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  1. Yeah, okay, ratings are better. From a financial perspective nobody has done more for the sport. But as a fairly serious golf fan the noise around Tiger from very casual fans and golf idiots (most media) at this point in his career detracts from the young studs on tour. But I wasn’t talking about ratings, purses, etc. I was talking about me. I don’t need Tiger involved to enjoy a tourney. Spieth got cut Friday and I pull for him like no other. Didn’t detract from today’s greatness. You can stick Tiger in a tourney and talk about the drama being better and it is almost always hype. Last Masters was different and it was awesome, but it was an anomaly. Mostly, the Tiger factor is overblown. Sure it drives ratings and that’s great, but it doesn’t do anything for me personally. Wulaw you said it did for you, and that’s what I was responding to. Edit: I reread your post and you were talking about “stakes” and that’s what I disagreed with. Seeing Rory, Spieth, Day, DJ, Koepka, JT, etc come out and dominate and show the parity of the tour is much more interesting to me than watching Tiger dominate. Regardless, the stakes have been huge the past 5-7 years when he hasn’t been a factor. Partly, no doubt, because he raised the game’s recognition and purses.
  2. Her apparent incompetence in Kelley’s case and subsequent behavior are so compelling that it renders any good she has ever done in her life, or ever will do, totally moot.
  3. Greg Kelley is a common name, the information is totally irrelevant, and even if he did do it (I doubt he did), I don’t give one fuck. The Ranger did the guy a disservice by making that assertion in a connecting fashion. But, like Dailey and Mannix, he’s an LEO, prone to say “ain’t” on the stand. While tremendously more competent than Dailey, and more impartial than Mannix, it’s only relative.
  4. True, I don’t fault him for not showing his face. I do fault him for thinking Kelley innocent at the time before these other facts were known and not having the fortitude to stick to his guns. Cummings should be disbarred and jailed. I expect shit like that from guys like Dailey and Mannix. Not your own fucking defense attorney. Never let your child hang out in a household where multiple brothers of your child’s main friend are arrested. Just put a stop to any involvement right then and there.
  5. Well you know, don’t let a man you presume to be innocent go to prison for 25 years because you’re tired or 11 other duped idiots are putting pressure on you, and you don’t have to feel shitty about it. It wasn’t a gut punch for me. It was an illustration of how the average human being is lazy and can’t be bothered to fight.
  6. 2014, maybe. Now, not even a little. He’s not irrelevant as last spring showed but it doesn’t matter whether or not he’s in the field.
  7. Your take on the stakes not being there without Tiger hasn’t been the case in at least 5 years.
  8. Yes he’s well liked. He’s one of several young bros. But he’s got a mean streak/attitude his buddy Spieth doesn’t, and could use. I thought he was funny as shit during the Tiger/Phil deal. I think he, Koepka, Dechambeau, Rahm and DJ will win the lion’s share of majors for the next several years with Rory falling off, Spieth middling, and some of these younger bucks like Morikawa popping up occasionally. The tour is studly right now.
  9. 6, at least. Don’t know about the girl on the right but you’re forgetting the forehead flotation.
  10. You think too much. It was awesome then and has held up. MaC is a fucking goose.
  11. You’re a moron. 2 reasons. Charlie Strong lover to the very end. And the above atrocious opinion.
  12. I’ve been in plenty of meetings watching humans act like monkeys trying to fuck footballs. At least the hypothetical above offers entertain value.
  13. Ho-dor the Mo-tor Usain Dolt I imagine Killer is The Ticket’s version of Drew.
  14. And that is bullshit. Can’t wait to finish this doc. Starting last half of Ep 3 now.
  15. Well, what the fuck ever. She’s losing empathy from me by being stubborn.
  16. Dr. Beeper


    As should the contrived “grandson” talks. And Bert, don’t talk to me like that, assface.
  17. You talking about Chompers? I’m about halfway through this doc and four things stand out: 1) Chompers’ disdain for Kelley, and her apparent (as of now) lack of connection to him. The stupidity coming out of her mouth and stubbornness is amazing to watch. 2) Mannix’s stubbornness. Is it not acceptable for Chompers or Mannix to say “you know I don’t know what happened” and in Mannix’s case “we may have screwed up”; 3) Jana Duty’s fat ugly face, agenda, and the idiocy in making that video; and 4) Hampton’s common sense mastery.
  18. It’s a factor, no doubt, and was here - it just was a very noisy secondary factor. But I’d argue it’s generally an ancillary one. It was more prominent in the mid 2000’s when terrorism was rampant and a big contributor to crude going up to $147.
  19. Oil dropped from (around) $65 to $45 between 1/1 and the morning of 3/6 before the Russians fired the first shot across the bow like an idiot drunk Captainant, stumbling into a conversation with someone he doesn’t know. End of 3/6, $40, 3/9 after Saudi response - $30. From there, all COVID. My point is, crude follows supply/demand fundamentals. Yes, sovereigns may cut supply but it’s economic and not political in nature. COVID crushing demand was the story, not some short term pissing match by idiots who totally walked it back one month later.
  20. A very, very simple and predictable take from an attorney. I’ll respond in more detail later, but giving politics credit for the drop in crude this Spring is really stupid. That was the noisy headline and had little to do with it.
  21. I’ve never seen such disrespect on a Wednesday afternoon.
  22. Awesome. The package I just bought included some La Salle County stuff.
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