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  1. My wife would take any bread that would be bad by our return so the kids can feed seagulls or whatever.
  2. Btw - if you want to know their non-P5 records for both: Big12 - 41-4 (91.11%) 5-0 vs FCS in 16 seasons SEC - 27-1 (96.43%) 8-0 vs FCS in 8 seasons
  3. Total 72-82 vs P5 (46.75%) 68-61 vs Big12 (52.71%) Avg Big12 South Rank - 3.67* *Does not include 7th place finish in 2011 when there were no divisions.
  4. Plus their best two seasons in the SEC were the 1st years of new coaches. Once other elite teams adjusted, they went back to their normal spot.
  5. My dad wanted to name my sister Robespierre but my mom wouldn't let him*, so this hits close to home. Or something. *True story.
  6. Here's in the SEC 2012 7-2 vs P5 6-2 vs SEC 3rd in SECW 2013 5-4 vs P5 4-4 vs SEC 4th in SECW 2014 4-5 vs P5 3-5 vs SEC 6th in SECW 2015 5-4 vs P5 4-4 vs SEC 4th in SECW Lost to G5 in bowl game 2016 5-5 vs P5 4-4 vs SEC 4th in SECW 2017 4-6 vs P5 4-4 vs SEC 5th in SECW 2018 6-4 vs P5 5-3 vs SEC 2nd in SECW 2019 5-5 vs P5 4-4 vs SEC 4th in SECW Total 41-35 vs P5 (53.94%) 34-30 vs SEC (53.13%) Average SECW rank - 4th Truly among the best.
  7. On Unread I either see "None" (despite not looking at most threads) or this:
  8. Only shows once for me and correctly numbered. Maybe you should revert to an older version.
  9. Sounds kind of like when someone asks "Are you American or African-American?"
  10. I'm still using ver 7.0.6
  11. Lol. One won a National Championship. One played in a National Championship before getting hurt. One beat Bama once.
  12. Modessit

    Last of Us II

    Spoiler that. I'm not watching it now and even the still visual tells me that what I'm going thru now won't turn out terrible. I'm at the point where I'm playing as a different character and I took 2 days off simply because I don't particularly like that character despite my understanding of why they did what they did earlier in the game. I'm sure I'll get back into it here soon.
  13. Modessit

    Shit My Kid Says

    Apparently my 6yo boy thinks that each ball produces a baby and told my wife that when he grows up he's going to have two kids because he has two balls just like me (I have two kids).
  14. Technically it moves both ways (out and in) thru the object being powered - from the "hot" side to the ground side.
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