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  1. You can now buy the mustard online now as well. Just bought some and will review once it’s delivered.
  2. didn't someone here have a bet on Ewers vs Card getting the start? I know I bet someone on the under for wins this year.
  3. The should just proceed without the teams that are holding out for $. When it comes down to it; I bet they relent.
  4. I’m positive this dude will probably just flip to Bama, but a man can dream, right?
  5. Coaches at Summer Creek have been told that Kelvin Banks has been kicking all sorts of ass the last week or so at practice. Asked if they had another just like him. Spolier alert - there is not another Kelvin Banks at Summer Creek.
  6. Could be worse, could be the SEC short guys running that account. good band name. or maybe the 2022/2023 In-season thread title.
  7. i have it on good authority that section 29 row 30 tickets are $650/per.
  8. Always heard stories about people jumping in elevators in downtown houston that had tunnel access. Apparently at the time if you didn't manually shut down the elevator, they would work even if the bottom was full of water. So when they flood out during a Harvey/Allison type deal, if you were unlucky enough to be in the elevator going to the bottom floor, when the doors opened you were rushed with water and would drown.
  9. I have not found a single video from that group to be funny. Agree with @Droopy, this is some shit my FIL would make me watch for 3 minutes on his phone while I pretend to enjoy it.
  10. Wydermyer was released from Buffalo as well. From sure fire 1st round pick TE to undrafted and off an NFL roster.
  11. 2022 Fall Camp: ACL festival 2022 Fall Camp: Kneecapped
  12. What kind of fucked up scrimmage was this exactly? Did Pk give the defense aluminum bats to make up for his shitty D? Or was the scrimmage at Missouri’s pothole stadium?
  13. That’s it! Ive had it!!!! We’ve got no pass rush, no, linebackers, our RB’s knees are falling off!!!
  14. I love Mets highlights. Glad I could be here to share this with you all.
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