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  1. no, you're right. A modern and highly functional society would have 10 year old babies having babies. go fuck yourself Ana
  2. "it could have been worse" - Greg Abbott after 19 murdered Uvalde kids
  3. says the people who refuse to do anything for gun control... "What's a few more murdered kids here and there. " - SUrly deplorables
  4. flying out of where? We're considering Greece along with Italy
  5. Help needed on finding flights to Europe from Austin or Houston. I have about 300k total miles on United and want to fly my family of 4 to Europe next summer. Ideally, want to do Italy plus one other country. All I'm seeing is 2 stop minimum flights, 17+ hours at a cost of 35k miles each way per person. Any idea how to get better flights?
  6. fuck covert in austin. ended up buying at Cavender's in san antonio
  7. you're the fucking moron who was trying to fund his own wedding through a gofundme. Seems like you're an idiot in many phases of your life
  8. you're already married, you just haven't accepted it yet
  9. I hope for your manhood and fatherhood you ripped her a new one.
  10. if hating racists is wrong, I don't want to be right. Plus, I'm not the one claiming to be walking with Christ
  11. wife next to me would have shanked me. it's all in the old noggin'
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