. Captain America sucks. I think I heard them say he is 0-6, about to be 0-7, without Spieth as his partner. Tiger made a serious mistake putting him out today with DJ and Woodland on the bench. He a better player than captain.
  10. Believing anything that any GM, owner or Manager says in December is not very smart Why would Hinch lie about giving Stubbs infield reps? That’s taking cynicism to a stupid level.
  11. This is a pretty clear indication that the 26th roster spot will go to Stubbs as a 3rd catcher. The problem is that we don’t have a starter as of right now
  12. It’s good to be Boras. It’s better to be Cole, Strasburg and Rendon
  13. I’d prefer this deal over the Cole contract.
  14. The Rosenthal tweet was legit. The deleted done deal tweet was fake.
  15. Not that I don’t believe you but not seeing it in Twitterverse. Source?
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