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  1. That’d be like wanting a handicap tag for better parking.
  2. I remember that thread and its title. Lulz 2020 WS Champion New York Yankees Season Thread
  3. First off, I don’t really get that Pope meme. Second, the Rangers might want to worry about their own shitty team.
  4. Alvarez will not be playing the outfield often. Or first base.
  5. If he follows the TB model, no one here will be happy initially because nobody will know who the players are.
  6. Your thoughtful op overcomes any misgivings I might have had about thread title. I expect Crane to try and pare back the payroll somewhat. And I don’t blame him giving the financial pain of 2020 and the uncertainties of the next few years. COVID and CBA problems are lurking.
  7. Just go to Cloak Room and mimic the group speak. You’ll be there in no time.
  8. I think Brantley will get a QO also. The 2021 number is $18.9MM. 2 supplemental picks will help ease the pain of the forfeited ones.
  9. ChiTownDoc is the only member. The only topic is to discuss how rich he is
  10. Can we have a board where the surly elite can’t post? If so, I want to be in that group.
  11. I think free agents all around the league are going to be highly disappointed this offseason.
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