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  1. Participation numbers so far per SOS Republican runoff- 193,224 with 62,559 exercising lawful vote by mail Democratic runoff- 129,238 with 65,813 committing voter fraud by mail
  2. Moves to Alaska with all the other guys who can't go back to their hometown 0.1% Attends 10 year reunion 0.0%
  3. He'll probably move to Nashville, start a podcast, beef with Ben Shapiro, then get drunk and send embarassing DMs to Tomi Lahren.
  4. in Idaho there's a pretty interesting race for Republican Gov. The existing Lt. Gov is a crazy ass who waited until the Governor left the state on business, and used her powers as active/sitting? Gov to get rid of the mask mandate.
  5. Love seeing Pat McCrory cry Charles Booker choosing to run for Senate again instead of a layup for Louisville mayor is interesting PA Republican Gov candidate moved forecast to lean Dem from Toss Up, PA Sen will be important because the Gov ticket wont help make the Senate race more competitive
  6. Madison Cawthorn is gonna have a really weird onlyfans page 25 precincts left still trails by 1600 in a follow up tweet from whoever the fuck Taniel is
  7. Great live feed I always use on primary days from r/VoteDem https://www.reddit.com/live/1903x0jvkais4/
  8. Came here to post that, someone threw a bunch rocks in front of the wheels.
  9. I don't believe it's luck at all. Just funny to me that you took umbrage at the word myth instead of the scale on how to rank minorities. Do Indians count as Asians? What's the exchange rate on blue-collar Italians?
  10. We get it, you love the model minority myth. YOU being born healthy in America put YOU on third base.
  11. Vote before 5/24 if you haven't already done your mail ballot. It is too late to ask for an application by mail. Must vote in the same primary as you did before. If you did not vote in the primary, you can participate in either primary runoff. Ballot by Mail Tracker: https://teamrv-mvp.sos.texas.gov/BallotTrackerApp/#/login Where do I vote- https://teamrv-mvp.sos.texas.gov/MVP/mvp.do What are you watching? What I'm watching - Republican AG race Duh - South Texas - Will progressive or conservative Dem win in TX-28, TX-15, TX SD-27 (LaMantia has Lucio endorsement after retiring, also I just personally know a ton of her family), and TX HD-37 (Villareal was Lucio Jr aide) - TX SD 24 between Pete Flores and Raul Reyes - Will competitive Democratic runoffs in South Texas push Hispanic candidates over the edge in Dem statewide races for AG, Land Commissioner, and Comptroller - Does Jasmine Crockett complete the one and done in Dallas area from state house to US House - Will Sarah Stogner lead more candidates to ride pumpjacks? Wayne Christian should not ride a pumpjack - Austin area folks check in for Ellen Troxclair v Justin Berry
  12. Were you here for the Dem primary thread? Be comfortable
  13. Put the brakes on man. You can transport them to an out of state fertility clinic that’s women friendly (Dem). I work for a fertility benefits company and you’d be surprised how many companies are reaching out right now for Travel reimbursements related to reproductive health/trans conforming care/rural growth options in unfriendly states
  14. 5+ million jobs is Jack shit lolzzzzz
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