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  1. I’ve understood since I was a kid that OU and Ohio State were two-ply diploma factories whereas we and Michigan had at least a little pride and I’m probably a fuck ton older than you
  2. I was also at these games. I took it as a sign that God hates me but hey you were there too
  3. mr. sunshine

    Cut short

    Good nominees thus far. This guy ain’t bad either...
  4. I must have missed this one. The poster tells me the good doctor really loves his work
  5. He reminds me of the whore in High Plains Drifter. She found the drifter so disgusting she’d cross the street to accidentally bump into him
  6. The Getaway (‘94) would like a word with you
  7. Chop his hands off. Don’t embarrass him
  8. They had some sound bites from Ross Bjork, former worst member of ABBA and current aggy AD, on the evening news just now. As a side note, we moved to the San Antonio area two years ago and still amazed at the gallons of aggy jizz consumed by those stations. Anyway Bjork said he expected all “102 733 thousand” seats at Pyle Field to be full. Now they’re just making up numbers
  9. Same. I didn’t realize that 4-5 matches took place afterwards in Owen’s blood. I mean did I see/hear that right? Wouldn’t want to shut it down right after a fatal accident to preserve evidence, bring in some investigators, etc. Vince gonna Vince
  10. Admittedly not the hugest Beach Boys fan but this bad boy is 53 years old and still doesn’t sound like anything else to me. Bonus points for the theremin
  11. You can’t be an attention whore without some attention. Plus the whole being a whore thing
  12. Being an ambassador for Texas football is time consuming. I saw where he and Michelle went to a distillery and drank some hand sanitizer. Honestly I just skimmed the article but I think I read that right
  13. I caught The Dancer Upstairs on one of the Starz channels this morning. Starred Javier Bardem and directed by some fellow named John Malkovich. It’s a crime/political thriller set in some Latin American country whose chief product seems to be hot ballet moms. Aye carumba
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