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  1. Wait, what? Who is this? She is a he?
  2. Buford is definitely someone I'd look at for a transfer
  3. Also son of former recruiting coordinator randy Rodgers.
  4. The deal with Briles was that he was coached up to say to Texas when they wanted to interview...I don't have to interview. You've seen my body of work. My teams have kicked your ass up and down the field. Hire me or don't, but I'm not going to beg for the job. That's pretty much how that went down.
  5. Feel like Pole Assassin with be in the pole position...But how great would it be to have the monkey on in kind of a 'Between Two Ferns'-esque type video cast...
  6. Oh...I was getting excited there...Thought that meant Gideon to TE and Raymond AND Ansley. A guy can dream.
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