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  1. Lack of real development in Ingram is the tip of the iceberg. Whether KI was a recruiting hit or not, Drayton has not made up for his misses. If Bijan is all world, he bought himself 3 years. If he fails to develop yet another back, time to go.
  2. I agree, it just sounds like I would be more surprised than you would.
  3. Carrington recently followed Kevontre Bradford on the Twitters. tOSU flipped the ISU back and LSU gonna get ZEvans. Other CB is Wisky. https://247sports.com/Player/Kevontre-Bradford-46041118/
  4. Honest loyalty is a logical byproduct of tangible monetary investment (not "a degree") in someone's future. I'm not saying he should feel the pressure to manufacture loyalty, but that I would think it might exist naturally. You're not wrong, but it's cynical as fuck.
  5. The extended use of a 5th receiver in an air raid would almost guarantee Whit stays as a hybrid. He would have the potential to be one of the most productive yards from scrimmage guys in the conference, if not the country.
  6. The guy who just took advantage of one of the most innovative sports medicine procedures, by one of the world's most respected surgeons on Texas' dime is going to exit stage left? Yeah....that feels like a stretch.
  7. Nahlin pushing the Odom possibility again. He thinks that if he doesn't take Memphis, and it appears they will promote from within, Odom is a realistic DC target that comes with Ryan Walters (former Mizzou DC under Odom) as a position coach. Not clear if Walters would be a Washington replacement or just another member of the secondary staff. He spent time at blOU and in Denton, so he should not be a recruiting liability.
  8. As it pertains to my individual consumption of surly, there are exactly zero instances in which I would prefer "jellyfish" over "coelenterate".
  9. The 9.95 consensus is that this one is over.
  10. Nahlin shits on Lashlee, implies a candidate for dc has been offered and we are waiting for them to formally accept. Based on prior IT info, this could be Scalley. It could also be the only known interview, Ash.
  11. There’s some impressive bullshit flying around this board
  12. Nahlin loves it. Promises an update. Tbh, it’s an interesting move. I mean...I like it. I like it? Yyyyeah. Yeah, I like it.
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