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  1. BTW Carharrt fucked up from a business perspective. 99% of their customers are blue collar budweiser MAGA. Business schools will be teaching what just happened. It's not like they're going after the 3 liberals who will buy their gear now. Just the way it is.
  2. So the US knows more than the rest of the world? It's all vax doesn't matter if previously infected.
  3. Yep it's just me that feels this way. BTW I think you have sick brain right now and just aren't thinking clearly.
  4. How fucking dare you! Yes, Cracker Barrel has a lot of rednecks in it but the breakfast is legit. It's good people watching.
  5. Luna got her 1st experience in snow. This was a hard pic to get because she was going apeshit.
  6. Another key question in all this is this going to affect the number of hot ass Ukrainian cam models on the interwebs if Russia invades? It could be the worse thing to come of all of this.
  7. Why isn't natural immunity even in the US public health equation though like several European countries who seem to understand it more? It's very odd. It's very logical to have it included in some way in public policy but it's completely ignored in the US.
  8. I am talking about the asymptomatic cases. Once again don't go down the path of me saying people should go out and get Covid for the immunity. It's not what I'm saying. Any talk about natural immunity here quickly goes to that then immediately this is vaccine misinformation and antivaxxer.
  9. I imagine there would be a lot of people surprised they had covid and never knew it. It is good in a way as it beefs up their immune system to future exposure.
  10. Crazy ass loon. Who in the hell blocks someone only to then go and read their posts? What's the point? Listen to yourself. You're up to it again today. Harrasing Stalker. BTW you claiming the reaction to you is due to being a strong opinionated female is nonsense. Crazy victim hood complex. For instance, Bama Chick is a strong opinionated female poster. Doesn't seem to have the same repeated complaints about her being psychotic. I also don't believe I'm blocked anymore because you neg everything I post in some pathetic attempt to try to hopefully get me to -200 which you tried unsuccessfully before racking up well over 100 in a day.
  11. US non essentials getting the fuck out. It's going to get . https://www.cnn.com/2022/01/21/politics/us-embassy-ukraine-nonessential-personnel/index.html?s=09
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