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  1. Just thought you assholes might enjoy this... https://x.com/RyanCFowler/status/1716086954624758154?s=20
  2. Gil, that was hard to read on my night mode screen. Now I see why. That reads way too much like an Aggy posing as a Bama fan. Of course, it is possible that you might run into some real asshole fans out there(when I went to Ole Miss, every Rebel fan I tried to talk to was an asshole that day, then some of their younger fans threw a damned pumpkin at my car while stuck in postgame traffic), for any team but just way too complimentary of the Aggies to be real. Sure, they are weirdly friendly at times, almost like Jehovah's Witnesses trying to bring you into their cult but that smacks way too much of Sheriff Bart in a KKK robe, trying to fool the ignorant.
  3. Well, we bumblefucked our way to this win, thank goodness for playing an even more inept opponent. You're welcome for not having to hear Aggy crowing about your game today, glad to be the distraction needed, especially against Jumbo Fister.
  4. Instead of creating a thread for this, thought I would just drop it in here...Rick...
  5. Ads, we don;t need no stinkin' ads, get enough of those on gameday. uBlock is my friend. When I get some disposable income...truly disposable, after buying all the stuff I don't need, then I will donate to the site.
  6. Yeah, get rid of this annoying shit. If you click the close X, it does a redir, fucking malware. Ublock can't even seem to block it. Can zap it but it is right back on next page load, as you scroll down, so it is embedded in the forum software.
  7. There will definitely be a drop off but rumor has it, Milroe might be moving to WR(was seen running routes in both practice and pregame) and either Ty Simpson or one of the incoming QBs might be the starter next year.
  8. Best movie ever written...that is a fictional biopic of a guy that writes parodies of popular songs.
  9. Should have ran it on 3rd and 10. Fuck BoB and dammit, Nick, why didn't you overrule that mongoloid? It was bound to catch up to us, such sloppy play, no matter the talent you have, will eventually bite you in the ass. I want a Hyatt on my team, dammit. Congrats to any pumpkin fans that might be hanging around. Now I need about 12 hours sleep to recover from that nerve smashing show.
  10. Thanks for the heart stress. Your defense came to play.
  11. Just sticking my nose out of PIHB to say fuck y'all until around 3PM this coming Saturday, then I will consider you just regular ol' assholes again.
  12. Well, damn, just heard about this, dude was the same age as me. RIP to yet another piece of my musical journey through this morass we call life.
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