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  1. I don’t mind Peña at 1 but Tucker at 7 is a non-starter. Try again.
  2. Verstappen hitting DRS button
  3. 6-1 He leads the league in wins, ERA , BAA and WHIP.
  4. What’s the point of having a limit on challenges when the other team can still request one?
  5. Has Bregman always stood on his tippy toes in the box?
  6. I’m watching in a bar. WTF was the deal with Woodward’s rechallenge?
  7. If Castro can’t be good defensively then there is zero reason for him to be on this team.
  8. ASG is 2 months away. Is he back pre or post?
  9. And let it be an Italian pastry challenge
  10. Good thing Skeet doesn’t live in Montana. Kayce would have shot him dead already.
  11. Rebalancing usually happens quarterly so you need to look at results since April 1. SPY is down 14.7%. TLT down 11.3%.
  12. Of course it will never happen, but a rebranding of the Texans to the Oilers would be a massive jumpstart in ridding the public perception of stink currently surrounding this franchise.
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