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  1. Keilan Robinson should change his number to 1. we could have a “512” backfield. Bijan Robinson - 5 Keilan Robinson - 1 Roschon Johnson - 2
  2. Pretty nasty. Looks like her cut has a tongue.
  3. Slowly burning this thing in. Extremely happy with it compared to the Traeger grill I had. Build on this is incredible. Solid and keeps the heat in. Love the WiFi monitor. So far I have smoked a brisket, made jerky, made bacon and baby back ribs. I don’t regret spending a little more for the Yoder, after starting out on the Traeger.
  4. Finally arrived. I will let y’all know how it performs. Now on to the burn in....
  5. This is the one I bought. It’s only $199 above your budget. https://www.atbbq.com/grills-and-smokers/pellet/yoder-smokers-ys640s-pellet-grill-acs-wifi-competition-cart.html Or if you don’t plan on moving it much get this one. Only $1,799.00 https://www.atbbq.com/grills-and-smokers/pellet/yoder-smokers-ys640s-pellet-grill-with-acs.html
  6. I bought one, but still waiting for www.Allthingsbbq.com to ship it. The competition cart ones were 8 - 9 weeks out. I had a Traeger but I always had trouble with the thing over dumping pellets into the burner and clogging it up. A couple of buddies have Yoder’s and they seem to be a great smoker/grill. They are built like a tank and hold the heat extremely well. I’ll repot back when it gets here.
  7. I just pulled the trigger on this one. Shipping in 8-9 weeks though. Have had a Traeger for a while but started to run in to problems with it dumping pellets into the firebox and the entire grill will shut down. I move the pellet grill around a lot based on wind direction, so I said screw it and bought it with the competition cart.
  8. Actually you click “No” if you want to do the $800.00 deal through AT&T. (See the image) It was a little confusing through Apple, so that is why I did mine direct with AT&T.
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