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  1. Could be wrong but I think Bally only carries the finals. If they carry the semis someone plz post because I can't find it. Looks like fubo has the Bally app also, that might be another option.
  2. A lot of those guys talked about the team culture. Pretty cool.
  3. Crowley now up 35-24 in the 4th N. Crowley 49 Allen 37 1:44 4th
  4. The big 12 never worked for me. I grew up with the SWC and it was very cool having conference games with in state teams, going to the Cotten Bowl, and winning National Championships. It's hard to imagine a kid growing up with the 12 big when he gets my age sitting around talking to his friends about the great games with Iowa State and West Va. So long big 12 and Fuck Brett Yormark.
  5. True, and it probably kills all chances of the SWC getting back together again.
  6. I'll walk you through it and keep you up to date on everything for $9.99 a month. You don't even have to remember when to renew, i'll do that for you.
  7. I talked to Honus about that before he passed on and he told me his lawyers advised him against it.
  8. I live way out in the sticks and living at the end of the power grid causes annoying internet outages. We tried streaming and the quality of service just wasn't very good, way to much buffering. Have now gone back to dish and those problems have gone away. Not counting the internet problems, I didn't see streaming as a better product. There wasn't a package that really had everything I wanted, and the price advantage it provided was rapidly disappearing. The declining price advantage was at least half of the reason we went back to satellite. We had YouTube TV, not bad really, but it wasn't more than 5 months they came out with a price increase and told me how good it was because I was getting so many more channels, channels that I would never watch in 3 lifetimes. Living in the country is good but some choices are limited. TV service is one of them.
  9. I was at that '62 Arky game.
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