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  1. RB is a poor man’s JB. Not surprisingly your take on his abilities is flawed at best.
  2. I’ve never understood Sports Panties. It’s funny, I just don’t know what I’m laughing at.
  3. Strange post. CDC and Shaka know things are going terribly and both know he’s going to be fired. Nothing is going to signal anything, and nothing is going to change what will happen. Horns could have a rousing crowd of 10,000 and win by 20 and it wouldn’t reverse his sealed fate.
  4. Which means it’s definitely happening. I don’t understand the age concern. I’d be ecstatic to get him.
  5. I’ve never paid any attention to him at all. His show from a very casual observer seems to be Joel Klatt but much less funny.
  6. I started listening in ‘98 while in college and working an internship in Dallas. Mexican Junior grabbed my attention. Haven’t stopped listening since.
  7. Someone explain the hate for CJ Nit. I honestly don’t know.
  8. That dude has a really weird fetish for killers. Whitman, Manson, Oswald
  9. If you have firm transport on those large pipelines you’re prob paying $0.75. I know they aren’t getting $2. It doesn’t matter when you’re producing 20 mmcfd wells, choked back to fulfill your FT. And while not constrained, all those wells aren’t producing at levels they could. Atlantic Coast Pipeline and others are coming online this year I believe. And March ‘21 isn’t that far away. I think we’ll be cheap for quite awhile.
  10. Dixon took over a program that went 8-64 in conference play the prior four years he was there. He has real skins on the wall at Pitt, and at TCU where he won the NIT in his first year and got upset as a 5 seed his second year. The turnaround was remarkable. He coaches circles around Shaka and that’ll be on display Wednesday night.
  11. Are you a MaybeACoordinator basketball sock? Nobody can be this stupid, right?
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