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  1. I guess since his last name is Fuentes, he’s pigeonholed himself into having to roll with a diverse white supremacist gang. Kanye, multiracial security teams - he is like the Clayton Bigsby of neonazis. I’m not sure that pitch is going to resonate with most demographics.
  2. He got the number 1 recruit in the country to go to Jackson State. He’s going to be a serious force to be reckoned with in recruiting at CU if they are at all competitive with NIL. And he’s going to leverage enough attention on the program at least initially where there will be NIL opportunities. I think this is actually going to work unless he gets too aggressively shady and has a scandal like Prime Prep. Presumably he’s making enough money and has enough oversight to guard against that somewhat, but I guess that hasn’t stopped plenty of other coaches. He actually looks like he can coach based on Jackson State, though, and there is nowhere to go but up. Colorado was a good choice for him. Anything will be better than what they’re used to, so he’s going to be able to keep selling progress and hope to recruits for a few years even if he just makes them some mediocre 5-7 team. That lets him keep momentum in recruiting and stack a couple of classes, and then he really might have something. If he had gone to a program that wasn’t so pathetic, everyone would have had knives out looking for ways to take shots at him for being in over his head if he wasn’t an immediate success.
  3. Putting a 2 loss Bama in over 1 loss TCU is going to be a bridge too far. Even the ESPN crews are downplaying that, and they have every incentive to shit on Fox conferences while shamelessly promoting the SEC. 1 Georgia vs. 4 TCU 2 Michigan vs. 3 Ohio State Ohio State probably wins the championship because evil usually wins in college football.
  4. You don’t put Michigan and Ohio State both in the playoff only for them to NOT play each other. Hell yes that’s going to be a rematch.
  5. TCU did win this conference. The extra championship game after a full round robin is the Big 12 being a bunch of idiots. TCU already beat KSU and literally everyone else in the conference and now has lost 1 game. KSU has lost 2 conference games.
  6. We made more money with the LHN than we would have otherwise, but just from a fan’s perspective, I question anyone who doesn’t whine about the LHN. We’ve had Lowell Galindo call a significant portion of our football and basketball games for the last 12 years, and the whole network is a giant embarrassment. It creates no interesting programming, doesn’t promote the university, and can’t even sell a single real advertisement. Not even a Cash for Gold or a MyPillow.
  7. Lulz. Is their strategy going to be to pretend he was never President before and hasn’t been pulling the strings of the Republican Party for 7 years? He’s just back to being an outsider “businessman” coming to shake up Washington? Like he’s just going to campaign again on, “I am a very successful businessman, and I have billions of dollars …” “What about the two impeachments? Remember when you tried to lead an insurrection and falsify election results? Do we still need to inject disinfectant and take hydroxychloroquine to treat Covid?” “… as I was saying, I went to Wharton, which people are saying is the best business school. I was the star of The Apprentice. You remember that show?” ”I remember you tear gassed peaceful protesters so you could have a photo op with an upside down Bible.” “… I’ve been very successful in real estate.” “And in meeting with, and defending, white supremacists.” “I’M JUST A BUSINESSMAN! I DON’T KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT THESE ALLEGATIONS! BTW, SOME MINORITIES, I ASSUME, ARE VERY GOOD PEOPLE ONCE YOU GET PAST THE RAPISTS AND THE ONES FROM SHITHOLE COUNTRIES. I LEARNED THIS WHILE DOING BUSINESS THINGS LIKE A REAL BUSINESSMAN!”
  8. If we really stay in this two more years, including when teams like UH and Cincinnati join, then we deserve what we get. Unwinding before this season was always likely to be unfeasible, but we should have been out before next year. I hope that is the plan, though it seems more and more doubtful. Also, this whole saga underscores how Breaking Bad is the most unrealistic show in the history of Hollywood. If one meth lab could really earn $75 million in like 18 months, then why is OU struggling to pay their buyout fee to the Big 12?
  9. It just dawned on me that Ron White lifted his act from Beverly Hills Cop. Which, admittedly, was a better choice than Bill Engvall lifting his act from Old Yeller. The supercop story is my favorite bit, so I won't quote any other lines. I just miss movies like Beverly Hills Cop. It is type of movie that has been displaced by Marvel type movies now, since superhero movies are essentially the "action comedy" genre for today's industry.
  10. Movie theater chains still seem pretty dicey even as people are out of lockdown. Maybe that’s just because of the lag due to Hollywood not making so many films during Covid, but those theater parking lots look way more empty than they used to whenever I drive by, even in peak hours. JC Penney technically is out of bankruptcy, but I don’t see it and retail stores like it surviving long. You either need to be legitimately upscale or really cheap in retail now, not occupying that in between area like a bunch of the defunct stores named on this thread (Sears, Mervyns, Service Merchandise, etc.). My (probably erroneous) hot take is Kentucky Fried Chicken would be dead already if they didn’t cheat and combine them with Taco Bell locations. There are tons of better chicken chains now. Actually, on a more realistic fast food chain angle, how is Long John Silver’s still a thing?
  11. They outkicked their coverage with that cast. I want to know how Margo Martindale’s agent pitched that one to her. “Hey, I’ve just won my third Emmy. What film offers are we getting?” “Well, there’s a gritty crime drama about drug smuggling that’s getting a lot of buzz.” “What’s it called?” “Cocaine Bear.” “Oh, interesting. What’s the “bear” stand for? Is it set in Russia? What’s the metaphor?” “We will talk later about that. Sign here.”
  12. Gross. I assumed this was going to be like that Nebraska RB who got arrested for having pictures of his high school girlfriend who was a grade behind him or something, but this sounds more like deep dark recesses of the internet sicko shit.
  13. XavierWorthystershire Sauce - you’ll always ask for more!
  14. I, too, receive a super exclusive newsletter full of information that’s too sensitive to be published on the public internet. Now, I can’t reproduce it all, because it is watermarked and the proprietors of this service aggressively police and punish leakers. But I can share a snippet from today’s in-depth analysis of Elon Musk and Twitter’s current operational strategy that I found particularly insightful:
  15. Toys R Us and KB Toys hurt the most. Do kids today even have toy stores? Actually, let me rephrase: do kids today even have toys, or just smart phones?
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