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  1. The British monarchy is inherently (pun intended) based on the notion that members of a single family are above all their human peers and have been placed in that position by a god who chose them to represent his virtue by sitting on a throne and lead a specific sect because one of those family members wanted to get a divorce and fuck a younger chick. In America, we're supposed to believe in a meritocracy instead of being ruled by a stupid aristocracy comprised of a bunch of inbred elites. Our national unity and social cohesion is based on the idea that "All Men Are Created Equal." Person
  2. It ultimately doesn't matter how heavy Chauvin is if he's still able to apply 90 lbs of pressure directly on a pinned down guy's neck.
  3. Fuck that shit. Did you change your handle Icono? Edit: This is the United Fucking States, and we're a Democratic Republic where the citizens choose whom will be our leader -- not some watery tart handing out swords.
  4. bolverk


    Thanks. I completely understand the Russian motivation from a geopolitical standpoint but am surprise that Germany isn't looking out better for its eastern hinterland/sphere of influence. Which country are you living in, if you don't mind my asking? You've made a couple of comments here and there in the past that lead me to believe you're in a former Warsaw Pact one like Hungary.
  5. bolverk


    Really appreciate your on-the-ground insight regarding the situation there in Deutschland. I've got a couple of comments/questions: As an (obviously) American who was a teenager in the 1980s, but having spent a year in France and a summer in Germany during the early 1990s so I'm not a total rube, I don't understand the desire by the German government to entangle their energy policy with the Kremlin and potentially becoming dependent on Russian natural gas (looking at you Ukraine). Do they see it as an absolute necessity or is it more of a diplomacy deal to demonstrate goodwill toward the
  6. That's some World Wrestling Federation level acting right there.
  7. Interesting study that was recently done on the demographics of the insurrectionists shows that they were more likely to live in counties with declining Anglo populations. Two articles below - Op/Ed from study author in WaPo & article from NYTimes about study with quotes from author:
  8. Funny you should mention shit, but my bowel movements were "off" for a few days after Moderna #2. Nothing terrible, but it was the most lasting of all the side effects (if they were indeed side effects) for me. I hadn't been eating anything unusual other than yellow curry chicken a little over 24 hours after the shot. That's what I first thought it was, but it lingered for a few more.
  9. I've been periodically checking the national heat map that NYTimes provides. I wish you could go back in time looking at that thing (like you once suggested) to watch the progression like a time lapse, but the initial outbreak for this current wave started in one of those counties near the thumb of the mitten and it's been spreading out from that point since. Edit: Found one from the Mayo Clinic that covers the last 60 days. Their shading scheme is a little different, but over the last month you can seen those mitten thumb counties and a couple near the top of the mitten really take off.
  10. Conjecture I've read is they'll pack the ultra blue areas of Austin in one district for Doggett or an AOC-type successor and then spread thin the purple 'burbs as much as possible among myriad ruby red rural districts. Back on point, I was F5ing my way through that evening hoping that MIA would score.
  11. bolverk


    Best we can hope for is Russia fouled up and sent some of their Olympics PEDs to them by mistake and, as a result, helped one of our allies make some super soldiers.
  12. Yeah, that's kind of the thing here. Far be it for me to judge the private actions & transactions of consensual adults, it's the issue of who paid for the escorts' services and whether they were of age or not.
  13. Well, Matt, did ya or didn't ya turn tricks? Because, if you did take money from the nightstand, you definitely turned tricks.
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