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  1. Apex Athletics. This one aged very, very well.
  2. Pony Athletics They still exist, but not like they did. PONY athletes Paolo Rossi, included Pelé, Dan Marino, Bob McAdoo, Nick Galis, Earl Campbell, Franco Harris, Lawrence Taylor, Willie Stargell, Reggie Jackson, Pete Rose, David Thompson, Spud Webb, Darryl Dawkins and Wilson Chandler. The PONY brand has a strong heritage in boxing, endorsing Muhammad Ali, George Foreman, Larry Holmes, and Leon Spinks.
  3. Before we had cellphones, in the field, we had pagers and a Worldcom MCI phone card. Had that number memorized like a motherfucker. I tell people about those days and they're like, "WTF is Worldcom MCI?"
  4. I know almost every business in this thread that has been listed. But not this one.
  5. Don’t forget Oak Tree. Damn we was fly( before The Offspring, but their song is perfect )
  6. You know it. My grandmother would save them all year long and keep multiple paper, grocery bags full of them for my cousins and my brothers and I when we would come down to their house at PK in the summers. We would get badminton sets, croquet, and… Wait for it… Lawn darts. Our grandfather who love, professional, wrestling and cheap beer, would sit there, and watch us try to kill each other, much to his delight. Yes cheapo bullshit, but lots of great memories. Thus, the avatar. Luckily, no one ever took a lawn dart to the leg or the neck.
  7. Some people are just natural born cocksuckers looking to get their ass kicked.
  8. So glad I went to school before these god awful drop off lines. Has to be a fucking beating doing these everyday. Also a reason I'll never have kids. Mrs Vic is on it...
  9. I think he got his point across. Fully support every punch thrown.
  10. I don’t turn my ringer on my cell phone on position unless I have a very important call that I do not want to miss. Otherwise, that sumbeach is on silent. I have two coworkers is the phones are constantly buzzing barking going off, making all kinds of carnival noises. I Sit there and want them to go back to their shanties. I think people get off on the constant interaction with their phone. Fuck that.
  11. If you call me- leave a fucking message. Text, voice, whatever. If it was important enough to call me, it's important enough to leave a message so I can research the issue and have an answer when I call you back, saving us both time. Don't like leaving messages? Fuck you. It's a phone, not a doorbell. Stop fucking pinging me. It'll be treated as a pocket dial.
  12. Needed Pittman to score 17 or less. Had 3 pts at half. Two little dink passes on final worthless drive put him at19 for the game. Fuck this season. LOL. Just thinking of new, more fucked up ways to lose.
  13. Yes. They are Marine Option. Last year's Navy uni commemorated the Marine Corps Dress Blue uniform.
  14. Backing the Deadly Dorito. Go Army! Beat Navy!!!
  15. The Wildcat might be more productive for the Colts than having Matt Ryan back there.
  16. Lots of Steeler fans there in Indy. Basically the same drive as Lubbock to Dallas.
  17. Never have cared for Matt Ryan, for some reason. Enjoying the shitshow.
  18. Neither does his Left Tackle. Well, protecting the NFL QB thing.
  19. Not a fan of the stripes on the sleeves for the Los Colts. Should be the shoulder stripes they've worn forever.
  20. When NASA was created as an independent agency, the Navy organizational structure served as a blueprint for NASA operations in part because so many Navy personnel were employed there. NASA later developed specialized expertise and assets that proved valuable to the Navy on many defense related systems.
  21. 52 counties in Texas have a population <5k. Damn. That's more than I thought. In other news, in the past week Amarillo hung the new city limit signs with population over 200K. Urbanites!!!
  22. I was in temple/Belton last night and came up 0-fer. No Primus or even shelf tags at 3 different HEBs. Saw some Big Bark and the Pilsner; hell I would have grabbed some Hefe, had it been in stock, as well. For as much as I love Live Oak, their distribution sucks ass.
  23. In today’s world, especially social media, yep. I took the bait, I guess.
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