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  1. Kalas can explain RE24, but the other day he thought Yordan was on the mound instead of Framber
  2. Are the Astros the only team that don't have a stupid home run prop in the dugout? All business.
  3. There's the Oakland pitching that we heard about
  4. Crane must have put him in the booth
  5. Yesterday during the game Bagwell said that Dusty makes smart lineup decisions every day, Abreu is going to return to All-Star form, and Maldonado should be catching every day. I guess we can rule him out as having a sock account on Surly.
  6. This is how I feel looking at the lineup every day with Abreu hitting cleanup
  7. The offense finally picks up after moving Abreu out of cleanup, and Dusty sneaks him back in there with Altuve returning. What a jackass.
  8. They can actually score runs when Abreu isn't hitting in the middle of the lineup to kill every rally. Imagine if they dropped him to 7th or 8th where he belongs. Somebody needs to tell Dusty that you don't have to shit on every young player and kiss every veterans ass.
  9. That would make sense, but Dusty is just making excuses to play Maldonado more
  10. Somebody must have taken the lineup card away from Dusty because there is two lefties in a row
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