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  1. There’s a parks and rec marathon on. But I’ll read this for highlights
  2. Go to your PA secretary of state website for more options or go in person to county election board. Contact your state rep or state Senator as smaller offices will be more responsive if the county election board has a thumb in their ass.
  3. For this election yea. Was only voted out in 2017, but 2018 didn’t not have to adhere
  4. Also, Ken Paxton said the Republicans suing about the extra week of early voting should just move out of the apartment and not leave any brushes
  5. I want to see Cornyn call her “Camo Karen” in the debate. No reason, just goofin.
  6. Cornyn and Rep. Roger Williams have been throwing out some serious BS on healthcare and or existing conditions in the Austin market tv ads. Here’s to hoping MJ and Julie Oliver can put that shit on blast.
  7. No, fuck that. Until they slap it down or go against the Governor, don’t fiddle around.
  8. Voting starts in 15 days, remember to vote all the way down and flip the house. Deadline to register is one week from today.
  9. Lol, I’m crying for thinking it was the 60s and not the 70s. Shattered
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