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  1. A Tackle? That tackles Offensively? Whaaa???
  2. What? You don't just go to a Stripes for Laredo tacos?
  3. Interesting post. I shall follow along.
  4. Watched the 1984 version a ton of times as a kid. Never read the books though. This new release got me to download audiobook 1 and I'm now listening on my commute. Pretty good matching up with my memory of the movie so far.
  5. But no one is going to comment on Patricio posting a vid of his manhole? Sheesh!
  6. Not sure why I got a chuckle out of this from the football board. Busy day, @LTtxfan? @Trey3216 is the combo breaker!
  7. Just watched it again....about 5-6 times. No way I can watch that just once. This one. Brackens on the kicker. Kindle - TT QB (Potts?) The Raiders have been on the receiving end of some good Booms!
  8. Can't get the Sunday night football game on this though. Sucks as NBC local isn't on Sling.
  9. Jesus. Breakfast tacos and kolaches are all we have to keep us going. Even those have been taken away by Covid. The first time (post lockdown) someone brought us breakfast a few weeks ago, people just kind of stared at it for a while. "Is it safe" kind of deer in the headlights. Then the engineers caught wind. "Mmm...Free Food..."
  10. Just came to post: Street Racing? We talking about street racing?
  11. Please be careful with the reveal.
  12. Sometimes I fear for our society. Then I read a thread with so much hate for B&B pickles...That society goes and TOTALLY redeems itself!
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