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  1. Well now after seeing a picture I understand how he was a virgin until marriage.
  2. Washington has a B&O tax; get fucked. Don’t y’all have an occupy protest to attend?
  3. It’s also not a great offense for that fanbase. Their biggest complaint about Jimbo was his ancient slow plodding offense that doesn’t score points and isn’t explosive. Playing a ball control offense focusing on qb runs with that awful OL is going to drive texags to seppuku. I would like to lower my O/U of Elko/A&M partnership from 3.5 years down to 3 but reserve the right to lower it again should Optimus Klein turn down the offer.
  4. ouch. I know next to nothing about those two coaches, but the fact that he is bringing people with him from there shows you that Elko has no real network to leverage and/or couldn't convince better coaches to join him. We saw this exact playbook with Herman. I think the o/u for years of Elko/A&M is now at 3.5.
  5. Yea they really bungled this one up. My guess is that “Plan 2024” resulted in Elko because he was a great DC, he would keep Robinson which would hold together most of their current roster and incoming recruiting class, and that they would buy a good OC with a large assistant coach budget. Well now they lost Robinson, the transfer portal is calling, recruits are decommiting, they’re landing cast off coaches and leftovers from Duke and still nothing has been done on the offensive front. But sure, Elko met with a couple high school coaches and went to the living room of a mid OL recruit so everything is going as expected. All is well Aggie. Keep up the great work.
  6. Running out of brained individuals. Booger McFarland is the backup.
  7. I remember hearing for years how the problem with Texas was that the meddling boosters had too much power/influence within/over the athletic department.
  8. "They buyout doesn't matter, it's all a write-off. It's free money." - Texags probably
  9. @aggypedia how do we not have that trophy on the aggypedia website yet?
  10. If you’re Robinson, you were a greasy liucci permed cunt hair away from potentially being the next head coach. And now you’re not even gonna call the defense with Elko in charge? Why the fuck would you stick around for that when you probably will have multiple DC offers incoming from a desirable power 5 program or even a HC job at a lower tier program?
  11. Does Sark have an incentive in his contract for big12 Coty? If so, that would piss me off if I was him.
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