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  1. Probably already stated, but Jaydon Blue has scrubbed his tweeter, or whatever from Longhorn stuff.
  2. Do both of our Hawai'i guys have edgars?
  3. Can any of our Austin bros get a pic of the tower tonight?
  4. After seeing this gif over 100 times, I just realized Beetlejuice is smoking the cigar backward.
  5. Every sport would be better if it were hockey.
  6. Jets beat the 'Lanche, 5-0. Trust me, I'm not getting my hopes up for the Jets' chances.
  7. I didn't realize Spiritbox was so popular. Emo's is sold out within a few days, and of course, I FAFO. If anyone knows anyone who has one, let me know, otherwise, I'll get raped by StubHub.
  8. Texas - 17 Kansas - 20 240 yards - also 8 punts
  9. Texas - 45 TCU - 42 690 combined
  10. Great, so the country can see us lose in prime time. Awesome.
  11. We suck, they should win convincingly.
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