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  1. 4 out of 13. The other 9 result in double bogeys generally. If I have 5 pars in a round I’m happy. My club is hard. It travels well. Generally am mid 80s playing mountain golf.
  2. You’ve got a former #1 and #2, a #4, and the hottest young player on tour, or at least the best Korn Ferry guy from last season. You’ve got Spieth lurking. All these guys did considerably better than DJ, Koepka or Rory. I know you’re a golf fan.
  3. I played a round with Zalatoris about 2 years ago. Randomly got grouped with him in a fivesome. He was TCA golf team buddies with a couple of sons of members at my club. The sons were hackers like me and my buddy. We all shot like a 90. Will said he’d left Wake early to turn pro. I cannot remember if he said he’d graduated or not. I’ve never seen a better ball striker for that size of guy in my life. I would pipe a drive 280 down the middle from the blue tees. He was playing from the tips and would bomb it way the fuck past mine the few times I did that. And his iron play was impeccable. On t
  4. No, Rose should be in 2nd to last group with Leishman. Will with Conners
  5. CW not having OT length doesn’t explain why he’s average (at best) at OG.
  6. I’d be down with this. In particular if we get additional picks. What is the difference between Cosmi and Connor Williams? It seems both came out of nowhere at Texas, emerging from obscurity in their sophomore years. Williams has been a bust. I wonder what about Cosmi’s makeup makes him different than Connor?
  7. @UncleSonnyMy bad, you said before the massage stuff.
  8. The banner announcements do not X out. This is like the 13th consecutive time I’ve had to zoom way the hell in after 4-5 repeated attempts to get rid of the reminder of immamac’s overtalking and forced laughter.
  9. You sure about that? Houston may not have a QB.
  10. It’s a take that everyone not in Houston has had for awhile. And holy fuck I missed that. 6 times. User name definitely checks out @Dnaguy
  11. Edit: Double post. Rubs you the wrong way? Lulz. I like Watson the player. The Texans have been a joke of a franchise since they started when I lived in Houston. I’m a Cowboys guy who has always been a Dallas area sports fan and is indifferent toward Houston success or failure. I rooted for the Stros and would root for the Texans. But they are a joke. And I know joke football franchises.
  12. Carry the load to the tune of 4-12 whilst racking up garbage time stats? I’m impressed with his talent but whomever said he’d be the 2nd QB GMs would build a franchise around behind Mahomes - that person is smoking crack. He’s not that good.
  13. QB play in the NFL is at a low point. Brees and Ben and Rivers are gone. Top 8 isn’t what it was. There is a big difference between the Top 5 and others. Watson isn’t there despite Houston’s insistence that he is.
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