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  1. He’s surpassed Spieth in majors and staying power and is an another class of golfer currently. He’s also $623,000 closer on the career earnings list.
  2. I think he’s definitely getting more distance and that’s something that’s not discussed. When he was winning he was known as below average in length and now he’s above average. But the improvement isn’t all that noticeable (he was never really short). It’s a terrible risk/reward proposition.
  3. No I won’t get used to it, and no, I’m not in the minority. If you think the majority of people give a fuck about your politics on DT, you’re mistaken. Sorely.
  4. If his driver doesn’t cost him at least one double per round, it’s an anomaly. Today, it cost him any chance at a Top 10 finish. Really talented golfer with a ten cent head.
  5. Gourmand: I’m banging Cummings and quite possibly Chompers.
  6. Agreed it’s been invaded by politicizing leftist mouth breathing knuckle draggers.
  7. Maybe. He’s an out of touch loon. I don’t know how he made Dallas legend status. And I don’t disagree with you. To me he ought to be a Dallas joke like Whitt or Greggo. Again, I recall him on HSE broadcasts and nobody liked him. He’s unintentional comedy on that station for 25+ years before he even joined. He’s not a fit, and if he left the comforting biosphere of the mothership I I think he’d get his nuts kicked in. I think The Fan already has better options.
  8. I’m highly aware of his body of work, his entire catalogue. Trying to figure out your point. Are you saying he would not get smoked versus any other show on the Ticket?
  9. Limited to oil thread. I read nothing else. Even here. He’s worthless.
  10. Highest ratings on a Friday night sitcom. Yeah John in Plano types. If Norm were on another stations and went head to head in drive time he’d get smoked.
  11. Nope. Pretty even amongst all three Musers, Bob, Dan, Corby and Norm.
  12. No they don’t. He’s a not a bigger draw than, in order, than Gordo, Junior, George, Bob, Corby, and Dan. The numbers for his relatively meaningless time slot don’t mean anything.
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