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  1. My OCD appreciates you not stopping at $67.88
  2. Two sides to the party, one of them is coming apart mid-air?
  3. _Pamala_ Harris. Do these clowns not look at anything?
  4. I put an '03 LM7 into my '68 3/4 ton. Would recommend Brian Tooley Racing for a cam upgrade and new valve springs if you're that far into it.
  5. Need a ruling from the vets out there. Do we need to call out a weeble-wobble who never served for saluting? Or is it kosher for the C (sic) inC?
  6. Slower than pond water Dumb as a box of rocks
  7. Compass SW, balls straight south about 2"
  8. Moved quite a bit SW in the last 30 years...
  9. My 13-year-old self liked what I saw.
  10. Couple of questions here: How do you move fractions of a row? Those should be integral values - 4 rows down or 5 rows down, but not 4.xx Do the column D values match those in column C exactly? If you're OK with being "close" as you look up values, and you agree that counting rows to two decimal places doesn't work, you can do this: (I don't have a place to link from, so imagine that I've pasted a screen cap.) Column E formula =(VLOOKUP(D2,C:C,1)) This returns a % from column C that is less than your column D value. Add "FALSE" to the end if values would ma
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