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  1. mr. sunshine

    D O M

    Well somebody had to be
  2. Playing the bagpipes is the trump card, as if Bon needed one
  3. mr. sunshine

    D O M

    Where’s your car? You're drinking it
  4. The ladies loved my Guess jeans back in the day so that t-shirt hits close to home
  5. Hope it happens. I’d love to see them live, even at this point
  6. You must have been one of the two headbangers by the stage. We figured you must have been friends or family of his
  7. I hopped out of bed and smoked a bowl for good measure. It’s going to be a long day. Got to pace myself
  8. Speaking of high there’s high and then there’s lying there in the back of your SUV ice fishing. Super high
  9. The good news is it just harmlessly dripped down the mirror
  10. Hey man wearing black automatically makes you super tough, thereby striking fear into the hearts of your opponents. Ask any Bandido or Hells Angel
  11. He’s right. Lots of interesting people to meet. Including Green Lantern Jr. It was apparently Green Lantern’s day off so he just rocked a stupid blue dad polo
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