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  1. Thanks for the transcription, tars. Eric can’t keep Quinn out his mouth. Gerry is clearly pulling a lotta weight here.
  2. Correct answer. This is a nothing burger that will get play because it's Texas. Some old white dudes are racist assholes. Surprise fucking surprise. With the acumen this staff has shown on the trail, this isn't even a speed bump, much less a concern. Let's not get ourselves into such a tizzy that we begin shitting on former players over things that belong in the cr and will not likely have an effect on recruiting
  3. Clay Helton is the luckiest motherfucker on planet earth. Their 5-1 season included 2 wins against the shitty Arizonas by a combined 5 points, and another close one against UCLA. Now they've recruited well two classes running, still have Harrell and Slovis, and no real conference juggernauts to deal with. I don't think the chance of implosion is very good, but I bet he skates on mediocrity for another year. Especially with Meyer in the NFL. Give me....8 wins. Enough to close another decent class and for Helton to keep his job. Again.
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