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  1. thank you for knowing this. Danny is the 4th ranked Producer on the Ticket and even he won’t argue that.
  2. Cooper could have gotten them a first rounder. This should be where the kids take the keys from Jerry.
  3. Funny when Kiper outpredicts all the local guys on that late of a pick. Can’t believe they all thought there’d be a chance for Burks or Green.
  4. We stand no chance against Alabama. None. Then the game against UTSA is a trap. Scary first 3 weeks.
  5. I die inside a little bit every time Lowell says moochie.
  6. A big FU to the Ewers shit talkers. Card isn’t making that throw.
  7. I want Dixon to be good I just don’t think it’s going to be at Texas.
  8. Also if we get our two QBs hurt, Roschon is running the wildcat and I wouldn’t be against that.
  9. It’s kind of comical how rich in QBs Ohio State is/was compared to us.
  10. we have a kicker named Bert. Who tf names their kid Bert when there are cool names like Jatavion, Roschon, or Demarvion?
  11. just go down. Being stood up by 4 guys only bad things will happen.
  12. Matt is on edibles. Dicker is on edibles. Stop interviewing people on edibles.
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