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  1. These commercial breaks are a beating.
  2. I find it ironic (I used irony correctly here?) that Ross fired Jimbo because he felt like they were stalling or in neutral or whatever yet they want to keep the coach they feel they need the most by keeping him in neutral.
  3. By God this is my 'best money you will ever spend' line as well. I fucking hate helping so much that I will seriously consider paying for two hours for movers. The day isn't lost. You don't have to take stupid instructions from so called friends for where they want their shit. And you can keep your God damn pizza and cheap beer because you wanted to save while moving into your $500k house. Movers and good pair of jeans are worth it.
  4. In high school we had a PSA type of assignment in which my group would record and talk about the dangers of drinking and driving. We went to pick up one dude who went by Sponge and when we got to his house, he was nearly passed out drunk from mad dog. He was completely fucked up and kept repeating the same line "it's all good", even after we "wrecked" my dad's Blazer in the skit. I'm pretty sure we got an A for authenticity. And I promised myself that I'll never touch that shit.
  5. That's pretty impressive. I think we know what PK does here.
  6. Nmsu Aggie violence isn't something to mess around with. So much drama there with that athletic department.
  7. Heel referee that screwed tito Santana and the British Bulldogs?
  8. Please please please Stoops needs to happen.
  9. Just need a fully guaranteed contract to top it off.
  10. I'm never seen him with a smile on his face to begin with.
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