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  1. Wordle 420 4/6 #Worldle #204 2/6 (100%) https://worldle.teuteuf.fr
  2. Dealt with sorghum and grain dryers on the high plains in my ute. There's not enough moisture involved in which to drown. Was the youngster covered in rice, thus suffocating?
  3. My 84YO mom gets all happy like a little girl when I bring her these. When they came off the market last year, I asked her if she wanted Cheetos instead. "Nope. Those Lays are awesome!!!"
  4. I had an idea, but just reading it...damn. The Comanche roasted captive American and Mexican soldiers to death over open fires. Others were castrated and scalped while alive. The most agonizing Comanche tortures included burying captives up to the chin and cutting off their eyelids so their eyes were seared by the burning sun before they starved to death. https://www.forttours.com/pages/torture.asp
  5. Had a guy fall into a vegetable oil holding tank and drown. Rumor at first was that he had fallen into a fryer and cooked to death. Either way, fuck that.
  6. slorch


    LOLz. Zero chance today.
  7. Wordle 419 4/6 #Worldle #203 1/6 (100%) https://worldle.teuteuf.fr
  8. MCRD San Diego was fine for chow. Keep in mind, my palate was less than refined, but the chow was great as far as I was concerned.I probably had way more in common with your pops in that regard. I felt like it was better than subsequent "real" Marine installations. I didn't gain 30 + pounds because it sucked.
  9. slorch


    After perusing the thread, damn. Figured that was wheelhouse territory. Interesting.
  10. slorch


    Insta-layup. #Heardle #168 https://spotify.com/heardle
  11. On Sundays, if we were good boys for the week, we could buy the San Diego Union-Tribune at morning chow. I knew Batman was the smash hit movie of the summer, and I read the sports section all the way through and kept up with baseball. Sunday mornings were great- Go to chow. Go to church. Do laundry on the outdoor sinks( only time of open discussion all week,) uniform prep, and then noon chow.
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