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  1. {Mark Cuban taking notes gif inserted here - but I didn't because I'm too lazy}
  2. FitLump (she/her/it) or non poster Kevin Morgan (dick/cunt/cocksucker)
  3. So does anyone else think that Cam Young is playing well? Only made a 3 on every hole on the front nine (Dude can't even birdie a par 3) Nice little 27 to start the day
  4. I will say that this is a week that I really miss some of the guys playing on the LIV; I mean there really isn't anyone that I am rooting against in this event
  5. what ever happened to Crazy Chick/Preacher Boy? asking for a friend, and a bunch of SSSQ posters (maybe @d2o might know, we were both on a Detroit sports board with Preachy Boy) I can't remember his name - or I'd see if he was still preaching up here in my part of the world
  6. selling uncovered is certifiably crazy - I am selling against the box, so worst case I will net $410/share including the call (plus the interest on holding the premium for 90+ days)
  7. User name checks out I think what you are talking about are called tokens; they have been replaced cards and virtual cards. You should really just think like it's the 2020's and make your own crypto.
  8. None taken I've sold calls in the past, it is a good way to generate income. I've held off for a while, but I think there are bigger problems in banking) the economy that still need to be fixed. Hope I'm wrong, but I don't want to sit on the side and watch the correction. I will layer more calls in every week or two, depending on momentum. I've quit trying to guess when the winds of change will occur; and have decided to ride the prevailing current/wind. But you do you... Boomer out
  9. Also, I may be responsible for correcting the inverted yield curve, as the process are being held in a MM currently at about 4.5%. so you know that with drop too!
  10. Don't worry about the market correction, I fixed that. Sold a 6/30 SPY $390 call, so now you know what the floor is. Act according to your own judgement (past performance is not a guarantee of future results, except when it is - amirite?)
  11. it could be the end of the Reverse Wally investment scheme
  12. For those of you who don't believe in the "Wally Effect" - let me tell you a little story. I've been working for about 2 years in temp/contract positions mostly as Controller/Director of Finance positions, and interviewed in Jan & Feb with a Pharma start-up. Shockingly, they offered me the job, and I was supposed to start today; but my contract position let me out early so I was able to start last Thursday. But since they didn't have a laptop or licenses for a couple of the systems, I spent those 2 days last week getting all my orientation crap done, meeting group leaders from Sales, Ops, Mfg, Gov't Affairs, and other bull shit. Talked a couple of times a day with the CFO; actually a great way to start work without having to get right into the grind. I come in today, to a some emails from the CFO and CEO and we are changing banking. They had opened a new Chase account on Saturday, because our primary banking relationship is with First Republic - luckily I thought that the full Wally Effect would sink the ship on what was supposed to be my last day. Now all we have to do is start finding a new lender, because they want to sever all ties ASAP; not what I thought I was jumping into....but at least they didn't decide to pay me for my 2 days and say see 'ya. Depending on how this goes, keep your eyes on the stonk thread 😉
  13. If only Elon had invented the sliding side door; wife wanted a minivan when they came out with drivers side slider. We've had one since 1996, the kids call it the Mom truck; I'm too lazy but I should take a short video of the power slider opening/closing parked next to an Elon X model and note the price difference
  14. chip in eagle to make the cut no 9 (his last hole today) - just Jordan doing Jordan things
  15. great first post Can't believe no one has "officially" welcomed you Pictures of your wife are usually posted around here, preferably nudes
  16. Hello darkness my old friend I've come to talk to you again About a market slowly creeping left is highs while I was sleeping and the vision that was planted in my brain still remains within the sounds of crashing In restless day visions, I cry as others frown As the market skyrockets down neath the halo of an implosion (I like this one best, because it shows the ending of the sequence)
  17. I've watched all the episodes - it started off very strong, but then I'm a fan of Jordan and like JT so I thought that was the best episode; next best I thought was the one with Mito it was tough to watch knowing how it was going to end. Overall I'd give it 4.5 stars, no idea why there was so much Sean Foley (other than his connection to El Tigre). I'm glad to hear they are doing a 2nd season
  18. hey don't knock it, almost all of my other stonks are down 74-90 (IBRX) %, though AMYZF is bucking that trend and is now only down 50%
  19. Not necessarily the top 3 OWGR, but close FedEx finals pairs the players by standing, and I thought some of the WGC's used to do it. US Open used to have some fun with pairings, some good groups, some all lefties, all double names, etc - then then decided to join the no fun club
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