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  1. TWC forecast indicates about 2 hour delay
  2. AN only allows 4 minutes of commercials per hour.
  3. The fourth has just one ace ever. The sixth has had six holes-in-one. The most famous par 3 is the 12th, known as Golden Bell, and there have been just three aces there. The 16th hole has recorded the most aces of any hole at Augusta National with 23
  4. Bielak, in his 1 appearance, pitched 4.2 perfect innings.
  5. I would agree in a normal season but this year, with reduced capacities, it makes little difference.
  6. Led Anne is a peach compared to these horrid bitches. My absolute least favorite contestants.
  7. I agree with this. But explain to me why, for example, the Astros have 4 days off in the first 19 days while playing 2 series in California and 3 where there are retractable roof stadiums.
  8. For some reason, the female winners are among my favorites. I really like Melissa, Brooke, Stephanie, Kristen and Kelsey. Mei was meh.
  9. This post has to be a joke.
  10. That leaders on the course channel is awesome. Probably show 8 shot a minute, all from contenders . I do miss shot tracer though ESPN actual tournament coverage starts at 2 CST. Pregame begins at 1.
  11. Did lilshep get some facetime with his girlfriend last night? I’m sure they’ve missed each other.
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