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  1. He’s now qualified to be the chancellor of Ole Miss.
  2. From what I saw, good. I’d be interested in Ware at Oregon. He has obvious potential and showed some flashes even if his freshman year didn’t live up to 5 star billing. That could be like Walker Kessler in year 2 after he transferred from UNC to Auburn. Traore, on the other hand, just looks like a bust to me. I didn’t see that much of Auburn this year and his stats are a small sample size, but nothing from what I did see really stands out in a positive way. A big part of his rise as a recruit was that he was supposed to be able to shoot, and it turns out he’s not a good shooter. Kind of Will Bakerish but not to that extreme.
  3. Juwan Howard is a bad coach. All the bitching about players lacking intangibles or whatever goes hand in hand with the team losing because they have a bad coach. Dickinson averaged 18.5 points, 9 rebounds and 2 blocks on 56% shooting this year. He will wreck shop wherever he goes, and if he chooses a good team with a good coach that wins the “narrative” will suddenly be reversed.
  4. When I grow up, I want to own Twitter so I can have 150,000,000 friends that I make read my tweets and nobody can say “no” to being my friend and reading my tweets.
  5. Very true. It’s going to be hard to find a jury pool anywhere that won’t have MAGA people who would just nullify and refuse to convict him. But New York, Atlanta and especially DC would at least be plausible venues to somehow select a jury without Trump supporters. He chose poorly on where to commit crimes and in committing crimes like the classified docs theft that can be prosecuted in DC. If he gets convicted by an all black jury somewhere MAGA people really would blow all their gaskets, though.
  6. The Georgia one is going to be the one where shit gets real. With all due respect to my esteemed friend and colleague Twice and his opinions on how to weigh the strength of evidence against Trump, state court prosecutors have taken tons of people to trial for every crime under the sun with much less conclusive evidence than that tape of Trump trying to coerce the Georgia Secretary of State to falsify the election results.
  7. I agree with those who say once you give TikTok a chance, you’ll find there are actually lots of really good, informative voices on that platform. I greatly prefer it to Google and mainstream media news now, since Google and the corporate media allow offensive images of Winnie the Pooh to be broadcast and do nothing to report on the atrocities committed by the Taiwanese or the Uighurs. Did you know fentanyl is exclusively made in Taiwan where they spike it with the blood of AIDS patients in violation of international law?
  8. Hey, employees, how about instead of cash, I pay a portion of your salary with incentive equity grants in this private company that you can never sell unless I give you permission, that get clawed back if you ever leave, and oh btw the company is hemorrhaging value every day. Ain't I just the nicest guy! You can wipe your ass with those stock options. Even putting aside all the other issues, he's never going to go public again anyway. What are the odds you can even really cash those out even under the best case scenario where the company thrives and Elon doesn't find a way to screw you over? It helps with his whole company town / indentured servant strategy, though. "What are you going to do? Leave? And forfeit all these options (that you will perpetually have to hold and never convert to actual money)." Um, no thanks.
  9. I’m not so sure we’re sticking with the Beard model of roster construction and defensive system, anyway. Terry was a Barnes guy a lot longer than he was a Beard guy. As the season went on, it reminded me more of watching one of the good Barnes teams than a Beard team at Tech or in his brief time here. I wouldn’t be surprised if Terry starts recruiting different types of players, especially the big men.
  10. 6’7” is fine, but they need to be stronger and more athletic than Allen and Cunningham if they’re playing the 5. Our defense was a sieve against Miami, in part because we had nobody to really challenge them when they drove to the basket. Bishop only played about half the game, and he was the only guy who physically could hold up (and not even all that well compared to the Miami guy, at that). The tall guys who can also move aren’t really in such short supply anymore, either. So many guys want to be stretch 4/5 players and stay slim. You can find adequately mobile 6’9” or 6’10” guys even if they aren’t athletic freaks like Evan Mobley. They’re going to be skinny, though, so then the determination is whether they’re soft or whether they can mix it up and use their length to offset the lack of bulk.
  11. Looks like someone has a case of the Mondays.
  12. Well, yes, we’re comparing whether it’s better to be surrounded by Okies and Chicagoans vs. coastal tech bros. There is no winning. Austin managing to maintain its lily whiteness in spite of massive growth is a con, though. At least get some better food by letting non-anglos and people who don’t know how to code live there.
  13. Embrace the big city elitism. You know you want to, Austin. You have the only Four Seasons in the world that is decorated like a Marriott Courtyard because “Keep Austin Weird! Omg, we’re just a college town and so laid back and casual.” No, you’re not. Your 3/2 house already costs more than the lifetime earnings of the entire state of Ohio. Come over to the dark side, put on your shiny shoes, import some Italian marble, and wallow in the decadence.
  14. Holland can shoot. He will move the needle more than Mitchell did as a freshman for that reason, but your point about the freshmen is well taken. I think you definitely underestimate the portal in basketball, though. It’s a much higher quality group than football portal transfers. There will be numerous guys who are studs portal every year. And not just small school guys who were overlooked as recruits. The team’s success will hinge on transfers and returning players next year, and really most years except the odd year we sign a ready made star like Durant or TJ.
  15. Attendance for the Florida Atlantic vs. San Diego State game in particular will be:
  16. I agree the officiating got screwy in the 2nd half and Miami benefited from the suddenly tight way the game was called (32 FT attempts? Come on). But the flow/tempo was a problem all along for us. We were scoring by making a lot of threes. They were shooting 60% the whole game because it was up and down and they were getting into the paint at will. It was a matter of time until our shooting regressed to the mean. They had no regression to the mean because the mean is a high percentage when you’re shooting right at the rim against a team with a small frontcourt. We needed to slow this game down and make it more of a grind once we had our second half lead instead of letting it continue to be up and down. Playing a game in the 80s wasn’t what we were supposed to be this year, but it is what Miami wants.
  17. So, best case scenario for the roster next year is something like: PG: Hunter, Johnson, Brumbaugh? (his redshirt felt weird) SG: Morris, [transfer guard] SF: Holland, Cunningham, [transfer wing] PF: Mitchell, Anamekwe, [stretch 4 transfer or high school recruit] Center: Disu, [transfer big] We could use a playmaking guard and some more size, especially inside. I see us being more of a Barnes type team with Terry than a Beard type team, which means we probably need to get bigger and stronger in the front court instead of going for the “position less” switch everything roster full of 6’6” forwards.
  18. I agree Desantis has done some bullshit in Florida, targeting people/businesses based on their politics, exceeding his authority to score points with the stupid base, etc. It’s bad. But he couldn’t pull off outright throwing out election results or staying in office beyond his term limits like Putin or Hugo Chavez or somebody like that. Trump could, and those lunatics would back him up.
  19. Trump needs to lose the nomination (I don’t think he will). You can say Desantis or [insert other Republican here] is as bad or worse because they are copying Trump’s policies and are smarter than Trump … but ultimately I think that’s way off. None of them are so shameless, and none of them have such cult followings, that they would actually try to become a dictator. Trump would. If he becomes President again, we’re going to have a constitutional crisis because he won’t leave office again until he dies. And he very well could beat Biden if he’s the nominee. This is not a slam dunk, “Oh I hope Trump is the GOP candidate because then it’s a certain victory!” situation. It’s insane that it isn’t, but it isn’t.
  20. Pitino would then complain in the press conference that you can’t call a foul for sexual assault at the end of the game with the outcome on the line. You get a free pass in that situation for anything less than full insertion.
  21. Christian Laettner trips and falls on his ass trying to catch the pass from Grant Hill, but then Kentucky gets called for a technical because Rick Pitino walked onto the floor to grab the lady ref’s ass, and then Duke makes FTs to win.
  22. The clear, but difficult path: Step 1: Convince people to contribute $250 billion to Cathie Wood’s funds. Step 2: Tell Cathie Wood that Twitter is on the cusp of inventing the Genesis device from Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan. Elon announces he expects to have created a new world on Mars by 2024. Step 3: Cathie Wood’s funds buy Twitter for $250 billion.
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