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  1. A lot of WTF moments with that guy. I like him but he’s not working out with the HL. There are too many tense moments and it stems from Sturm talking too much. I’m sure he thinks he’s got children to control and he does. But those children have strong personalities particularly Danny. It’s not working. Shake it up.
  2. Yeah, you (and Jersey Man) need to take in easy here.
  3. Can you imagine Derka as a reporter? Every perceived slight would cause a meltdown of epic proportions. I’d definitely pay for it.
  4. 2 posts later. Maybe I need to tweak my meter but Jesus H. Christ.
  5. I’m just waiting for the contingent of dinguses that are about to repeat Traylor’s name. It’ll be snuck it here amidst some chaos (again) imminently. He is my personal favorite suggestion.
  6. Can I have mod duties so I have privileges to ban people like fucknuts here? Why are people so stupid? We are not getting John Harbaugh. We are not getting Dabo. They are unattainable, you idiot, Aggie-esque twat. Stop embarrassing us. Also, we are not going to settle for Harsin or the litany of coaches named in that poster’s buyout list. We have only one coach, and if we have to enact any backup plan, we have failed miserably.
  7. No. Stop talking about it.
  8. No. Urbs or bust. Dabo has done this at one school. What he’s created is greatness. But he’s not leaving, and he’s not the sure thing Urban or Saban are. One of those is available. We need to stop all talk of anyone unattainable.
  9. Nope. They’re about the same. They both have (had) an idea of how to get out of it and therefore are markedly better than Strong. But they have no ability to prevent serious adversity within any season. And because of that lack of program focus, Herman can’t not drop a few more. I have little doubt Texas will come out with hair on fire for a few games. But we will drop at least two more. 5-5 or 6-4.
  10. Asking AT&T to get their shit together is like asking American Airlines or Enterprise Rent-A-Car to get their shit together. It will never happen. I use them and hate it. I avoid American at all costs.
  11. Saw it for Horns-Michigan, Horns-USC and TCU-Sconny. It is unbelievably bad ass. You can see it coming from miles away. You can’t hear it at all until it’s right over your head. The Rose Bowl flyover, and the Army-Navy flyover, were some of the coolest things I’ve ever witnessed.
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