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  1. Bump. Not even close to Helo’s worst prediction lately.
  2. With the trades so far, unless it’s Kimbrel, I don’t think they’ll make any significant moves. We are only a couple of million below the luxury tax limit. I don’t see them surpassing it incrementally and eating the penalties.
  3. Plus the fact that he’s a UFA next year should be enough incentive to ball out. We don’t know this guy or his demeanor so this might be just the way he comports himself. At least he’s not telling a steady stream of terrible jokes.
  4. He’ll be wearing a Dodger’s jersey so he’ll be alright.
  5. $240k leaving with $720k coming back
  6. It’s unclear from the article if, by enrolling early, if he’d actually be on the team and starting the clock on his eligibility. Either way, it’s a double edge sword for OSU. On one hand, he’d be locked up. On the other hand, you lose a year of maturity and additional game experience.
  7. https://baseballsavant.mlb.com/savant-player/yimi-garcia-554340?stats=statcast-r-pitching-mlb
  8. I was with you until this. He’ll be 39 going into next season coming off TJ surgery. AAV might be right but you’re way off on the years
  9. So Brantley gets 3 days off in 8 days. BTW: Toro gets the start at second base for the M’s which is interesting in that he only played 1 game at 2nd for us and not many in the minors
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