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  1. anyone else see the Daspit Law Firm commercial just now with Quinn plus most of the offense? I wonder how much they paid for the commercial.
  2. Spoke with the two Wyoming grads I know at work. Neither of them are planning on going to the game.
  3. I always order mine to Snarfs Sandwiches across the street. It doesn’t give me the surcharge for going directly to the stadium. It’s probably also the closest drop off point
  4. Josh Pate’s Power Ranking model has us as the 2nd best team in the country after the Bama game if we played everyone else on a neutral field.
  5. My flight was full of Texas Fans. I made it to Tuscaloosa before our leader @immamac. I decided to go try Dreamland. Ribs are alright
  6. Anyone on the 12:30 hou to bhm SWA flight?
  7. Down for Hokkaido if there’s sake bombs
  8. https://x.com/jayleeson/status/1698462245833802149?s=46&t=quspbXzcWrHqGktp7mpRMw I feel like he’s trying to justify his investment
  9. Need one more ticket for the game tomorrow. Probably going to buy one on stubhub but wanted to check if anyone had an extra.
  10. I think Minnesota might out Nebraska Nebraska
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