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  1. 4 pitches, 3 outs, game over, 9-1 Texas.
  2. Three up, three down for the 'Horns. 3 more outs, and this one's in the book.
  3. On to bottom of 8, still 9-1.
  4. Well, there goes the shut out. 9-1 in top of 8, one on and one out for ACU.
  5. I assume we'll still be able to enjoy the games with Lowell and the guys on LHN?
  6. 'Horns escape a bases loaded jam in top of 6. Still 9-0.
  7. I think the home plate umpire wants to go home. He's calling some low strikes. On to 6th. Still 9-0.
  8. Bottom of 5th, still 9-0. If we score 1 more run, can we run rule them?
  9. Austin Wallace on to pitch for Texas. Strikes out first ACU batter.
  10. Bloop single by Stehly scores 2. 9-0 Texas. Two on, no outs, Duplantier at bat.
  11. How many pitchers do they have left?
  12. Finally, a clean hit...single by Ardoin scores a run. 7-0 Texas in bottom of 4. Two on, no outs.
  13. Three up, three down in top of fourth. Nice play by Faltine to get third out. I really like our infield.
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