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  1. I need this information too, and google didn't help.
  2. Watched Reprisal over the weekend. It was okay. It's a decent time waster.
  3. Do they list the criteria for making this list anywhere? Aside from all of the other issues with this list, I find it hard to believe that anyone would consider Rascal Flats a top 125 greatest artist of all time.
  4. Just finished it. I thought it was pretty solid.
  5. I did the free trial of Fubo. The main issue is they don't carry any ESPN networks.
  6. Anyone have experience with Fubo TV? Got to find a replacement for Vue, and it at lease ATT Sports Net for Astros games.
  7. I got my WS hat from New Era on Friday about 3 hours before game time. Will be wearing it again tonight.
  8. Both songs came out on an EP called Bastard Children right after High Top Mountain.
  9. Just finished The Institute. It was a good read, not one his bests but I enjoyed it.
  10. The Astros' first time mojo was in 2005 when they got swept.
  11. Yes, fuck this guy too. Especially given that the attendance figures were so much higher when Nolan pitched, that he would have paid for himself.
  12. I can't speak for anyone else but I still hate Bud Adams. Hate Drayton too for fucking with the Astros.
  13. Still have my 45 of the Houston Oiler Fight Song. Attended both pep rallies after the Steelers losses. Oh, and Fuck Bud Adams.
  14. NCAA Football Playing Rules 1-4-12 (coaches’ phones/headsets/communication devices) ARTICLE 12. Coaches’ phones, headsets and communication devices are not subject to playing rules penalties before or during the game. a. A conference may develop a policy to provide guidance in handling situations dealing with failure of coaches’ headsets. b. For Division I Football Bowl Subdivision (FBS) football, within game management responsibility, each team may use a maximum of 23 headsets with guidelines as follows: 1. Fifteen (15) of the headsets may be used by countable coaches and graduate assistants for coaching purposes. 2. Three (3) “listen only” headsets may be used in the Coaches Booth by individuals who are full time undergraduate students or are within 10 years of exhaustion of eligibility or, if earlier, college graduation. Only countable coaches, graduate assistants and the three individuals using the “listen only” devices may be in the coaches’ booth. (Exception: One communication technician.) 3. Four (4) of the headsets may only be used by Squad Members or up to four designated full-time undergraduate students.
  15. If you don't quite measure up to the rigorous standards for admission to aggy ( i.e. one of the top students in the 30% who don't get in) you can backdoor in by agreeing to join the Corp.
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