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  1. Can't make the game. Section 6, close to 30 yard line, Row 11, $125 each or best offer by Wednesday. $150 on Ticket City, Send PM, I'm in Austin
  2. This is going to be the death of college football (and basketball). I actually agree it's not right for kids to not be able to profit from their own name and Image. But it's one thing to pay the student athletes a living wage. It's another to make some kids millionaires and have a defacto bidding war for top talent. It's going to turn it into NFL lite. On the plus side, Texas will probably wind up on the right side of the chasm that will exist between top tier programs and everyone else. Sadly, I already feel myself losing interest.
  3. Well, you gotta admit Nebraska is fitting right in with Minnesota, Illinois, & Northwestern as cold places nobody wants to go to to play football. I think they are right where they belong.
  4. Guy probably could have slid and we would have missed the tackle.
  5. It's only dive "tacking" if you don't miss....We were just doing dive..
  6. Horrible offense. It literally seemed like they knew what plays we were going to run. And I don't want to make any excuses for the general shittiness of the offense but goddam, there was pass interference on literally every play. Eagles trying to one hand a long pass because the defender is holding one arm, and no flag. All day long. We sure as hell weren't doing it, cause we were never close enough to the receiver.
  7. Cloak room has a nice discussion going on between the far left wing arguing with the even farther left wing.
  8. No fair. No cookies and no A/C in the locker room!
  9. Calm down, just hyperbole. He doesn't really want a hurricane to decimate the state. Now a tornado to destroy Baton Rouge may be a different story....
  10. Need to have to stay out for at least a quarter when you do that bull.
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