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  1. I mean, Steve Kerr did take the game-winning shot when Jordan couldn't.
  2. to be fair, it was racist then, too.
  3. And honestly, pretty damn healthy. Good protein, I don't see rice or quinoa so should be low-carb, ain't nothing wrong with some hard boiled eggs and OG shredded cheddar. A-, would eat.
  4. I think it WAS NMB ...
  5. Who was it on the old site that used to do game breakdowns each like? The mini film study really helped guys like me who never played football beyond 7th grade. He'd use clips from a replay and make a few of them into gifs with lines drawn on them, and then explain what the key players were looking for, what the key concepts were, and why it worked or didn't work. And it was awesome because it wasn't all sunshine pumping - he'd show plays where the opposition just straight up beat our D, or where our O overcame a missed block or a blown assignment to still make a play. Really helped my understanding not just of that particular game, but of how our team fit together and what our coaches were doing. I'd happily contribute to a fund or a charity or something if someone were to take this back up.
  6. Well technically he wasn't on his ass because he did give us the "I'm already smoked but I'll dive so it looks like I tried really hard" performance as the RB flew past him.
  7. When the announcers called out that Brockermeyer had just entered the game at MLB, and then he fails to scrape to the hole and watches the RB waltz through for a TD, it was just #chefskiss.
  8. The speed upfield after he plants his foot at the 0:05 mark is mind-boggling. My brain can't even process it.
  9. can't this weekend - taking care of that whole "able to father children" thing on Friday. next week after work is a maybe. Aside from it being 9000 degrees outside, it's the first week of school. Maybe next Friday morning for an hour or so? 830-930, something like that?
  10. I remember that I started laughing when the ball wasn't even to you yet, because I knew the hero shot was coming and that throw wasn't going anywhere close to me lololol
  11. I finally find this thread, and come to find out I'm already catching strays. Brutal, guys - just brutal. I could be convinced to take some BP and play some catch ... can't this weekend, but could do something after work basically any night next week?
  12. FYI, docs can prescribe a type of codeine mouthwash. Gave my kid at least a little relief when he got this a decade ago. HFM fucking SUCKs. Godspeed.
  13. You never realize you're in the golden age until it goes away. We did a buddies trip in 2007, maybe 2008. 8 guys. The Casino Royale on the strip still had a tub table, and we managed to snag every seat. $2 minimums with 3x odds if you wanted to play low stakes, $5 min unlocked 20x odds (or maybe 100x). We played for 12 hours straight. During that same timeframe, you could pretty regularly find $2/2x tables (the others at the CR were this, but also at the IP and Stratosphere), and $5/345x tables were everywhere. Man, those were good times.
  14. I swear I've used this phrase so many fucking times in the last year, and I hate it. I hate it. "I NEVER THOUGHT THE LEOPARDS WOULD EAT *MY* FACE!" shouts supporter of the leopards-eating-face party.
  15. Great stuff. Had a full re-seal late last year so I'm confident there. Sanitize water system - love that. tire check - great call.
  16. Pulling the rig out of storage and to my in-laws place where they have full hookups. Going to give her a full once-over - aside from the obvious things like water lines/pressure, checking lights / switches, battery charge, smoke alarms, tire and trailer integrity, general shell integrity, the pumps, and the water heater, what other items are usually on your pre-season checklist?
  17. My old days as a firmware programmer in college pop up in weird ways sometimes :). All I want to build is a translation lookaside table (reference to a reference). But yes, moving 24 rows around and joining them with 12 rows in the top table is a drastically simpler way to do things lol. Thanks again.
  18. Apologies for going down a rabbit hole here :). I"m building out a list of matchups for a golf tournament. The player pool is divided - three teams of twelve. We're currently moving teams around, playing with matchups, etc. As we move players around, I want their handicaps to follow. I"m not skilled enough to figure out index+match when the data is in three separate tables. But what I do know is that handicap is always one call to the right of the player name, and so what I really want is an indirect reference that references another reference (lol). In the table above ... two separate tables of players. Building the matchups on the right. G5 contains "=b4", and so gets populated with 'Bill'. What I was gunning for was something I could put into H5 that would say "ah, I see you referenced cell b4, I'll get the value from one to the right of b4" and then it would resolve itself to a reference of "=b5", and thus populate itself with '5'. I think from what you said above that Index can handle searching across multiple tables. I think that's the official answer. What I've done is moved to one large player table, and am now using index+match, and all is well. It's also hard to explain things in writing, and we've now officially spent more time messing with this than it's taken me to just rearrange the data into one big table :). I really do appreciate ya'lls suggestions.
  19. all I want is "when I reference a cell, I'd like the cell next door to grab the cell next to the cell I just referenced." But, I've rearranged my source data to more easily support INDEX MATCH. Appreciate the insight all.
  20. If the data were cleanly in one table, that works. But for various reasons, it's not, thus my desire to be able to operate on a reference. (believe me, I get why the data layout in my sheet is sub-optimal, but here we are ).
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