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  1. Patrick Dempsey has fallen on hard times. Fallen and he can't get up, amiright?
  2. Ya know. I don't have a single tattoo. But maybe if I did, they would be all movie quotes. What's our Vector, Victor? You're a Daisy if you do Game over, man! Game over! Yes, it's true. This man has no dick I drink your milkshake! And so on and so forth.
  3. You do acknowledge that you're in the minority with your opinion, though? Right? edit: that response was for DC. Lurch snuck in there.
  4. Wasn’t this dude a DE prospect a couple of years ago?
  5. My guesses? School record Family member record (gotta beat the brother/cousin/whatev) Time it took to qualify for state last year
  6. What about tonight? GB laying 10.5?
  7. Pretty simple really - dead battery. Bought a new battery and it's running fine now. However.....during diagnosis, I wanted to push it out of the way in the parking lot it was in. It's keyless with a fob so getting it into neutral was a challenge. I had to pop the shifter panel and push the override button to shift to neutral. But it still wasn't in neutral - wheels were still locked. What did I need to do to really push it?
  8. Soooo.....I rarely tell the story, but I've always thought it only adds to my Longhorn roots. I grew up and aggy fan. No real reason why, I had one aggy cousin who apparently got in my head. My brother (7 yrs older) is a UT grad, for crissakes! Maybe I just wanted to be contrarian. But I agreed to visit both UT and aggy. I had overnight visits to both. I remember vividly being excited going to collie station first. But the cult vibe (I didn't realize at the time that's what it was) hit me right away. Something just didn't feel right. I came back saying I didn't really know what I wanted to do. Not the feeling I got when I visited UT. It was just night and day and I made the call to attend. So I always get to say I made a conscious, informed decision and I did it for the right reason - I sniffed out that they're a bunch of weirdos. Oh, my super senior year was getting to see Ricky win a Heisman and break the record vs aggy. Good times.
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