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  1. Huh. Juicy fondly remembered. Bizarro world. Whats next Rocko and txtow fondly remembered too?
  2. Exactafuckingmundo. That’s why I say it’s all noise. Relevant in that is tied at the hip with the lack of demand, as that’s why we’re oversupplied, but the lack of demand is by far the driving force. It’s also relevant in that if we get some news that is bullish for crude later this week, and I suspect we will, I’d swap the fuck out of whatever I can get my hands on and buy cheap call options.
  3. I’ll say it again, Chuck Schumer can go fuck himself, and I’d love Rudiger to neg me again for that.
  4. WTI only down 5.75% now. I would expect a lot can happen between now and tomorrow morn and we’re gonna have another wild week.
  5. Saw some articles on Bloomberg that indicate Saudis and Russians are racing to table to negotiate global oil pact. Could be reversal of yesterday’s article’s sentiment. Doesn’t dissuade me of my negative short term to mid term sentiment, but could provide a bump in prices that would lead to hedge opportunities.
  6. You negged my post. And you’re wrong on your persistent presumption. Cry about it some more.
  7. Is your posting goal to definitive “ballgame” determinations in every post? Do you ever tire of being wrong?
  8. Don’t care what you tip. I was amused you are bragging about it. You got any photos in a new sport coat with the tag still on?
  9. Been tipping 50% on all takeout and have paid several weeks of no housekeeping. She came yesterday in mask and gloves and gave her 50% over her rate. You’re not virtuous when you do the bare minimum you could do and brag about it on a fucking message board. You’re slorch.
  10. Goddamnit. Well, we have been living in fantasy land for 3 days. Was nice while it lasted.
  11. You say all of that like it’s totally illogical to not have NYC/SF/Chicago in an area with significant more land.
  12. I have no new persona, TheCruiser. I simply caught up on the thread and negged you for dragging this thread through your self-important political nonsense.
  13. It’s impossible. He’s a weirdo humblebraggart. Highly irritating. And if he’s not banned from the thread yet he’ll probably like / laugh at this here post. Because he’s fucking weird.
  14. Quite a bit is locked down. You’re an idiot, as per usual.
  15. Don’t know, but what’s normal? 95% of November ‘19 demand? 90%? 85%? Will there be an outbreak in South America this summer? Will this come back to us next winter? Maybe we’ve got some satisfactory answers to the above, but I don’t see crude demand just getting back to 100% of its high, or normal, any time soon.
  16. Marshall Adkins, notorious bull, thinks we’ll be at $10 for 3-4 months. He thinks none of the measures contemplated can realistically occur. @Trey3216@ryskeyinterested in your thoughts. This week has felt like a month. It became apparent to me that producers in Texas were going to have downstream issues a few weeks ago, and those concerns were realized in calls last week and Sheffield’s CNBC commentary. Now, it’s a damned crisis. The attempted measures by Trump and Hamm seem desperate and not doable. The $8 bump is nice, but to me it’s noise that’s obfuscating real fundamental issues that won’t get better any time soon, absent coordination and sacrifice never seen on a global scale. I don’t agree with Adkins that we are staying at $10 for 3-4 months.
  17. Frankly we need a war aimed at Saudi (for two very specific reasons*) and we need to not intervene. I’m of the belief the tweets and communications are desperate measures and the market is reacting irrationally. The demand side of the equation remains the much bigger story. I cannot believe there’s only a 20% reduction in consumption. I don’t think these supposed cuts, while meaningful, are anything other than very short term. And Covid is much more significant than anyone realized even at the beginning of this week. It’s going to affect us to varying degrees all year. When demand returns, let’s say in Q4, is it 90% of where it was last November? 95%? Because of the strong likelihood these cuts are short term and we are dealing with a number of known cheaters, I don’t think these cuts will mean much, and the market will slowly come to these conclusions. I would however really like to know the world’s output right now. Impossible to say, but I would expect many fields are shut in. *MbS is a major problem for Saudi, us and the world. He needs to be taken out. If the royal family refuses to supplant him, we should be okay with a war and let it play out. It will help stabilize oil prices in the long term.
  18. He’s terrible. His passive aggressive opinion on Whataburger is all you need to know about him.
  19. Look at Bloomberg’s 1 day trading chart. Littered with truck ads. No coincidence either.
  20. I have no doubt the call occurred and I have no doubt Trump is a big picture / directional guy. I have no doubt nothing definitive was decided. I still don’t know if the 10 mmbbl/d includes US shale. Maybe that was the difference between 10 and his subsequent 15 mmbbl/d tweet. I am skeptical this is meaningful. Even if all three countries cut 20 mmbbl/d for 3 months, we will still be oversupplied. Also, when demand comes back later this year - and I think we will he dealing with Corona well into the summer - at what % of 100 mmbbl/d does it come back? 90%? 95%? In my kind today’s announcement is great news, begging for more detail. If the detail is right, today’s jump is logical and we are probably heading above $30. But without some good Corona news I can’t see much upside from there. Perhaps these cuts are real, and are just long enough to eat up our massive oversupply. Okay, then maybe we are in the $40s in Q4. Not much more.
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