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  1. Not opining on the wisdom of holding oil major equities, because I don’t pay close enough attention, but lulz at the bolded part. No. Think about your question for a moment.
  2. Lulz. I don’t even know what his politics are but suspect we totally align. He’s 180 degrees different - the move has shown how much he forces things, and how big his ego is. So I listened yesterday because there was talk of Bob’s expected bitch reaction to Texas’ SEC move. I missed it, but he spent a whole segment on how an email from a dumbass listener presupposed Bob/Corby were going to support Simone Biles. Bob spent an entire segment taking the guy to task. He’s got incredibly thin skin. He’s the worst host on the station, and it is not remotely close.
  3. “We’re talking about you. You’re embarrassing. Also expendable.” So great.
  4. She did take someone’s spot and they absolutely would have won gold with her replacement.
  5. I’m about to go jogging and skipped back to 5:25 and am listening to him ramble about the Bucks. Guess i missed it.
  6. Christ, really? In a year, Bob has gone from a Top 5 personality for me to someone in the “I’d rather listen to JJT and TC do a show with Killer as Yuk Monkey” file.
  7. I heard but he wasn’t committed. He said “you took your jacket off” instead of, “you decided I’m gonna go jacket off”. Dan has really grown on me but he is no Gordo. Not in the same league. And I like Sirois better too.
  8. That’s pretty cool you were involved in that. Clearly A&M did, but my father in law was a former baseball star and booster and will admit to FedEx’ing $5K in cash. I told him to keep his mouth shut about that. Interestingly, there are two people on the planet who ever accused Vince Young of being slow: you and him.
  9. A&M’s move to the SEC caused our recruiting to suffer? No, George. You’re an idiot.
  10. Between this combined with the horrible take she forces at every opportunity that Texas fits in better with the Pac 12, she’s showing her ass.
  11. Sigh. Of course. Every non-UT, OU, A&M fan is a Tech bandwagoner.
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