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  1. My septuagenarian mom and dad Sam Houston grads and superfans say fuck Danny Davis which is strange because I’ve never heard them talk that way
  2. Not unless getting all up in that booty counts
  3. Yeah first episode I didn’t like or even try to finish. Definitely not my cup of tea
  4. and you actually had to pay extra for Babyfirst on satellite TV 16 years ago. It was like tipping someone for water boarding you
  5. I’m actually happy for the alleged victims and perpetrator. Living in Ohio would drain the basic desire to fuck out of most anyone. I’ve met many Ohio transplants and they’re only interested in ammo and cheese products
  6. No shit. He’s doing a post-shopping review of the grocery list, realizing his errors, and anticipating the Mrs. hanging a foot in his ass. This is my story too
  7. Evidently explored that Hwy 59 corridor and then ended up on I-35 north. WTF
  8. Since the New Braunfels Alamo ain’t coming back I don’t know if I can ever love again
  9. Reminds me of a young mr. sunshine until he eventually succumbed to age and disappointment. But stay gold, Ishmael
  10. Man I’d like to replace Jesse Plemons in Kirsten Dunst’s vagina
  11. I realize this isn’t the allsome commercials thread and I’ve never had a Kinder Bueno, much less know where to acquire one, but that floating redheaded chick is sheer perfection
  12. Please release me, let me go-o-o.For I don't love you anymore. To live a lie would be a sin. Release me and let me love again
  13. Also why is the blonde chick doing the horns down? What piece of industrial equipment mangled the guy’s right hand? My money’s on cotton gin
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