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  1. He was a friend of a friend. Drove a maroon T-bird to Austin courtesy of you know who
  2. Snow White and the Huntsman. I’m slightly amazed that that they digitized Ian McShane et al into little people instead of actually hiring little people. I must have forgotten the stories about studio executives getting beaten in the shins
  3. Nobody liking him is a fact. The only people rumored to not like him are his wife and kids and that probably depends on what day you ask them
  4. I think one of these slapdick announcers said Shaka must be a great coach because Texas is ranked but I’ll blame it on that little bit of whiskey I had
  5. Got to balance that shit out. Like AT&T Lily
  6. I loved Delta Burke as much as she later loved buffets
  7. Well they do have a lot of experience with noodle dicks
  8. Second choice was Bret Bielema is a Fat Fucking Retard. Also taken
  9. Yeah it was called Hard Eight back then
  10. I’ve got a good woman at home who thinks I do no wrong But sometimes Lord she just ain’t always around
  11. Most TXHSFB corches are the sons and grandsons of corches who thought water was bad for you so there’s that
  12. It must have slipped through your finger
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