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  1. I'm baffled by the whole Brooks thing. Dude has offers from us, tech, and southwest texas state teacher's college. His track times are slow. Tape is fine. Looks like Corbin bleu. It's all bizarre.
  2. It's going to be interesting to see what happens with this kid. At 6'5, he'll grow out of safety pretty soon. Wells on Mccullough
  3. Wells is bullish. Said he's not the type of personality to be pressured into a commitment which bodes poorly for aggy. The reporting had been that Burris was a definite no and Jackson was an aggy lean, and it has shifted to Burris is an aggy lean with Jackson wide open. If he leaves Baton Rouge uncommitted, I'd take Texas over the field. Burris would be a harder pull, and I still think he ends up aggy.
  4. CB looks really bad right now, but it's also the position that we can make noise oos with. We'll see more CB nickels than S if the plan is to press which is supported by the move of Cook to nickel. Idk what Bowman's coverage ability is like.
  5. Does anyone understand this update? I thought it already included the new Rivals rankings and not everyone who moved was adjusted by 247. ESPN hasn't been updated since November. Did they mess with the composite formula?
  6. And SMU is going to be a pain in the ass for blOU which pleases me greatly.
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