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  1. This is the beginning of Helobious becoming alternate timeline Biff from Back to the Future 2 where he becomes the richest man in the world after correctly betting on every sporting event for the next 30 years.
  2. Agreed. Sark is easier to like than most of the top college football coaches nowadays - just compare him to Harbaugh and Saban in all their interviews for a pretty stark contrast. Most coaches now are just assholes, and not even characters like a lot of them used to be. Just boring, dour assholes. Sark isn't that, which is a good look for the University and for fans wanting someone to cheer. Overall, though, the circumstances are now that Texas can pay market rate for the top talent, whereas we had about 15 years of not paying what the competition paid for top recruits. Everyone would talk about our money and resources, but the truth is we were disadvantaged in bidding wars against the SEC, plus Ohio State, Clemson and a few others that were winning and pumping out NFL drafts picks at various points during that time. It also helps a lot having a real athletic director and leadership at the University that cares about sports. A lot of factors have changed to make it much easier for a coach to win here now compared to 10 years ago. But, the coach still has to run with the opportunity, and Sark is doing that. I think he will keep the train rolling, too. The OL is still super young and we basically know it will very good for another couple of years at a minimum. Whether it's Ewers for another season or Arch taking over, we basically know we're going to have a legit QB for a while longer. Sark's overall recruiting is bringing in elite talent, and we're going to be one of the most attractive places for the big time QBs. Now that's proven himself with results on the field more this year, it's hard to see things going totally off the rails for a while unless there's a scandal.
  3. I don't want to belabor the point, but we were going to take Penix in the transfer portal a few years ago until closetojumping beat him in the 40 and then our money guys stopped payment on the NIL.
  4. After a day for cooler heads to prevail, and now with Texas getting in the playoff and removing my emotional attachment to that game ... I still think Louisville's QB was point shaving against FSU because holy fucking shit how can he be that bad?
  5. Penix has negative rushing yards on the season and has only run for more than 36 yards once in his six year career (a dazzling 67 yards against Ball State in 2019). He's an immobile QB, which was part of why we contained him last year. There are no scrambles for big chunks. Pressure gets home on him. McCarthy and especially Milroe are much greater run threats.
  6. Yes. And I watched them against Washington State the week before, and a couple of other games. Do we only get to consider Texas, Michigan and Alabama in their best games, too?
  7. Penix averaged 5.3 yards per pass attempt against us last year, and his production this year is heavily skewed by racking up huge numbers against garbage OOC teams and the worst PAC 12 teams. Before the Oregon game, he had just played two bad games in a row against Washington State and Oregon State. I’m not saying it’s a cakewalk, but Washington’s offense against good teams is not anything special. It’s not like having to play Joe Burrow, Jamar Chase and Justin Jefferson. We lost last year because we had zero rushing offense (and players sitting out), and we let them pop a big run. They didn’t carve up our secondary, and we are a much, much better team this year in every way except for RB (which, again, Bijan and Roschon didn’t even play against them anyway).
  8. It would be cooler to play Michigan in the Rose Bowl, but Washington is worse and less talented top to bottom than Michigan or (more obviously) Alabama. Washington is who I’d like to draw to maximize the chances of winning. Penix isn’t actually that great a talent, either.
  9. I know everyone here knows this, but Jalen Milroe’s stats have been remarkably consistent all year, and he is in no way a better / different guy now than early in the season. In fact, the Auburn game might have been his worst in terms of making terrible decisions. His QB rating was worst against us not because his head was swimming, but because we - gasp - have a better DL than the SEC teams and whipped their OL.
  10. Is LSU the best team that Florida State played this year? Honestly, even without the QB injury / eye test angle, the committee really could conjure up a decent enough explanation for treating then more like a Boise State or UCF undefeated than a typical P5 undefeated.
  11. Plummer might have actually thrown that game. For real.
  12. Texas and Alabama are the two best teams. Don’t let last year’s Washington game give you PTSD (which, btw, we made Penix look very average with a slightly worse defense, so I don’t even get the “bad matchup” idea based on our secondary). Alabama and Michigan have better rosters than Washington. Washington is who I’d want to play of that group. FSU is the weakest by far of the top 5, of course.
  13. We know McCarthy is actually a solid QB. Michigan has hope of breaking out of the offensive funk. Iowa, FSU and Louisville have QBs who are truly awful, and it just cripples an offense.
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