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  1. So what you're basically asking is, "Do you even lift, bro?"
  2. Well, then, it seems like it's their fault.
  3. The grad transfer discussion confuses me as well. Is that talk just for the backup plan in case GB3 doesn't come through?
  4. jeevsie

    Tiger King

    OK. Just so I'm clear here. Nutjob rationalizes her place because she doesn't offer petting or breed the cats, right?
  5. Love the "stiff walk" after the big hit. Signature move for sure.
  6. jeevsie

    Tiger King

    What a freaking trip that show was. As an aside, I'm going to start wearing a do-rag with a cap.
  7. This is the kind of shit that will make a difference. WTG, smartguy!
  8. But it will still make you want to turn on a Karate Kid movie, won't it? ♫I am a man who would fight for your honor♫
  9. I want to neg you. Want to neg you to Bolivia! Then I'm just all
  10. Are hybrids going to be begging for buyers because it will be difficult to sell them? (standard surl a-hole comment)
  11. Best thing about this signing is it's a one year. And, dammit, Gene. You beat me.
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