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  1. I do like people who can clown themselves.
  2. So this is still a thing, huh?
  3. Hey, look! It's Brat's son in the cap.
  4. Maybe beer, beef jerky, and donuts is not a sustainable diet?
  5. Just came here to check on the Lakeway story. :Facepalm:
  6. Say what you will about his crappy posting, but he has always been a funny dude.
  7. Was there a flip? aggy I work with came in yapping about something but I don't see it anywhere.
  8. I mean, really. 99/100 pickup line: "Hi, I'm Danny Masterson. You might remember me from such shows as That 70's Show" - Panties immediately drop.
  9. Got it from the ‘21 thread
  10. What this post presupposes is maybe Cook never sent that tweet?
  11. Can we get a summary on draftees? Current and commits?
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