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Raising Chickens

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8 hours ago, squib said:

My experience has been that hens lay far fewer eggs when the days get shorter and the weather turns colder. YRMV

Yeah, it has definitely slowed down since the days got shorter. My three marans haven't laid an egg for 4-6 weeks. All of the other breeds (cinnamon queens, orpingtons, RIR) have slowed down to laying every 2-3 days. 

The leghorns were all going strong until about 2 weeks ago and now they are finally slowing down slightly, but I'm still getting 4-5 per week from each of them instead of the usual every day like they do during the summer. 

On a related note, after the coons killed all of my barred rocks back in August, I got 4 new BR chicks. One has turned out to be a cockerel and he is going to be a very pretty rooster. He's at the stage now where his attitude is starting to flower a little bit and he should be crowing any day now.

I love my chickens. LOL

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