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  1. Well I’ll have you know that Jackie Aprile Jr. is taking premed courses at Rutgers
  2. Even though I’ve never been much of a rambler…
  3. Can’t tell if Gronk is really dumb or playing dumb but he’s doing it in Subway commercials now. How fun. Hahahahahaha
  4. Fortunately he’s a got that Walmart greeter job to fall back on. Maybe a pension too
  5. Never understood “It’s win or go home.” Pretty sure both teams will go home tonight
  6. Don’t wait until you’re old like me. It’s never too early to get a jumpstart on your nitpicking
  7. I take it from his response he was no Porter Wagoner
  8. Very nice but the one on the left is particularly sweet
  9. They could fuck up a wet dream
  10. I appreciate commercials that remind us to take our dirty damn gambling money to another state
  11. Oh come on. Frampton Comes Alive was allsome
  12. But we like it here. Well now you’re going to like it someplace else
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