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  1. He lined up offsides at least one other time that didn’t get called. He’s retarded and not good enough to keep hurting us. Get him out of there.
  2. Derka your lack of response here and on the UT-Central Michigan game thread is noticeable. Keep up the restraint.
  3. MANGINO BEAR It’s better than sniffin’ some girl’s ass.
  4. More about culture around “Cowboys” and character story of aging player. I love it, don’t get me wrong. and yes, Major League is better than North Dallas Forty. Best sports comedy of all time (I’d not rate Caddyshack a “sports” comedy). Had a lot of “play” in it, was somewhat realistic, and had enough drama.
  5. “Coach, I look like I jacked off an elephant”. Any movie that has that quote is okay in my book. Varsity Blues and Remember the Titans are okay. North Dallas Forty is a classic but it wasn’t really a football movie that much. Football movies aren’t as good as either baseball (Major League, The Natural, Field of Dreams, Bull Durham) or basketball (Hoosiers). All of those five movies are better than any football movie made. Hell Teen Wolf is a better basketball movie than any football movie made.
  6. You should blame Junes for making you type all that stupid shit.
  7. It’s too stupid to discuss. You’ll thank us.
  8. It’s terrible. His basketball Junes segments are awful too.
  9. What is rare is coaches as large as Weis and Mangino not playing football. That’s insane.
  10. Agreed. It’s really bad. When combined with his play it makes me dislike the guy.
  11. Permian sellers, to the extent they can sell, are still getting a premium.
  12. Not sure where their Marcellus assets are but if I recall they were solid. I wouldn’t call it a shit heap. Now they’re not likely worth anywhere near what they paid for them, but there’s a reason gas is around $2.25 in December, and it’s because the Marcellus and Utica are such prolific producers.
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