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  1. When was our last deep ball touchdown? The one I can remember was Casey Thompson to Joshua Moore (I think?) to go up 28-7 vs. OU last year. Then everything went to shit.
  2. We are only a few weeks away from some Ags seriously posting this on their message boards.
  3. Tulsi couldn't monetize or gain enough power on the left, she threatened to leave, nobody cared, so she's gonna make her money on the right.
  4. One of my favorite line readings ever.
  5. If people want to bring up positives in a loss, what's the fucking problem with bringing up negatives in a win? Watts injury really hurt, credit to coaches for messing with different options even though results were not great. But sick of PK's approach. Can they jut put on the Bama tape for rest of season so players can remember what great D looks like? Sark's time management in the second half was curious. Really slowed down the tempo. Would love to hear someone ask him about that in the PC today. If it was to give RBs a breather between plays while we were pounding the ball on last scoring drive, okay fine. But watching that live was brutal. Felt like we were playing right into Campbell/ISU's hands by shortening the game. And it almost fucking burned us. If team plays like this next week we lose by 3-4 touchdowns. Sark desperately needs to beat a good team on the road. Or just win on the road. All that said, escaping this game with a W against maybe the best defense we'll play for rest of season....excellent. Not worried about Ewers. ISU held Deuce to like 20 yards the week before, great to see our run game have success.
  6. Ewers is the man and I couldn't be more excited about it. Interested to see if ISU brings more defensive pressure in this game. Quinn was barely touched vs. OU and generally had a comfortable pocket. The one time they almost sacked him he almost threw a pick. We need to work out those kinks/issues before going on the road again.
  7. No one's shitting on Card right now. We need Ewers instead of Card simply to outscore our opponents. PK's defensive game planning (outside of Bama game) is completely unreliable and we have to assume that every offense will move the ball on us. Yes, Card should be good enough to beat WV. But he's not, because of our passive defense.
  8. With proper coaching and preparation we should be able to beat Tech with Card and three backups starting at WR. The ifs and buts should be directed specifically at the coaching staff. Players were not put in a position to thrive in this game.
  9. I think Saban’s greatest quality is his ability to create an edge and have his team/staff mentally prepared every week. It can’t be easy. Bama has been a dynasty team and everyone expects them to win 98% of the time. I think the reason they are so great is Saban still tries to create chip and build urgency/intensity all week. You can tell how much the praise infuriates him. Rat poison. He’s doing everything he can to get rid of it. Too bad Sark didn’t absorb that quality from Nick.
  10. When are going to have a HC that understands how to create a chip on this program’s shoulder? Our opponents circle their game vs. Texas every year. Beating the horns rallies their fan base and opens donors’ pockets. They will bring their best gameplan every time. Every game needs to be prepared for as do or die right now. In the glory days of Mack, “lesser” opponents knew they couldn’t beat us and laid down. That doesn’t happen anymore. For 15 years now, they know they can win. And they do, a lot. When we suck, everyone laughs at us. They mock us. Fucking fans are pushing our players in the back post-game. Coaches are filmed talking about how weak we are. Have some fucking pride. Play angry and coach with purpose. Instead of asking McRaven, McConaughey, or some paid motivational speaker to speak to the team/staff, just bring in a regular, frustrated diehard Texas fan to fucking knock some sense into everyone. Because they clearly still don’t get it.
  11. That was one of the least impressive Tech offenses in many, many years. And they just methodically ate up our defense. Watching our defense stand there flat footed trying to keep everything in front of them was infuriating. You can’t wait for them to make a mistake. You have to force turnovers. Good grief.
  12. Even with Card starting, I hope we come out aggressive and throw the ball. Tech is gonna sell out on the run and we have to make them pay.
  13. I think our program is headed in the right direction. But if Ewers is still out, not sure how people can be too confident about the Tech game. We have not played on the road yet this year. We won exactly one road game all of last year. Ewers makes the Sark offense fully operational. Card has guts, but is a significant drop off.
  14. I know it's lame and cliched, but all that matters this week is how we play. If the offensive/defensive lines keep progressing and the defense stays disciplined, we will win. And maybe win easily. I expect the crowd/atmosphere to be pretty damn good after last week. This is not a trap game. We are 6-8 under Sark so far. We lost last week. Every talking ahead is mentioning an upset alert. It feels like the team is anxious to get out there and fuck shit up.
  15. I’m probably reading too much into it, but I was pleased to see Sarkisian a little more ornery today during the PC. He’s pissed we lost, he’s encouraged by the effort, but time to start imposing our will for the rest of the year. He knows that was a step forward, but he’s not smelling the roses or feeling too happy about it. Let’s go.
  16. If they rest Bijan, it would be nice to see Jonathon Brooks gets some early action in this game. Would like to see what he can do with the 1s
  17. Nightmare fuel everywhere. What the fuck. That photo smells like hairspray and hot dogs.
  18. I sold Bill O'Brien a home when he got the Texans job. He was kind enough to shoot the shit with me for about an hour talking football. He asked me who I thought they should take with the #1 pick in the draft...I can't remember who I mentioned.. But he asked what I thought about Manziel. I told him I went to Texas and I though Manziel would suck shit in the NFL. He paused and with a slight grin said, "I really like him". Anyone that fucking stupid calling plays for Alabama is a boon for us. Fuck Alabama.
  19. In general, Ewers looked very comfortable out there outside of the first series. Nice contrast to Card shitting his pants on every drop back. All I ask is we leave the Alabama game healthy. Whether we keep it close or lose by 50, we should be fine in conference play if we don’t have major injuries.
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