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  1. Dam. I don't remember that story either. RIP Joey
  2. So coaching at Marlin HS, he must have graduated college. Did he graduate from UT?
  3. Is "this person was" better than "I am told"?
  4. Someone mentioned it the other day and it is true, the impressive thing to me about Ewers is his ability to throw the right kind of pass. If he needs to zip it he does, if he needs touch on it he does that, if he sees to put air under it he does that, and he's been doing that since he was a Sophomore in HS. I think he will be the best QB in the BIG12 by the end of the season.
  5. Started out as a DE in hs then moved to LB before getting to DB. Wheatley had some athletes.
  6. We had one ice break. Just munch on ice from one of those old metal coolers. The Srs. could share the melted water by holding up the cooler and letting what was left run down the corners.
  7. Well that covers dam near everybody on surly.
  8. Everything about Omeire has always been speculation. If I remember correctly he seemed to have good hands. If that's true and he can become a good route runner, he could be a contributor.
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