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  1. Thank you and lol I'll have the profile pic changed.
  2. Honest answer is I don't know. That's really thoughtful of you to consider even asking. I appreciate that you're ordering it in the first place. So get what is better for you. Edit- as a matter of interest, and I could talk forever on this, there are different percentages associated with the different formats as far as my royalty goes. That said, I don't know whether or not buying the physical copy "boosts" the amazon algorithm more than kindle or vice versa. So, you know. Still no answer but there are many ins-and-outs-and-what-have-yous.
  3. I do too, man. Totally understand that. I almost always read series on Kindle because it's so many books. Sometimes I will order a standalone if its an author I really love and it's sort of a special treat. I just bought Jeff Vandermeer's Dead Astronauts, one because I love his writing; and two, because the book itself is fucking beautiful. But yeah, I get your point.
  4. Ah thankya. Appreciate that.
  5. Here's my book--it's officially up for preorder. Comes out 9/8/20. If any of you are inclined to read it, please consider the preorder as that has significant influence on whether or not distributors order the book. Amazon link: https://www.amazon.com/Phlebotomist-Chris-Panatier/dp/0857668617/ref=tmm_pap_swatch_0?_encoding=UTF8&qid=1576195521&sr=8-10 Tor.com blog post: https://www.tor.com/2019/12/12/revealing-the-phlebotomist-and-the-rushs-edge-two-new-sf-novels-from-angry-robot-books/#more-528851 Here's the cover. Really excited because 1. Hot pink is actually relevant to the story and 2. The name plate will be in gold foil.
  6. It's a long story, and there's many like mine in terms of agents. 70+ rejections. Lots of nibbles. This publisher opens up subs to unagented writers for one month a year. This year it was may. They got 600 subs. They have made offers to two of those subs. Me and another woman. Offer in hand, I'm now getting more attention from agents and so should have one soon enough. But to answer your question: yes direct sub to publisher. No agent got me there.
  7. Structural (substantive) edit with the publisher's editor today via Skype. So I'll be doing the "big picture" edits after that meeting. There will be an announcement via tor.com in the next weeks.
  8. Seeing Ensiferum tomorrow night at Gas Monkey. Love those guys. All fun.
  9. Well this does not a lovely Monday morning make. I can totally see why he is roundly despised. He's a blowhard prick. Kind of like CTJ KIDDING, calm down. But seriously, that he didn't initiate staff changes, especially re: Orlando and Meh, is simply mind boggling. Fuck, what a downer.
  10. That's good because I read some shit about your teenager on the internet.
  11. Yeah, but most of us watching at home knew the fucking plays too, lol.
  12. You guys see this fucking shit? Big, if true.
  13. It's gonna be Graham Harrell. I'm-on-fucking-board.
  14. You guys will like this one. It's about prick step dads. https://themolotovcocktail.com/2019/11/26/volume-10-issue-10/
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