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Texas hosts OU- tonight, 8pm on ESPN2

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Last night was absolute garbage. When you can’t hit outside shots, most coaches would run a play designed to get a shot in the paint, get fouled, etc. not Shaka... just keep banging away, and hope something falls in. 

Maybe the players aren’t the best, but they’re good enough... IF they get some coaching. If they’re not good enough, that’s his fault, too. They’re all his players. We might win 3-4 Big 12 games. 

I used to make the 100-mile trip for the big games, but I won’t support this rubbish. 8,800 to see a huge game, a rivalry game, the biggest game on the calendar. We used to draw 15,000 for these. The season can’t end quick enough for me. Goodbye, Shaka. 

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5 hours ago, Patron said:

I'd make Beard and Donovan say no.

we're not going to do that

competing for the Final Four in basketball isn't even a nice-to-have around here. it's certainly not a priority or a must-have. 

I think a lot of you have bought into a real myth about Texas athletics, because of the "we're the Joneses" bullshit of the decade of the 2000s. Keeping up with the Joneses is just an idiomatic way of saying keeping up appearances. The Joneses in this idiom aren't the smartest or happiest family on the block. They're not winners. They just have the nicest looking stuff. 

The myth is that "we're the Joneses" has anything at all to do with winning. It doesn't. It has some correlation, because winning makes more money than losing, but ultimately Being Texas is about appearances. We look like an athletic program that should win a lot, and we make a lot of money doing what we do, which is being the college sports equivalent of the stereotypical Obtuse White Guy in a TV commercial, or maybe a Billy Zabka character from an 80s movie. 

The only way-- and I mean this in literal terms, I mean there is never going to be a hypothetical BMD who decides he wants to see us win a basketball national title and money-whips Tony Bennett to come here, and Chris Beard is not going to tearfully declare he's Coming Home To Restore Texas Basketball, and none of the other fanciful What Ifs are going to happen -- the only way Texas will ever have a coach on the level of Billy Donovan is if we hire him as an up-and-comer from some Dollar Store program and then, like Rick Barnes, he decides to be a lifer here because you can coast for fucking years here once you're embedded. 

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9 hours ago, DaysOff said:
15 hours ago, Lobo said:
I don't think our basketball team is very good at trying to win intercollegiate basketball games

And yet they beat aggy.

well, shouldn't that be a given for UT? that's without even going into the situations of the two programs-- the staff turnover, the players, etc. A&M shouldn't have been in that game. I thought, going by UT's roster, this year was going to be big for you guys. But Shaka...

Shaka! When the walls fell

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