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  1. FYI for the parents: DSHS & TEA are now releasing a weekly statewide case count for on-campus students and staff. It's not really helpful at this point, but a note at the bottom of the page says they'll start posting ISD figures in an Excel spreadsheet beginning 9/23. https://dshs.texas.gov/coronavirus/schools/texas-education-agency/
  2. I don't know how many times the sentiment "we're lucky Trump is a dumb authoritarian; the next one won't be so inept" has been expressed on this site. Well, once Barr came on board, this duo has figured the game out and we'll be lucky to save our democracy.
  3. Where are all of these several polls showing Trump winning Florida? I can only find 2 out of 23 (and only 4 ties) since the beginning of August https://projects.fivethirtyeight.com/polls/president-general/florida/ I'm obviously not say it's not possible for Trump to win the state, but the poll-based evidence is fleeting.
  4. I hadn't realized we'd probed Venus so many times. Missions to Venus: Highlights From History, and When We May Go Back Much visited in an earlier era of space exploration, the planet has been overlooked in recent decades. Carl Sagan once said that Venus is the planet in our solar system most like hell. So when are we going back? Astronomers on Monday reported the detection of a chemical in the acidic Venusian clouds, phosphine, which may be a possible sign of life. That has some planetary scientists itching to return to the sun’s second planet, especially those who feel Venus has long been overlooked in favor of Mars and other destinations. “If this planet is active and is producing phosphine, and there is something that’s making it in the Venus atmosphere, then by God almighty, forget this Mars nonsense,” said Paul Byrne, a planetary scientist at North Carolina State University. “We need a lander, an orbiter, we need a program.” Venus is not easy to visit. Its carbon-dioxide-rich atmosphere is 90 times as dense as ours, and surface temperatures average 800 degrees Fahrenheit. Its surface pressure is intense enough to crush some submarines. But that hasn’t stopped human space programs from trying. About 40 robotic spacecraft launched by governments on Earth have tried to visit Venus in one way or another. Here are highlights from past journeys to Venus, as well as the prospects for a speedy return to the planet to find out what’s going on in those clouds.
  5. Thanks. Just added it to my watch list. I'm just going to assume the Nick Cage one won't be worth my time unless y'all say otherwise.
  6. Yeah, kind of. That did come to mind. Edit: Never saw The Wicker Man.
  7. Really enjoyable first episode. It had a creepy kid, a clannish insular island cult, and animal sacrifice. Basically the plot involved Jude Law getting stuck on an island where weird shit's happening. Good acting, engaging mystery, and outstanding cinematography.
  8. Anyone else planning on giving this a shot tonight?
  9. I'm not going to comment on her political viewpoints but I will state she has a very poor understanding of what the term "weasel word" means, because being called a "Nazi" or a "fascist" doesn't meet that definition. Those are direct and unambiguous accusations.
  10. My God, it's full of scars!
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