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  1. ^ Yo, go check your PM on the other site.
  2. Eastern v. Sugarland on AT&T SportsNet (674 on Direct) now.
  3. This is good too, not HEB-specific though.
  4. Hey, I’m impressed you’ve heard of him.
  5. Gave up on the hot corner awfully quickly.
  6. Maria is the hottest. Suzi looks like a bad caricature.
  7. T’Boo can’t win with two extra hamburger buns. That is such a fucking stupid thing to whine about, he loses.
  8. Lines move, bro. Kinda depends on when you get it. -280 now
  9. No, they have all stated scholarships will be honored.
  10. Forgetting the end, that was a little too much fat Derynn. B-Lashes is a shit person. She fucking lies through her teeth continuously. She sucks. Suzi is one of the ugliest women they’ve casted in awhile, so fortunately she gets very little screen time.
  11. Don't believe so, have at it.
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