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  1. Really breaks it down for even the most basic Fox viewer to understand if they'll read it, which they won't, but fully illustrates the rule and why's. What I don't like is that it goes into detail about their storage safety which should never be an issue since they can't be removed from the room where they are stored on premises. Even the explanation almost begs the rationality of their removal is fine if they go to a similar facility which is not true.
  2. They both retain legal experts for everything that they share to audiences, so there are no accidents.
  3. He'll be around to just ask questions and promote both sides once the smoke clears. Besides, he hates Trump like the other 68 million non Trumpers that voted for him.
  4. I'm also in for another swing at Dinesh D'Souza.
  5. Crazy how crime just seems to follow Trump and victimize him. Prior to running, hookers and adultery, bone spurs and bad real estate deals seemed to embroil him. He's a lightning rod to multiple forms of corruption and crime apparently. The man is just a mark so we elected him. And then more corruption and crime tried to take him down while those criminal Democrats that are always being investigated are running free.
  6. There seems to just be a huge difference in quality between the images, which is intentional I guess.
  7. Wonder if she's going to go with red or a wine color? As stated all along the way, Dotard's followers operate on faith, which doesn't require proof. That makes them a cult of True Believers. And facts don't require faith.
  8. They're not just defending him--they're complicit. Nobody in power is just defending this turd unless they're complicit. Those that aren't are publicly stating a wait and see approach while those that have committed crimes are trying to burn it down.
  9. You can see the neck and forehead lines where it was cut--the lines show a shade shift. First thing I thought when I saw it was this is doctored. It's garbage.
  10. I couln't believe they were playing Spacemen 3 and then they kept playing it. For me, that's pretty special. Just wow! https://news.yahoo.com/true-grit-music-reservation-dogs-213030353.html
  11. Really hope you are right on this and makes sense. But if he committed a crime, he should pay the same cost as everybody in this nation that breaks laws. Shouldn't matter the severity, ala Al Capone. Edit: He's so awful that he makes every scenario fully possible.
  12. He'd kill everybody to profit. He started with killing just one person in Manhattan and is now wiping out everybody. Pro military while selling military classified docs is some scary fuck the military and everybody shit. I can't wait to see how the fence sitters spin Biden's rising gas prices halted them from voting for him or another Democrat. I've stated his followers (Republicans) are willing to cut their throats to prove a point--and here we are.
  13. Trump could murder us all and not lose any of his supporters, although questioning would have to happen in the afterlife. Edit: Damn, already beaten to it.
  14. Have to love the bar they set--anything short of a nuclear missile on premises and then how do we know it wasn't planted? They just get dumber and it's no longer healthy for the nation. They need to be sent to the moon where maybe they wouldn't be a threat to all of humanity.
  15. Is there a thread for Real ID? Damn, this is going to be real discouraging for some to get, especially older people. It's $48 in MD, requires a passport or birth certificate, something with your social security number, and 2 proofs of residency--seems almost standard, but still a pain in the ass, especially since we do online bill pay. Make sure that your name is the same on everything and that one doesn't show your maiden name like my wife's on the mortgage. I thought I could just go in with my old DL and all would be peachy--not so fast. Also, you have to schedule the trip and can't just pop in but that may be according to state.
  16. Republicans take the House and Senate and vote to change the law. Trump shouldn't have been able to run the first time since he was compromised and paid off prostitutes, was bankrolled by a foreign bank, and had foreign help spreading disinformation. He breaks decorum, rules, and laws and Republicans shield him. Why would this be any different?
  17. The Forgotten Battle is pretty good if peeps are into war movies.
  18. Drops tomorrow--Friday, August 5th. Think I heard 8 pm and can't remember if it's the full season drops or first few episodes. Marc Maron interviews Neil Gaiman on WTF.
  19. He smiles with his bellybutton. If only that smile was on its way to the pokey.
  20. Well, he's a cartoon character. Most thoughtful people can identify the cray unless they're broken.
  21. They don't want to increase worker wages to keep up with inflation, while CEO wages rapidly increase.
  22. Excerpts from a good DC mole man story: https://www.washingtonpost.com/local/inside-the-tunnels-of-washingtons-mole-man-harrison-g-dyar/2012/11/03/169851cc-1d41-11e2-9cd5-b55c38388962_story.html On the first day there was the Mystery: On or around Sept. 25, 1924, a truck fell through the earth near 21st and P streets NW, revealing an elaborate, multilevel tunnel underneath. What in blazes was it? “Old Tunnel Here Believed to Have Been Used by Teuton War Spies and Bootleggers,” read a headline in The Washington Post. Speculation was rampant. But speculation can last only so long. On the second day, people didn’t want the Mystery; they wanted the Explanation. And that’s what the Reporter was in search of. He left behind the scrum-milling at the cave-in near Dupont Circle and headed across town to find the previous owner of 1512 21st St. NW. In the red-brick house at 804 B St. SW, across from the National Museum, he found the answer. The tunnel-maker confessed. He was a Smithsonian scientist named Harrison G. Dyar. A scientist who studied bugs. An entomologist. An entomologist was not as exciting as a Teuton war spy. An entomologist was not as interesting as a bootlegger. An entomologist was boring. Even Dyar’s reason for building the tunnels was boring: He said he did it for exercise. Some men play golf, he told the reporter. I dig tunnels.
  23. https://www.nbcwashington.com/news/local/a-year-ago-deadly-fire-exposed-secret-tunnels-under-bethesda-home/172166/ It didn't end well--some excerpts from this weird ass story: A year ago, a deadly fire exposed Daniel Beckwitt's curious campaign to build an underground bunker for protection from a nuclear attack. Neighbors in Bethesda knew nothing about the tunnels before they heard Beckwitt's screams and saw smoke pouring from the house where 21-year-old Askia Khafra died that afternoon. Maryland prosecutors portray Beckwitt, a 27-year-old millionaire, as a paranoid computer hacker who recklessly endangered Khafra's life. In May, they secured Beckwitt's indictment on charges of second-degree murder and involuntary manslaughter. During a recent interview at their Silver Spring, Maryland, home, Dia Khafra, 69, said he and his wife, Claudia, tried to persuade Askia to stay away from Beckwitt's tunnels. Their son met Beckwitt online and agreed to help him dig the tunnels in exchange for Beckwitt's investments in an internet company Askia was launching. "I always feared something dangerous would happen to him," the elder Khafra said. Investigators found the younger Khafra's charred body in the basement of Beckwitt's Bethesda home. A hole in the concrete basement floor led to a shaft that dropped down 20 feet into tunnels that branched out roughly 200 feet in length.
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