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  1. Yeah, still well in the black on the house, but it's gone from a 120% gain to a 75% gain in roughly nine months.
  2. And even with all that, they win 51/49. If Republicans put up candidates that didn't hold guns to heads and talk about werewolves, they'd be winning in a landslide.
  3. Herschel Walker had a better showing in Georgia than Beto O'Rourke did in Texas.
  4. If I can only choose 3, then I guess my choice is 3.
  5. And as you exit, does she say "No, no, no, stay out. Stay out." in a funny accent?
  6. Now do The Rock. 1997 (25 years old): 2022 (50 years old):
  7. Maybe it's a smart move to go with it? I'm sure that confession video gets a lot of views and he's getting a ton of press. And what's the shelf life of Internet fame? Internet is very fad-driven. Come out, make one last score, and then call it quits.
  8. I've taken a bit of a break of following the r/formula1 every day where I get my updates. Has Ferrari announced anyone to replace Mattia?
  9. I waffle between damn that's a cool plane and damn it's weird that a plane meant to destroy our enemies is given the sort of rollout you'd see from the new iPhone.
  10. I looked it up and this spot is 27 minutes from Apple's campus, located in a forest. The house is a dump, but the location seems awesome.
  11. We going to gloss over how massive that dude in the back is? Is he standing on that chair? He's a damn monster.
  12. So with China out, I assume they aren't going to replace it? So it's three races, and then wait a month?
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