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  1. Meh. That doesn't make me optimistic at all. See also: Casinos.
  2. I watched that shit for like 2 hours yesterday. Probably will do it again today.
  3. Lost my aunt this evening to uterine cancer, that had been treated into remission, only for it to come back with a vengeance in her lungs/ throat. Non-smolker, and pretty much vegan throughout the past 20-25 years. She tried to take care of herself through diet and exercise. My dad( her brother) left our family when I was 9. My aunt maintained a relationship with me through my childhood and nurtured a very special bond that existed throughout my adult life unto this day. When she retired, she sold out her interests in the largest real estate firm in a Top 20 metro in the US. She was a liberated, independent woman, well before it was accepted, and very muchly absent the usually assigned politics. She was a tough-ass business woman, fiercely loyal matriarch, and devoted Christian who filled out her 'free-time' with charity work with both the mentally challenged and battered women. She was a mentor to many, and I certainly counted her as one to myself. She was as transparent and vulnerable as anyone I knew when we were talking real life issues/ experiences. When it comes to a warrior spirit in human form, she will always be one of which I think of first. Rest in peace, for you have fought the valiant fight. Your strength moved to serve others who could not do for themselves. You truly loved your fellow man. Not much else needs to be said beyond that. I will miss you every day.
  4. To pay for people who won't look in their back seats?
  5. The pitching allows for a lot of fucking variance in the batting order.
  6. Always liked DR59 and hope he kills it for the Texans. He is already beloved in H-town, and if he can lift the franchise out of the hole it is in, the sky's the limit. The Texans just told the league they intend to change the culture on Kirby. Would love to see DeMeco get it done!!!
  7. Or "Reggie is Mr October, but just think if we had the playoffs in June..."
  8. Not a function of income. MLB won't take my money. Well, they will, but no Astros on their fucking stream for me.
  9. MLB is trying to out-do the NHL post 2004 lockout in limiting fans' access to their product. It's frustrating AF.
  10. Thanks to the AAA squad in Alameda County. Hard to believe the Halos and Rangers won't be improved in 2023. Seattle was more than competitive.
  11. I could stomach him playing for the Jays with George or even providing leadership for the O's. Fuck that Yankee bullshit.
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