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On 11/26/2021 at 2:51 PM, HookEm said:

I’m not sure why USC wouldn’t throw a huge offer to Lincoln Riley. He would be a moron to pick LSU over USC.



Nobody can out recruit USC when they are rolling. Cmon. 


Nailed it!  I hate being right all the time.  

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Just now, Aqua Buddha said:

Matt Rhule would be the best and most obvious pick.

And things are pretty shit at Carolina. Ou is gonna scramble unless they had an idea this was happening which maybe they did. I’d imagine they ask Aranda even tho he’s likely headed to LSU and then Fickell. 

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22 minutes ago, TX Wing Fan said:

USC move for Riley is probably the best way this scenario could have played out for us. Hurts blowU and robs LSU of a quality candidate (provided they both don't turn around and bring in someone good).

I would have preferred Riley in the NFL, but he takes current players, recruits, and coaches with him this could be very positive for Texas. 

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On 11/26/2021 at 10:57 PM, 956 Worldwide said:

USC was buying houses for football players back when that shit was really illegal and they recently fleeced movie stars just for admissions. At some point Trojan is going to decide they really want to win again with the right coach and make this NIL thing work like magic. And unlike corn dog, they are sophisticated and a bunch of them are well and truly nationally connected. They’ll make LSU bags look like the penny ante shit it is, and they’ll start winning. Remember when they rolled in and grabbed Joe McKnight from Louisiana? Corn dog doesn’t go out to SoCal and take who they want even now. 

Then the LA fans will come back and you’ll see movie stars on the sidelines. The difference between LSU and USC is that USC can decide to play big WITHOUT fan support. It will just take some time and decisions. People underestimate the wealth and power of that school and alumni base. 

USC decided it wanted to win. LSU holding their corn dog dicks. 

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