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  1. I just wanted to give yall a few pointers if you're planning on making the trip to Shreveport to watch the Longhorns play in the Independence Bowl. 1) Travel in groups, the area of town the stadium is in isn't the best, take advantage of Louisiana's lax gun control laws and carry your pistols openly and on person in each group should bring a long gun (preferably an AR15). Don't forget multiple mags for each weapon. 2) If you're looking for good food try The Blind Tiger, BeauJax, The Frozen Pirouge, Oyster Bar, Cajun-Asian, Ono's Hawaiian Grill or one of the way too many Mexican restaurants. 3) The Casinos- Considering the way I've seen most Texans play Blackjack and Poker yall will be better off sticking to the slots or avoiding the Casinos altogether. 4) Breweries- Flying Heart in Bossier has the best beer (Louisiana Amber is amazing) and the service is reasonably fast, even when busy. 5) After dark it's best to not go out in anything less than a platoon sized element. 6) Hotels- The Hilton downtown is like every other Hilton you've ever stayed at but the Remington Hotel is nearby and pretty unique, the Casino Hotels are another good option. 7) Tailgating before the game is always fun (unless the weather sucks) and do to the high crime rate, the Cops are usually too busy to stop you for DWI but I recommend Uber or Lyft. 8) There really isn't much around the Stadium so your best bet is to head to Bossier's 'East Bank' or if you're feeling up to it go to Downtown Shreveport, just be careful if you go out in Shreveport. The bars stay open until 6AM you should have no trouble drinking off the loss and another hilariously awful Texas Longhorn Football Season.
  2. It's not your coach, it's your program
  3. Why fire Tom Herman? Texas is back baby, back to the normal 7-5 seasons that you should expect by now Hell SMU beat TCU and then yall get smoked, hahahahaha
  4. LSU is going to beat Texas pretty convincingly. While you shouldn't let this game get you down on the rest of your season you're definitely wearing orange tinted glasses if you think Texas is going to win this. Texas is green, good but green and it will show.The first half will be fairly competitive but by the end of the 3rd Quarter the calls to fire Herman will be deafening. Don't worry, by the time you lose to OU you'll be over this loss.
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