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  1. Someone explain to me why Correa is hitting 7th
  2. He is tripling down on assholery https://www.google.com/amp/s/sports.yahoo.com/amphtml/joe-kelly-unloads-on-snitching-astros-everyone-knows-theyre-cheaters-154916682.html
  3. I think it’s strange that you are seeking medical advise from a message board. Particularly this one.
  4. There are several shows like it that do it as well or better. All or Nothing, Last Chance U
  5. He really likes long, fragmented sentences with lots of commas.
  6. Is junior football happening? I figured posters here would know
  7. Why would they care about that? Do you really think they’d prefer to be on the Lakers side of the bracket?
  8. Unbelievable numbers. Unfortunately, optimism has to be tempered by the the quality of pitching he’s facing. If those guys In Corpus can’t make it on this mediocre Astros staff then they’re probably not very good. Even with that caveat, we sure could use him
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