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  1. Recent history says otherwise at WR, though. If that line is landing, Coleman sucks at recruiting. We're losing guys to current Baylor and the prospects of what could happen at Mississaggy. Also, aggy. Also, TCU who has not been good for 3 years, despite putting receivers in the league. I get that the generic idea Texas isn't developing can be applied willy nilly, but pushing back should be much easier than it's proving to be.
  2. One of the kids from QB1 went to Kentucky. Walking injury, though. I want to understand how the Texas offense is currently perceived by prospects. Is it just the proximity to chokelahoma that suppresses the fact that we've sported (statistically) one of the best offenses in the country the last 2 years? Especially for WR. And now, we made an investment in an OC who plans to push more chunk yardage plays. So....why the hell are we struggling at WR recruiting this cycle? Can we not sell any of this effectively? I actually feel pretty good about the long term prospects for the WR class, but it shouldn't be this hard.
  3. Coffey RTing a bunch of Crowdus edits like this
  4. Lots to dissect here #TX2ILLINI Lady coach "Trillinois" - could be copyright infringement, someone call Kenny
  5. JJ, JoJo, Texas Alexis, and Dekel Crowdus would be an all name position group.
  6. Agreed. You can take JJ as well because Cain, Crowdus, and Alexis are all OOS. We should expect to lose 1.
  7. Of note: Jager Burton and Dekel Crowdus attend the same HS. We're in his top 7, although the perception is that we are currently sitting 7th. Maybe 6th.
  8. Goddammit. Even Roach is learning how to 9.95.
  9. No no, dragging blOU was welcome. I know you as a poster. I cringe want to snort coke every time I see your avatar.
  10. He, Cody Jackson, and Mario Williams are the land thief commits with offers. None of them feel likely. Shitting on blOU was probably unrelated. Welcome, but unrelated.
  11. I lived in Philadelphia for a couple years and took in some Quaker football. Those are some of my favorite pure CFB experiences. Really cool.
  12. Recruiting to mitigate the deficiencies of your own system is peak aggy.
  13. Considering your inclusion of long shot WRs, you can add: WR: Dekel Crowdus RB: Johnson, Wheaton OL: Ezra Oyetade, but no offer yet. DL: David Abiara, Kelvin Gilliam LB: Jayden Williams CB: Isaiah Johnson, Ceyair Wright (ATH)
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