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  1. Thujone


    I think I bought Tesla somewhere in the mid 200s in 2014-2015. lol.
  2. Had some requests from people marching if they could print out my portrait of George Floyd to bring to protests. If you have friends going out to the protest and they want to use the image, "The Thin Blue Line" is available at the link. This is not permission to sell the image in any way! It's a free download! https://t.co/NfYFwEEsMC?amp=1
  3. I had not thought of the specific scenario you mention. So I'll try to think it out here. Re: the rainbow flag. You can *find* rainbow/us flag combos, but most people who want to support LGBTQA use a flag that is original to the cause and does not appropriate the American flag. That said: you can argue that two flags that do appropriate the US flag can have very different interpretations/consequences. For instance, the blue line flag has a context. It was created as a direct response to BLM and is a declaration of "I support the cops despite what happens to black Americans." It is a sign of allegiance/support for the group already in power, so to speak. The rainbow flag (if it truly is a facsimile of the US flag, which again, I have never seen in person, as opposed to the ubiquitous rainbow stripe flag) has an entirely different context. It is coming from an oppressed minority and doesn't have the effect of making a case for harming anyone else's rights. Like, at all. The Blue Line one is more akin to a battle flag. The argument is similar to those who shout All Lives Matter. One, no one ever suggested all lives don't matter. BLM is asking for people to recognize that black lives do, in fact, matter, when they are often treated as if they don't. We don't need to shout how all lives matter when they aren't being systemically murdered. If they were, we'd need to say they matter too. But they aren't. Similar deal here. So to answer your question, if someone appropriated the American flag to put rainbows on the bars, it wouldn't bother me because these are historically repressed groups. Flying that flag isn't going to push an agenda that hurts anyone. But flying the blue line flag does push such an agenda that is antithetical to American values. So again, I think like all of life, there are layers and nuance that are important to acknowledge. I would prefer the American flag remaining agnostic in times of conflict over values. Our differences all occur beneath that flag and should be worked out beneath that flag. To appropriate it is to factionalize which I don't think helps. So while I think certain appropriations of our flag clearly do more harm than others, I think the best approach is to leave the flag alone and fly one tailored to your cause.
  4. I like that interpretation.
  5. Of course you may share.
  6. Mine is a painting of the descrated awful flag. I'm not doing a new depiction of the American flag through my own lens. I'm commenting on the thin blue line flag, which is awful.
  7. Thank you. On Copyright, it originates the second art is created. It does not have to be filed with the copyright office.
  8. USA colors, peeling a scab from a wound.
  9. Thanks! I will have to check that out for sure.
  10. Thanks for posting. I've gone off about that stupid blue line flag as an abomination in many different ways, first and foremost the outright and shameless appropriation of the American flag to make a political statement. Was time to break out the oil paints and do some protest art.
  11. Except that your "choice" may spread disease and affect other people. Choice guy.
  12. What's your point? Before, it seemed to be in response to my suggestion of a fanless football season. Which would undeniably put fewer people at risk than stadiums packed with drunk fans in close proximity. You seem to understand that point, so I don't know what your problem is.
  13. This is what is called a straw-man argument. I am not excited for an outbreak. That's idiotic. I am offering up a way for us to vet the positions taken by myself and my scholarly colleague, HTown, through the powers of observation.
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