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  1. Man. A guy getting NFL draft buzz transfers to a P5 school to run scout team. What the hell is going on?
  2. Return from injury and Gerry is high on him
  3. While this is true of all of us, Huff has better shit to do than be a super engaged surly poster
  4. The team hosted RDC. There was apparently some sessions scheduled around how to build your personal brand, prepping the younger guys for NIL For the olds, this is a bfd
  5. If we can't land both Blue and Tavorus Jones, I covet Jaylen Thompson. Curious to see which junior tape blows up more between Jones and Thompson. I think Jaylen is CEH, minus 10lbs. Stylistically, he's not something we have right now and might actually fit better than Jones. Just watched CEH's Hudl and Thompson's. Yeah, we want Thompson. They are even rated similarly. Helaire: http://www.hudl.com/v/2E2N61 Thompson: http://www.hudl.com/v/2BviNu
  6. Injured his knee as a freshman. Medical redshirt
  7. What's the max, Fud? 28? Edit to add: This has been my rough assumption QB 1 RB 2 WR 5 OL 5 TE 1 DL 5 LB 2 DB 6 27
  8. Gerry went and saw him today at Argyle and Driver doubled down on being a receiver. He will not end up in this class. If Ash and Valai think Thompson is a corner, he'd better be no higher than 4th on the board. I don't see it. I don't think he's a linebacker, but Spur feels like a fit. Not more of a fit than others on the safety board, though. Maybe his mental eval is good. Kerr is almost too versatile to find a permanent position and playing time, imo.
  9. Brooks and Roach with CBs for Merrill to Texas
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