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  1. https://www.hudl.com/video/3/10296509/5e07b5b7da50cc0910bfcc1f Kids film looks damn good. Now Ash just needs to teach him how to catch the damn ball.
  2. Crystal Ball: Big time prospect leaning to Big XII? VIP ByBRIAN SNOW 2 hours ago Share 0 Comments One of the more intriguing interior prospects in the class of 2021 is Daimion Collins. Hailing from small town Atlanta, Texas, Collins has been, and continues to be, at the center of a very intense recruiting battle. Schools such as Texas, Texas A&M, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Kansas, Alabama, Georgia, Oklahoma State and others are all extremely interested in the 6-foot-9 long armed shot blocker with impressive athleticism. Collins is thin, and will need to add weight in college, but he has such a high upside in his game, that he is seen as one of the prospects with the most long term potential to help a college basketball program. Given that his recruitment is so intense, and due to the fact that visits will need to be taken, nothing seems imminent in terms of a decision, but according to sources close to the situation one school might have a leg up here. It sounds like the Texas Longhorns are currently positioned fairly well in this battle. While Austin isn’t exactly down the road from Atlanta, it is close enough, and the Longhorns are said to be tracking well. As one source told 247Sports, “One thing Texas has done very well with in-state recruiting, is not losing a kid when they have an advantage, and they have the advantage.” Publicly, Collins hasn’t favored any school, or group of schools, but behind the scenes talk lately has buzzed around Texas and because of that I am entering a Crystal Ball pick for the Longhorns. There is definitely still work to be done here, and this doesn’t sound like it will be a short recruitment, right now there is reason to think that Collins will be staying in-state to play his college basketball.
  3. cdain3

    Its happening

    They're finally working on the second tower.
  4. The only reason he looked out of place is because he's a Unicorn.
  5. They will. He'll end up at Texas or SMU.
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