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  1. Thujone


    That will be fucking awesome sauce.
  2. Yeah I see your point. Sometimes in retrospect you find little logical inconsistencies. Or maybe he was a eunuch ghost.
  3. Yeah I'm all over submittable and duotrope, etc. Have my first "pay" piece coming out in March in Metaphorosis Magazine. I have some writer friends and all my stories get workshopped. I post the stories here when they come out because there are a few literate members still around.
  4. Post game interviews, fucking Ossai and Roach basically said it: they installed a new fucking defense in 8 practices that was simplified. Fuck Orlando.
  5. Here's a new story I did for a satire mag. I'm actually really pretty happy with this one. "When Billionaires Flee to Proxima b" http://www.defenestrationmag.net/2019/12/when-billionaires-flee-to-proxima-b-by-chris-panatier/
  6. I thought he was a goner for sure.
  7. I just began Book 5, Nemesis Games, because I have been pacing myself. The series is so good that I don't want to burn through it too quickly.
  8. Lol. Agreed. Thanks for preordering man.
  9. I went to law school with Adam and played rugby with him. His nickname on the team was "Wedgebreaker." I love that guy.
  10. Dad joke train right here, boys.
  11. Dude lol. And thanks for the buy. I'll take one of your hardcover jobs, there. For posterity.
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