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  1. The Chiefs Tackles suck ass. 74 and 79 hold more than rookies.
  2. Wordle 897 3/6 ⬜🟨⬜🟨⬜ 🟨🟨🟨⬜⬜ 🟩🟩🟩🟩🟩
  3. 5 real possessions in a half( last KC possession was just a kneel-down.) No tunrovers. One punt...and they go for it if there is more time on the board. GB is playing a perfect game so far. Keepaway and 2 TDs.
  4. The only time I think in term of "slices" is when I want a snack and bitched be sellin "slices," otherwise, it whether i want half of it or all of the pie. By the fucking slice....pfffft!!!!!!!!
  5. Not wrong thread. Army-Navy typically has minimal possessions. This game is 2 possessions each with 2:19 left to go in 2Q. America's Game thread will be on P1 this week, don't you fret.
  6. What is this, Army Navy? 2 possessions in the 1st quarter. No turnovers. No punts. 1 score per team.
  7. slorch

    How dark are you?

    I'm dark enough that we went out of town for 3 days and we turn the corner on to our street and fucking bitch cunt of a neighbor has a POD in her driveway and I high-fived the wife. "Fuck yeah. That bitch needs to move somewhere else...and fucking die." 4 years of fighting her sorry ass yard of weeds has damned near broken me. She is capable of doing the work. She chooses not to.
  8. Evidently Michigan… when the Tide was announced as the 4 seed.
  9. Bama was not in over Texas. You can’t just ignore an actual h2h result…in Tuscaloosa,no less. If Bama was in, so was Texas.
  10. I agree with this’ however the screaming elephant shit in the room is no SEC team in that Top 4. There was zero chance that was happening. I said yesterday with family when Bama won, that the FSU didn’t mean shit. It should be Mich, Wash, Tex, & Bama. Those are the 4 ‘eye test’ teams. I despise the beauty pageant/ cheerleader tryout bullshit, but the 4 correct teams made it. If Georgia had won, I feel like Texas would have( incorrectly) been left out.
  11. That reaction tells everyone the committee made the correct choice. Their hopes and optimism disintegrated. Lol
  12. So who gets the 4th spot in your scenario? ( healthy FSU)
  13. The Sec was not going to be left out. They couldn’t leave Texas out and have Bama in.
  14. The only reason y'all have CCG passing record is because Tech never made it there. Wait. What was the question again? Have thought y'all pass the eye test for most of the season. Now it's just a matter of hoping y'all still don't somehow get fucked. Go win it all.
  15. I think Mart woke up. Panthers 43 Lions 20 4th
  16. Lovelady 20 Mart 10 Half And Stratford is kicking the shit out of Hawley. 40-6, start of 4th
  17. slorch

    How dark are you?

    13% darker, with psychopath skewing the fuck out of it. Hell, I’ve long been aware of it, even posting on this very board at times about my lack of empathy. The description of other behaviors, especially related to sex and gambling were pretty fucking spot on. My late teens and early 20’s were hell because of it. Interesting little exercise.
  18. I prefer a stick actually, but not really in to using a tractor for my daily commuter.
  19. I’m guessing the OP never roofed a house…
  20. Yes. most of them now have safety switch to avoid reverse on the open fly going down the road. Neutral is definitely available though
  21. left at home daytime is way the fuck different than overnight, IMHO. But yeah, 9 YO for me, because my mother had no choice in a rural environment where she had to work until about 6PM each day in a town 40 miles from our house. My kids never remotely had the same situation. The 'feral kids' description up thread is perfect. I'd ride my bike to my buddies' houses and hang out, or grab the pellet gun/ .22 and my dog and go plinking on about a 500 acre farm, with no limits to stay on just our land. Lots and lots of pickup basketball/ baseball/ football games were had, or we'd swim or fish. You stayed busy, or at least kept up the appearance of being occupied or the adults would starting finding shit for you to do( AKA work.) And whatever house you were at, you were considered one of their kids when chores and shit were handed out. Nobody sat and watched their buddy get hosed. LOL.
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