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  1. I'm at a restaurant and they have the aggy vs Kentucky game on one of the TVs. They showed some pom GIRLS that had aTm on their tops. I thought that was illegal at aggy. Of course later they showed the milkman gesticulating like a weirdo.
  2. So that visitors know where the cash machines are?
  3. I slowed it down and it looks like the first bike impacted right at the bottom of the windshield just behind the front tire and that the drivers window didn't even break so hopefully those inside weren't hurt badly. Second bike clipped right at the hatchback and that guy went sliding. Tried to Google but haven't found anything that matches exactly.
  4. Coincidentally the Harvey Relief Fund is short $135 mil.
  5. My son has done the sleep walk thing a few times. I'll here him start to do the whimpering thing he does right before the crying and will go to try to stop it before it gets worse and I'll find him standing in the middle of his room. Or he'll be asleep and start randomly talking out loud about something he's obviously dreaming about.
  6. Modessit

    Shit My Kid Says

    Or if she gets invited to join them.
  7. Yes. They call it "night terrors". My son as gone thru it. He's six now and it doesn't happen as often but still does occasionally but not as bad. Usually happens within an hour of falling asleep when something happens that brings him up but not all the way - music ending, a noise, tried to roll over but got stuck in the blanket, etc. He'd be crying and shaking and talking about things that didn't make sense. Eventually he'd get awake enough to calm down and then would sleep thru the night just fine. Started happening less when he stopped taking naps during the day because he'd be tired enough to just pass out. We have a music CD on repeat too.
  8. Modessit

    Shit My Kid Says

    You and your wife talk about fucking the neighbors?
  9. I'm sure the "Aggie shit" and "Fuck all Aggies" happened, but only because he was doing performance reviews.
  10. I did that out at Enchanted Rock on the back side and started sliding and couldn't stop. Was able to flip over and grab a crack in the rock before going over the edge. Managed to maneuver over to a trail ledge. /csb
  11. Modessit

    Shit My Kid Says

    My 6-yr-old thinks commercials are real life. He was recently telling my wife about Smart Dogs and how they knock your phone out of your hand while you're driving.
  12. Yep. Every imaginary booboo needs a bandaid - even on her dolls.
  13. Maybe to help teach the offense how to attack the defense where it's the weakest?
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