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  1. Guess we should ban crosses next just in case someone sets fire to them.
  2. Modessit

    Last of Us II

    I'll bet Sony requires a hard copy instead of internet transfer before adding to the servers and that in the age of piracy they want it hand delivered. Tl;dr - I have no fucking idea.
  3. Assuming this happens: I haven't been in the recruiting threads, but I assume they're talking about how new recruiting classes will be implemented into existing teams and how scholarship limits will have to be temporarily raised for the 4-5 years of overlap once this gets over?
  4. I think there has to be a consideration for levels of healthcare quality and poverty levels. It can be hot in Haiti and it would go crazy there. It won't just be temperature, but it might help in areas that have the level to deal with it.
  5. Why the fuck are y'all bringing in the maid during a shelter-at-home order? Good luck with the Rona.
  6. No shit. Just respond with "It's obvious some of you have never been married."
  7. Asshole in Angeles? He is on Surly after all.
  8. My wife finally saw that play. I blocked the TV when it happened live.
  9. I have no dog in this fight but I don't know anyone who interprets "a few days" as more than a week tops. Just admit you overestimated and move on.
  10. Don't forget Greenspoint said we'd be burying most of our family members by now.
  11. Modessit

    Last of Us II

    Dammit. I was afraid of this and was checking their Twitter feeds last week to see if the SIP orders were interfering with getting the game done but everything said they would be on schedule. Sounds like the game will be done but they can't get it on the servers or something for release.
  12. We're going to need pics of you wearing the spiky heels. And only the spiky heels. Unless there are some nice stockings that match well.
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