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  1. Yeah, what I don't understand is what sort of information are we talking about? What would she have access to that would be beneficial to Toto/Merc?
  2. The salt is a killer. I eat pizza and then a few hours later have the urge to guzzle a gallon of water.
  3. Whoa, what's going on with Toto and Susie? I've read about it but don't quite understand what's happening.
  4. Oh yeah, I also read Going Infinite. Best book I've read in a long time. Just wild what went on.
  5. I own some BTC and ETH. I don't know if it will ever be anything more than digital gold, but there is something there. That said, I don't even pretend to have any idea if it will be worth $1 or $1 million. I just know that I wanted some. Honestly wish I would have bought a little more, but if I couldn't do it at $20K, I'm not going to do it at $40K.
  6. For clarity, what are you boiling the ingredients in? Do you need to add water or something?
  7. I'm here celebrating Celery's entire catalog. I think I could eat Ninfa's green sauce by the gallon.
  8. Damn, when GTA 5 came out, I didn't have a kid. When GTA 6 comes out, he will be nine years old. How the hell am I going to be able to play this with a 9-year-old in the house? Just wait until he goes to bed and play for an hour? That seems lame.
  9. I don't care anything about that song, but that video is 🔥🔥
  10. Jesus. Hearing the words of actual kids in those classrooms. I'm ashamed that our response to something like this is... *crickets* It's disgusting. We've decided that this is a worthy price to pay for allowing people to have weapons of war:
  11. I was in a spot that had Fox News for the DeSantis/Newsome debate. I see clips of Fox, but never watch full segments. I don't understand the economics of cable TV evidently. Are they getting just insane carriage fees, because the advertising was insane. Think it's an ad for Tide pods or Progressive insurance or something? No. It's weird off-brand products like some service that lets you know if a business has "woke" policies (seriously, there is a market for this?) or religious advertising like this: The most mainstream ads they had were for Consumer Cellular, and even that was focused on how the customer support is 100% U.S.-based, not the product itself. How are they able to pay out $770 million settlements and pay salaries for Hannity, et. al on a diet of low-budget advertising?
  12. That second video is good too. I introduced my kid to this song after seeing it on here and he LOVES it. I think it's pretty good too:
  13. Just seems like a funky year with six teams that all have an argument to be in. Seems like most years it is 2-4. I'm throwing Georgia in that mix too. With four, they lost their shot but I'd honestly like to see them have a shot at a title. If they had the same record but played Bama in Week 5 and lost, they'd be in. Just a situation where they lost at the wrong time.
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