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  1. It will never measure up to Ask Lydia Live.
  2. Absolutely this. Helobius’ wisdom notwithstanding, Penix is a witch.
  3. This is what you think in this moment. Kind of speaks for itself, really.
  4. That was messed up but I still enjoyed it. Basketball on November 30 is a learning experience.
  5. You are the Santa Ana of massacring logic. Please continue though, we don’t have the Iraqi War Minister around anymore and I miss that fella.
  6. It suddenly became a very good day.
  7. The Oilers-Bills collapse-comeback still occupies the top spot for me but I like your list.
  8. It was named after a French King but is currently xenophobic.
  9. Can’t wait to visit Moody for a game. I have pics of my daughters with PJ Tucker and Daniel Gibson as kids at FEC. Her fiancé works with the Blazers and recently tried to mansplain PJ to her. She was having none of it.
  10. So good to see him hit some shots and look comfortable with Hunter. Excited to watch this season unfold.
  11. That roughing the passer call was utter garbage.
  12. Hell, even TCU can score 40, right?
  13. I assumed this thread was about crystal meth, which would have made sense when you’re sandwiched between games against Tceh and some Okie squad.
  14. Texas Monthly Don’t pretend the matter is settled. Apparently you are in the enemy camp. Good to know. You just made the list, buddy.
  15. Baylor getting handled early by unranked Florida 11-5.
  16. I haven’t been back since someone vomited on my shoes at Ministry.
  17. Mysteriously, falling for it doesn’t even correlate perfectly with intelligence or lack thereof. A cousin on my wife’s side is a genius physicist nanotechnology pioneer yet still ditched his kids and wife to join his True Flame. People are strange or at least really overvalue strange.
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