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  1. The initial spread appears to correlate with travel, income, and mobility. Poland doesn't have a lot to offer to international visitors and has lower income levels; therefore, it has fewer folks going in and out to ski resorts and such. Don't worry though. I'm sure that Poland will catch up.
  2. There are so many muddled questions packed in here that it's difficult to begin to even address. First off, *fewer^ world travelers. Second, Italy and France are two of the "hottest" places for international tourists to visit, which explains why they were hit harder, earlier. The notion that this was an "intentional" spread needs to be dropped. There's literally zero evidence of that. I mean, what would the Chinese have against the fucking Italians? And who goes to fucking Poland on a European vacation other than to visit Auschwitz? You're more than welcome to believe that our system of uncoordinated competing county, state, feds is superior to other nations reporting at the department, region, and national level. It's just that Johns Hopkins has a better mapping tool for display.
  3. I'm, sadly, intimately familiar with the map. Unfortunately, outside the US, it doesn't provide the same granular data at the local level that the US portion does with counties. Edit: I bring this up because I have a number of Eurpean friends, and its difficult to gauge the threat when there's a big red blob of a circle covering their entire country. This transcends the political "orange man bad" and the whole fucking thing is sad and terrible.
  4. What Zork is missing in his analysis is the arrival time for when this shit has taken hold. At this moment, in this time, things look better here now, but he doesn't take into account that we're 2-3 weeks behind the comparison European groups. Gawd, I hope I'm wrong.
  5. He's constitutionally incapable, in spite of his vote that Trump poured gasoline on a grease fire with this crisis, to state that Hillary Fucking Clinton would've been better able to handle it, which wasn't part of the question to begin with -- a comparison that he brought up more than three years after the goddammed election.
  6. Guess I should've put quotes around it to denote sarcasm. Sorry for that. But, yes, everyone play the game that she would've ignored all advice from expert epidemiologists who'd been studying the threat for years, fired them, and then put Chelsea's husband in charge of a shadow response task force to counter a no longer existent one to combat a pandemic with the capacity to kill more humans than any other in over 100 years, because "both sides". So, Anastasis, who did you vote for as your chosen leader, as president of the United States, and as leader of the free world, who would've created a superior response than Trump, Clinton, Johnson, or Stein? You seem to obviously care so much and are so thoroughly thoughtful. I'm sure you would've thought of a superior candidate than our constrained partisan system allowed. I'm absolutely unconvinced you would take it so insecirely and simply think that "burning it all down" would be the smart decision.
  7. Yes. Do you think Clinton would've scrapped the entire play book along with the first string?
  8. I dunno -- he might be onto something here. Hear me out. Now, if someone wanted to learn about infectious diseases, wouldn't it be wise to consult an expert?
  9. Definitely, but I think the Dead Milkmen were also on to something before him.
  10. If I recall, there were four major/minor party candidates on the ballot, each of whom received over a million votes). Republican: Trump (Carnival barking clown) Democrat: Clinton (Crooked but probably competent--definitely "plugged in") Libertarian: Johnson (Q: What's Aleppo? A: *raspberry sound*) Green: Stein (la la la) If you're going to indict two shit options, you should be willing to say all of them were absolutely unacceptable. Now, in hindsight, which of the above four do you think would've handled this particular crisis (you know, the thread topic) would've handled this one the least badly?
  11. So...we rejected their test blueprints and decided to figure the shit out ourselves and fucked it up instead of going with Precision German Engineering, unlike the rest of the sane Western world. Got it.
  12. Do they check ID on delivery (not that I'd normally be carded but I've heard that's standard on delivery), because mine's expired now and the DMV is closed.
  13. That's my recollection is that the Germans were among the first to develop test kits outside of China, which were then the standard for the WHO. We rejected those and tried to develop our own. I'll be more than happy to be corrected if I've gotten that wrong, because I really would prefer not to be right.
  14. And this SCOTUS (minus RBG) will let it slide once it finally reaches their desk. Fin
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