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  1. I’d guess, but I’m not going to post something I have no knowledge on. If a medical professional on here wants to expand feel free.
  2. Election Day is today. Go out if you haven’t already and participate. Have my eyes on the Senate runoff of course, TX-10,TX-13, TX-22, TX-23 and TX-24.and TX-31. We’ll see if Pete Sessions can successfully carpetbag, and if Robert Morrow can continue to piss of Mackowiak in the SBOE. Can progressive Sara Stapleton Barrera Knick out Eddie Lucio Jr is a state senate race to watch as well. If there are lines and you are worried, pull up to the front and wave an election official down and say you want to vote curbside cause you have a dry cough or something. Don’t scare them and say you have a fever. Curbside Voting If a voter is physically unable to enter the polling place, he or she may ask that an election officer bring a ballot to the entrance of the polling place or to a car at parked at the curbside. After the voter marks the ballot, they will give it to the election officer, who will put it in the ballot box. Or, at the voter’s request, a companion may hand the voter a ballot and deposit it for him or her.
  3. "not intact, not attached to anything. Beating independently" at 1:33? He's asking physiological questions about umbilical chords pulsating that a technician isn't going to have definite answers for an 8 week old fetus. He then asks hypotheticals on an 18 week fetus that she doesn't have definitive knowledge on cause shes not a physician and not in the room. It is said multiple times she is not in the OR. We're watching the same thing but youre having a take-away that I'm not understanding how you arrive at.
  4. hahaha holy shit James Dickey and Walter West just got into it. Walter West has been removed, was drinking alcohol on the stream and insulting Dickey and the General Counsel
  5. She's being asked medical questions and doesn't have that expertise. It's a seven minute video of questions she can't answer or wasn't in the OR when it happened. It's worthless IMO
  6. They’ve been caught selectively editing videos quite a bit. While the Center for Medical Progress sounds like some official Med organization, it is an anti-choice interest group. Check out their wiki for a quick rundown or you can check the House Oversight page below https://oversight.house.gov/planned-parenthood-fact-v-fiction
  7. My mom has been wearing a mask in Victoria and my dad has been Mr. Defiant up until now. Now that it’s there in a big way he has started to use it, but said he’s just gonna lockdown at the house and the barn. The two of them still buy into the misdirection about Fauci being wrong all the time, but they are complying. So I’ll take the small victories.
  8. I think its important for Dem voters to show nat’l groups they are more engaged in the state, and it will bring more attention and money for fundraising w/o having Beto on the ballot. Lot of money has stayed on the sidelines so far tho. Plus it’s just objectively funny that Kathaleen Wall spent 14 million dollars across back to back primaries in Ft Bend to show 4K votes total is laugh out loud hilarious.
  9. What would cause Abbott to have an F if he doesn’t have it now? I’m comfortable in thinking the deaths in two weeks are gonna be pretty damn high, but I’d love to be wrong. After his troll-like behavior about solving his riddle in getting people to wear masks by requiring businesses to I tuned him out as a serious person.
  10. Still trying to see what’s missing in the R TX-22 runoff. Wall spending 14 million dollars in two elections and not getting the nomination is call your dad LOL funny
  11. No voting tomorrow. Election Day is Tuesday the 14th. Looked at Collin and Denton County, our 6th and 7th largest counties, and Dems have “outvoted” Repubs 38,578 to 18,526. El Paso and Fort Bend Dems our 8th and 9th largest at 46,777. Repubs at 4,799 Obviously there are different motivations and different primary reasons in the runoff so it’s not a direct comparison, but wow that’s a difference. Thought the Wall v Nehls R fight in Ft Bend would have had higher numbers. Tell me if I’m looking at it wrong. https://earlyvoting.texas-election.com/Elections/getEVDetails.do
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