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  1. Jesus Christ. I’ll never understand conspiracy theories. Anyone that believes this game was rigged or the NFL wanted one small market team over another is nuts. Cowboys fan here. Anyone who bitches about officiating culpability in the Cowboys drought is insane.
  2. I doubt very seriously it was malicious and am sure he got lost as to where they were on the field. But you have to know when you get your hands on him he’s going OOB. When he pushed him, Mahomes had progressed 2 more steps OOB. It was beyond stupid of Ossai.
  3. Lol. It’s amazing how we see what we want to see. It was as blatant a late hit as it gets and there was no flopping. Ossai is capable of both having a great game and making us proud and also losing the game for his team on a terrible decision. That was bad bad bad.
  4. I’d draft a QB early. I’d also consider getting another WR early if they don’t get one in free agency.
  5. Not full-blown but reading Guest Lobo posts will give you Magic Johnson HIV
  6. Exactly. There is not a more self-important weirdo on this site. I wouldn’t attend anything he recommends if I had AIDS and he had the cure.
  7. Lol. Are you serious? PM Lobo/The Cruiser whatever his new user name is.
  8. All you care about is yourself and your own orgasms.
  9. I don’t know about y’all but I think nat gas is giving gold a run for its money as most volatile commodity
  10. Never been a Rory fan. His reaction to all of this gives that idiot credence. Don’t make Reed and LIV the bad guy. They shouldn’t even be mentioned. Rory talks too much about it.
  11. 2 episodes in. There has never been a more shit-on IDF operative than Doron. There has also never been a bigger bitch than Doron. There has, simultaneously, never been a more stereotypical Jewish badass than Doron.
  12. Jerry is miles better than Snyder and Irsay as a human. I don’t know how the others run their franchises but the Colts were able to attract Dungy, win a title, and be very competitive for 12 years with Peyton. Snyder is the only guy that routinely fucks his team worse than Jerry. I do agree with your comments on Jimmy. Jimmy was gone regardless because that’s what Jimmy does. He’s a rambler that burns out on obsessive behavior. He burns himself out, and eventually will burn his players out. See Miami.
  13. 1. JJ cannot attract star coaches. Parcells was his one shot and he fucked that up. McCarthy is as close as he’ll get and Payton would be no better. 2. The other JJ would’ve worn out his welcome with the players, or otherwise left about when he did anyway. That’s his MO. I do fault Jerry for their demise, though. 3. Nothing will change when he croaks. If Stephen and siblings hire a GM, I’ll be pleasantly surprised. Frankly pretty shocked.
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