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  1. Do they still have that fuckhead weather guy before kickoff? I kinda also hoped he would double up and take over Jetpack Guy’s role and have an accident. And somehow take out Galindo in the booth. I have intricate fantasies, like Lobo with prison rape and Aggy calling him “faggot”.
  2. I definitely started to sound like him. Apologies for derailing the thread and thanks for the break BL.
  3. Because he followed the story with “Here’s what really happened” ending with a guy in Aggie gear calling him a “faggot”. Major bull shit.
  4. So you lied about an Aggie calling you a faggot. And now you’re lying about “my fantasy”. Ummm, no. When dealing with this weirdo, you don’t need to project anything.
  5. Yeah, calling bullshit, that never happened. And the only way your fantasy could be any more predictable was if someone was prison raped.
  6. Agreed and agreed. He seems like an oblivious Phil Mickelson with significantly fewer skins on the wall.
  7. Who would win in a fistfight - Larry Allen or a pissed off chimpanzee?
  8. I already acknowledged Jesse Owens and would put Carl Lewis ahead of Owens. Pitchers are some of the best athletes around. Generally former skill position players in football (Kershaw excepted) or basketball, and generally great golfers. Absolutely I’m taking 1976 Nolan Ryan over Jenner. What people forget about Jenner is that he was a collegiate running back. Small school, but he was always extremely athletic. To be a world class decathlete you have to be. But is he a better athlete than the ones I listed? Fuck no, he’s not.
  9. I put him in the same category as a non-cheating nicer Lance.
  10. I said it and walked it back a few posts later on page 1.
  11. You just said a bunch of words to say “I don’t have a fucking clue.” Which is basically where I am. But I believe I have the ability to do this without hedging and would rather go unhedged now, or buy really cheap puts.
  12. Also, the American Gladiators are better athletes than Lance.
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