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  1. Damn it - you made me remember 2008.
  2. ok - so if the SEC canceled non-conference games and are just "playing with themselves", what happens (assuming the season makes it all the way) if an SEC team is in the playoffs? Will they go ahead and play or are they going to keep hiding?
  3. Honestly I think he was referencing the "10 minutes" when it was 8 mins 46 seconds I believe. Best guess I have.
  4. Yeah - I-44. I had to go to St Louis one weekend before going home to TX and took 44. I had planned on going a different way home but changed my mind at the last minute when I heard about a place I just HAD to visit. Rolla was not the place, but it was on the way. Now the place I wanted to visit: Uranus Fudge Factory . They have fudge (of course), gifts, really good taffy, and the old candy (like pop rocks or candy cigarettes) that is pretty hard to find these days. The whole place is a blast. When I left the cashier said "Thank you for coming in Uranus." We LOVE To Pack Your Fudge! The Fudge in Uranus is made fresh daily and hand-cut and packed to order. There is a reason everyone says "The Best Fudge Comes From Uranus! Get the Taste of Uranus in your mouth today.
  5. You can't forget that bowl game. That was perhaps the best punting performance ever. I was working up in Missouri at the time and got all kinds of mileage out of that game. "Hey man - did you know our punter (who is from Australia) just recently started playing football? He's pretty good isn't he? Especially without ever playing high school football. Did you know he was the MVP of the bowl game?" And then I would usually have to duck whatever was being thrown at me. Man that was fun. Here's all of his punts for that game.
  6. I don't understand the poll question. Do you mean job security with Texas?
  7. Oh for sure. Didn't mean to imply otherwise. I just finished reading about the Karens calling the NYC snitch line and realized the same people would probably bitch about stuff like this. On the plus side, if you haven't seen some of the pics sent to that tip line, have a look I think the odds are pretty good that someone on here sent one of the pics - watch the video at the top of the linked article and you'll know which one I'm talking about.
  8. too late to edit. I like how Boise's HR FAQ says employees with a contract are still subject to a furlough based on the Board of Education's policies and procedures. I'm not a contract lawyer but unless their contract specifically says they can be furloughed without pay I don't think a court would care about the Board of Education policies. Maybe Harsin could use this as a way to get out of his contract and go to a real school?
  9. Maybe because the average Joes don't have a contract? I can't imagine they could legally force a furlough without jeopardizing their hefty endowment.
  10. I was too - was working on a contract and lucked into the game being there. If I recall it was pretty cool outside and they were selling coffee/hot chocolate with alcohol inside. Good times. The other thing I remember is thinking my office TV was bigger than their tiny "jumbotron".
  11. He's gonna play for Bob Stoops and the Dallas Renegages.
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