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  1. Trevor Bauer's arm is scheduled to fall off next week
  3. yo I thought you said snack packs and i was like I'm down for sure
  4. В Советской России окно откроется!
  5. I"ll bite your ear off, IDGAF
  6. also yu darvish is a fucking beast i will fight you
  7. and Missy's been talking about her pussy for years
  8. AIDS. And not that good AIDS like Magic has. The shitty one like icono has
  9. When I was but a niño my tia would take me to watch them mate, the peppers. The smell, how you say, ano de lobo. Some times I look back on those days and I remember the migrant harvesters, young and old, shuffling through dusty streets to the Hatchery, working long hours in the cara del sol, preserving their heritage.
  10. gail the snail


    Great prices, and great service, that's why I liked it
  11. gail the snail


    Y'all remember that Albertson's on pleasant valley, that place was great
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