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  1. First episodes not encouraging. Not terrible, but no narrative advancement since last season. Setting up possible mayhem on a couple fronts later in the season, but I was kind of hoping for a bigger splash to start off the final season; however, unless this thing turns into Walking Dead level stupidity, I'll keep watching.
  2. Begins this Wednesday, 4 December on History channel. Anyone still interested in this show? Was really good for the first few seasons, but has fallen off. I'll give it a chance, and unless it completely screws things up, I'll probably keep watching to the end.
  3. VW ad with some androgynous fuck wad walking around totally absorbed in their smart phone while music plays, "There is someone, right behind you, turn around, look at meeeeeeee." Hey, you completely self absorbed douche... how about you peel your face away from your phone long enough to see what's going on around you, and stop expecting the rest of the world to work its way around you. Asshole.
  4. Double digit dogs Again we get no respect It don't make a shit
  5. Hey, what time is it? OU doth verily suck Time never changes
  6. You don't say. Genius take there. Someone please let the team know they're going to have to outscore ousux if they want to win. I'm also not convinced that the dirt burglars are any better than us. Honest question; have they played anyone with a winning record this year? Have they proven anything other than they look good against shitty teams? I like our chances next week.
  7. If you haven't seen it yet, when you're done with BoB, you may want to check out The Pacific. Another great show that tells the stories of the Marines in WWII. Word of advice though; don't expect it to be like BoB, or you'll be disappointed. Whereas BoB follows the story of a single unit from boot camp, through deployment, the D-Day landings, across France to the end of the war, The Pacific follows the story of three individual Marines and their individual journeys during, and in the immediate aftermath of the war. It may seem a bit disjointed at first, but by the latter part of the series the individual story lines start to converge and it all makes sense. Very powerful show, and many, many dusty moments.
  8. Hilton or Marriot; some hotel company; woman who sounds like she's speaking through a cheap megaphone says, "It would be great if human beings were actually great at being human." Hey, fuck you. It would be greater if your ads weren't laden with sanctimonious bullshit. I'm sick of being lectured about how I need to be a better person. Just STFU and concentrate on providing clean sheets and towels and cleaning the bathroom.
  9. Hmmm...didn't realize Lawrence Taylor played RB.
  10. So maybe they're not supermodels, but there isn't one here that I wouldn't happily shag. But then again, I'm old.
  11. Damn. Dwight Yoakum talking about Merle Haggard's Holding Things Together...damn
  12. Samuel Adams commercial; guy and girlfriend furiously making out in a bar, girl breaks off and says, "I can taste your beer." Random dude standing next to their table chimes in, "I want to taste his beer." Fuck off you fucking perv....and while we're at it, you two get a fucking room. Nobody wants to see that shit.
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