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  1. Best movie ever written...that is a fictional biopic of a guy that writes parodies of popular songs.
  2. Should have ran it on 3rd and 10. Fuck BoB and dammit, Nick, why didn't you overrule that mongoloid? It was bound to catch up to us, such sloppy play, no matter the talent you have, will eventually bite you in the ass. I want a Hyatt on my team, dammit. Congrats to any pumpkin fans that might be hanging around. Now I need about 12 hours sleep to recover from that nerve smashing show.
  3. Thanks for the heart stress. Your defense came to play.
  4. Just sticking my nose out of PIHB to say fuck y'all until around 3PM this coming Saturday, then I will consider you just regular ol' assholes again.
  5. Well, damn, just heard about this, dude was the same age as me. RIP to yet another piece of my musical journey through this morass we call life.
  6. If there are any UGA fans in here, congrats. Oh and fuck BoB.
  7. Don't feel like going through the 13 pages, anyone get a screencap of the Cinci Horshack? Only better thing would have been a Les Nessman.
  8. I haven't really cared about any pro team, in any of the sports, since I was a young teen kid. Back then, I was a Dodgers fan, mostly thanks to two fat dudes, Lasorda and Valenzuela. That said, where I live is Braves fan central, my mom was one, my best friend is one, between the two of them, I have been to like 11 Braves games and they won every one I attended. I also have attended one Astros game(@ the Rangers), the Astros lost. Atlanta should have paid me to attend the entire series.
  9. Well shit...that just happened. Congrats to any of the aTm fans hanging out here. Worst first half of football I have seen out of Alabama since 2007.
  10. I am just happy that I can now see an actual Bama QB playing decent at the next level. Stabler was kinda in the twilight of his career when I was a kid watching the NFL. As for my avatar, too lazy too look for a new one. Maybe why we both ballooned.
  11. You are missing a ville there and no, Jacksonville State is not from Florida, it is in Alabama.
  12. Final 17-16. All three TDs scored by former Bama players(Mac threw the one Pats TD) but also the last two turnovers were former Bama players.
  13. Yeah, now that you said that, google images match up. Been through the gump many times but never stopped, drove straight through. Did not want any of the slime from the state capitol to get on me. I always heard that the Crampton was a complete dump but it looks better than I expected from those descriptions.
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