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  1. Former longhorn network. Wonky eye. W&L. Nice gal. Would bang.
  2. It’s best to not admit any of them are good. I’d sacrifice whatever middling quality any has to never see the shit again.
  3. I used to hate Bohls until Covid happened and Zoom use proliferated and I got to see what a piece of shit house he lives in. Now I just pity him.
  4. Was bound to happen after all the gay ass podcasters moved here.
  5. That is somewhat true, but also there’s just nothing out there like horns down. Basically we did so well at creating a hand sign that its inverse works better as a hand sign than anything our opponents could come up with.
  6. He’s as good as … someone who’s pretty good at something.
  7. That is classic that an aggy acceptance letter looks like the decorations in those mongoloids’ house. Live Laugh Aggy
  8. That’s their scene at the end of Swingers when Mikey hangs up on his ex because he’s got Heather Graham on the other line.
  9. Yeah. He disappointed us, which is different than inflaming your deepest darkest inferiority complex, and will mean a lot less vitriol.
  10. Agree. This seems like a good motivator so let’s use it.
  11. We should focus more on the only thing that matters: the eventual heat death of the universe.
  12. The last seconds of the movie could tick off with him dribbling.
  13. The alternative could have been an amicable break up, zero dollars, and a one way ticket back to west Texas, in which case I’m sure she’s glad she did what she did and got paid.
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