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  1. None of the Texas insiders will address it, either.
  2. Hattersley with some class predictions, courtesy of @Longhornfrenzy
  3. Suchomel published an interview with him. Mostly fluff, but Hutz has been recruiting him for a couple years. Didn't play his Junior season due to an undisclosed medical issue described as "in the past" and "not something like a torn up knee that's going to slow him down long term". Texas is in it if they can get him on campus. He likes the state, and he likes Hutz. Would be a linebacker.
  4. At IMG, friends with Adeleye, recently decommitted from Florida.
  5. Dude knows how to pick a picture https://247sports.com/Player/Nathaniel-Wiggins-46085831/
  6. "This" was hyperlinked to this https://www.hudl.com/video/3/10141182/5dfe4f79d21abf0b30f0f5c4
  7. Transfer candidate trims his list https://247sports.com/Player/Alan-Griffin-45573405/
  8. Rivals is slowly releasing 2022 5*s. Denver Harris is one. https://n.rivals.com/news/five-star-spotlight-denver-harris
  9. "Texas Basketball Recruiting 2020: The Greg Brown Appreciation Thread"
  10. Such quoted LJ Johnson: “I’m high on A&M, Georgia, OU, LSU, Stanford and still Texas,” Johnson said. “I’ll trim my list in May.” Some chatter in the comments about LJ's relationship with Tommie Robinson being the main draw to aggy.
  11. @Harvdog - Ask your son about this. I thought you assured us that Texas was in the mix. You have some explaining to do.
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