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  1. Only to issue you a new one. Right away. Or maybe you already have two cards or three or four. Fucking novices. LOL.
  2. Go read what I'm responding to you dumb fuck. Someone said its unimaginable how people can defend Trump to which I agree. But thats what jizz gobblers do, they accept everything done by their cult leaders. Like most of you with Obama.
  3. Ah, you're 4 years old then. I guess you were born post 2015 and missed Obama's involvement in Syria
  4. So you're going to ignore Obama's involvement in Syria? Like I said, it takes some mental gymnastics to defend your cult leader. But you're doing it right!!
  5. Calm down child. Enough with the hyperbole.
  6. And Obama didn't confirm his involvement in Syria?
  7. You mean like defending a president for dropping Depleted Uranium? Yeah nothing that large.
  8. Right, so if Pentagon kills Soleimani in 2020, Trump did it. But if Pentagon drops depleted Uranium in 2015, its Pentagon and not Obama. Since hornhorn wasn't in the room he has no proof. Got him!!!
  9. Oh Trump is totally at fault for whatever you're accusing him of doing. No distractions there, his faults are his faults. But I suppose if he doesn't apologize for it like Obama, he didn't do it either. Gotcha!
  10. Of course we do, he did it way worse with hundreds of thousands of rounds being dropped vs only 5000 rounds by Obama. If this was an overwhelmingly pro W board I'd bring that up.
  11. If nothing, his admin at least stonewalled more inquiry into it. Here ya go: http://www.allgov.com/news/top-stories/obama-administration-stonewalls-inquiry-into-radioactive-weapon-use-in-iraq-130309?news=849366 And the fact that there is very limited information available on it should tell you all you need to make an assessment on our media. But watch them go crazy over Donny calling Rosie fat.
  12. Like I said, watch them cover their ears and eyes and defend their cult hero. Whoever it may be, Trump or Obama. Isn't it why we dropped it, because its uh harmless. Whether or not DU causes cancer is a popular question in the public media and controversial in the scientific literature. While the radioactivity of DU is low, it is not absent. It has been pointed out [41] that if even a little as 1−2% of the 300 tons of DU used in the Gulf War were converted to respirable dust it would produce three to six million grams of DU dust. Using the figures provided by Durakovic this would release 1.16 million to 2.32 million Ci of radiation, a measure that would exceed the New York state safety levels for monthly release of 150Ci by a factor of 7,733 to 15,467. However, it is unlikely that this amount would be inhaled or ingested by a population, most of it would probably end up in the soil or diluted by the wind. Nonetheless, these figures suggest that it may not be prudent to completely ignore radiation risks from DU. Human studies examining the carcinogenic potential of DU are limited but suggestive. Evidence of potential carcinogenic effects include suggestions of an increase in cervical carcinomas in Yugoslavia [42,43] and increases in micronuclei formation in subjects from the Bosnia/Herzegovina region [44]. There are also indications of hypoxanthine-guanine phosphoribosyl transferase (HPRT) mutation in some Gulf War veterans [40] as well as chromosomal aberrations in a German study group [45]. Two studies have found suggestive chromosomal aberrations in workers exposed to DU [46,47]. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC2819790/
  13. This is what supporters and fanatics do. Here, let's do a test real quick and watch you and other Obama supporters defend him. Did you know Obama dropped depleted Uranium on Syrians sentencing generations to cancer, malformed babies etc.? And then apologized for it because we as a nation had decided not to do so after we did that in 2003. This is arguably as bad or worse than anything Trump has ever done. Does that change your opinion of Obama?
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