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  1. Not to be a bitch, but is that admirals club in AUS near gate 22 the only one? Geez.
  2. Escape? My disease is like being the play caller on a football team that punts on 1st down. Fuck everything and run. But really it’s forgetting everything is alright. Any good meetings up in the round rock area? I’ll probably go to Northland tomorrow or Thursday night if anyone wants to grab a bite. I’m in town entertaining clients but only for lunch and the golf tournament.
  3. I think I’ll do the shuttle, mainly because I can expense it and I’m really worried about my meniscus.
  4. Indeed. Huge density of those signs on lawns in West U in Houston too.
  5. Can you just show up, pay, and park or do you have to buy a ticket in advance for the shuttle? I just emailed my corporate overlords, maybe they have some extras. I just figured out if I play my cards right, I can have this gig for every single PGA tour event plus the Masters. I’m getting there early but will be leaving early enough to catch the 7pm AA flight to DFW.
  6. Also, is it advisable to Uber? Can they drop off close?
  7. I’ll be there Friday. I just got tapped to host a very large client at our hospitality suite, hoping he is a golf geek because I’d rather discuss that than enterprise software.
  8. It took a concerted effort to play AA zoom tourist to make meetings during Covid. I was in a few international groups for a while (the Aussies are RAW, with respect to language and recovery) but eventually I would hypothetically pretend I was moving to a neighborhood in Chicago or NYC and find a strong AA group then consistently attend their meetings. Especially when I was suffering from Covid. I would make a few zoom meetings daily just to stay connected. No substitute for the real thing, though. I told my story up at a group in east Texas last night and it was wonderful. It might have been awful and discombobulating for them, but it gave me a chance to speak honestly about my disease. If you have been sober for a reasonable period, there is nothing so therapeutic as telling what it was like, what happened, and what it is like now. Went to my usual Saturday morning meeting today at the the most “urban and diverse” meeting in town and then had lunch with a sponsee and some friends. The treatment center girls were there, talking about how it was their Nth time in rehab and whether or not they were actually alcoholic or not and I just quietly thought to myself that the greatest event in my life was almost dying drunk. So glad it’s settled science, for me personally. Onward and upward.
  9. When I bought my truck, I signed a page that effectively said if I left the dealership sticker on then I would get free car washes for life. There was an RFID tag on the windshield that got me into their on premise car wash. The consequence for removing their sticker was a limit on free car washes to a total of 20. First thing I did was scrape off the decal from the back window, and the free car washes continued for 4 years until I eventually had the windshield replaced which removed the RFID. We both knew they had no cost effective way to limit the quantity.
  10. He’s got video of McCarthy sucking his dick while getting pissed on by a Russian whore?
  11. Raise the flags. Never apologize for being concerned, but phrase it in such a way that you’re asking for help. “Hey, I have something I really need your/his input on” But be prepared that when alcoholics go off grid, they’re just being alcoholics. Isolation is the center of the bingo card.
  12. So does the Attorney General have to call the Treasury secretary to advise him that the secret service has to stand down and let the FBI or US Marshals take him into custody? Interesting logistics.
  13. But those of us who have solid sobriety don’t miss drinking at all because we know we were just filling a void with the wrong thing which was going to end up killing us. We found sufficient healthy substitutes. Wu, when you do finally get to eat again you can have “pizza fix” which is crust-less pizza, all your favorite toppings baked together. And BW3 wings with dry rub have about a gram of carbs each. And papa John’s and BW3 will deliver that stuff on demand. I refuse to feel like I’m missing out, and though keto is a little different than what you’re going through, there are similarities. For me my weight was just unacceptable anymore so I found a diet that was my favorite things in a different form. Pork rinds with queso. Fajitas with no tortilla. Shit that I LOVE just eaten a different way. A bowl of guacamole and a spoon. My favorite desert is “whip” which is sugar free pudding mix, cream cheese, and heavy whipping cream all whipped up with a hand mixer. It’s amazing. My wife can make a keto cheesecake that will blow your mind. You’re going to come to the realization that wheat was a major contributor to your isssues, and that they do wonders with almond flour and cauliflower. My neighborhood Italian joint has a cauliflower almond crust pizza that is indistinguishable from traditional crust. My newest beverage obsession is this polar carbonated water that tastes like an orange vanilla creamsicle. I can’t slam beers anymore, and so I’ll slam topo chicos. I gave an hour long AA talk tonight in front of about 50 people and driving home I so desperately wanted a large blizzard. I just kept driving, and when I got home a diet Pepsi on ice took care of the sugar craving. Costco sells almond flour crackers that are better than wheat thins. You’re just going to have to trick your mind into getting satisfaction from different things. Read up on it. I suggest “wheat belly” and “salt sugar fat” which pulls back the curtain on how food in 2023 isn’t remotely close to what people ate 100 years ago. It’s just going to take practice.
  14. Obligatory - on that PH doc, should I just skip to right before the end?
  15. I’ve got a new ryobi 40v shop vac that I can turn in to a blower, I’ll use my old vac for ash then blow the dust out the firebox end.
  16. Recteq customer service is amazing. I opened a ticket and they replied quickly, the net of it is I’m basically getting all new guts (controller, auger, motor) for about $225. Also on March 20 they are unveiling two new models, I’m excited to see what they’ve got.
  17. I have nothing against these guys personally but I hope they all miss the cut at Augusta. But if I were them, I would gladly trade villain status for those paychecks.
  18. Pete Dye appreciates your compliment. You must hate some of the Par 3s at Pebble Beach too, right? Did you even watch the tournament? Hoge shot a fucking 78. And then sets the course record and finishes T3. Danny Willett is exactly the kind of guy who I want to win the Masters. But then again, I always pull for the underdog. And If I'd won the Player’s, I might take my foot off the gas for a few weeks in anticipation of the Masters too.
  19. Iran, Saudi, and China’s sleepover last week didn't exactly give reason for pause either.
  20. Not gimmicky at all. It's part of the reason the PGA tour grew so big and why people tune in. You think people would give a shit about the 16th at the Phoenix if it wasn't a zoo? Money runs golf, and those of us watching from home would lose interest. If you think it's gimmicky then I don't want to know your opinion on amen corner. Or the 17th at St. Andrews. Or pretty much every set of finishing holes on tour.
  21. That's going to be the $500 question. I'll post a pic but the augur is half rusted so I'm not putting it back in, and there's no telling if I damaged the motor. At this point it's do I pay $500 for parts or $899 for a new one. And I have a dedicated wet dry vac and was meticulous about the ashes, but apparently not unburned pellets. And the clog was far to the left, not near the burner box.
  22. I just dismantled my Recteq 590; the front half of the augur had rusted, and the sawdust inside had turned into cement. I got a good four years out of it, and I suspect that the humidity of SETX, as well as my lackadaisical maintenance, contributed to its demise. My initial thinking is to buy another, but I wanted to check with you all to see if any other brand and model worthy of consideration had entered the scene recently. At $899 the Recteq is priced exactly as it was Christmas of ‘18, IIRC. Which means that it's effectively less expensive than before.
  23. It's been at least 13 years since I've had THC, but my go-to was a box of saltine crackers with hot sauce and several boxes of popsicles. Wu, I'm definitely one of your fans and though I haven't needed surgery I was bought into the “low fat” SAD and was up to 260 when I hit my emotional food bottom at a subway sandwich place on a Sunday afternoon in 2014. I was eating a six-inch turkey sub with no mayo and baked lays after an hour on the elliptical wondering why I couldn't lose weight when I discovered keto on the internet and said fuck it, I'm in. The day I hit “Onederland” was an accomplishment, and I've kept it right around there since then. My wife’s love language is food and her very infrequent edible go to is OG Cheetos and a DQ blizzard. Good on you both and I'm rooting for you.
  24. Scottie is just so fucking dialed in right now. (until I started thumbing out this post) A year ago today I was watching this tournament on Saturday with my dad. His health was failing and I was plotting on how I was going to get him in the boat without him having to climb around too much. He looked at me and said “Son, you know my entire life has been fishing, but with as much effort as your stepmom has made in keeping me alive I'll be damned if I'm just going to announce that we’re going next weekend.” He died on the following Wednesday. So between the joy of watching Scottie play lights out and going through some delayed grief, I'm in a glass cage of emotion today. Just so dusty right now. How did that birdie on 6 not fall? Then a tee shot into the water at 7. I'll shut up now.
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