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  1. Derp, I just tested positive for the woke mind virus. Have to quarantine for two weeks. I thought DeSantis was against any rules/regulations when it came to combatting viruses.
  2. Just wait until Florida has their next school shooting. That jacket will be such a great look. Advertising where anything "goes to die" seems like such a poor choice of words. Even if it said "Where bigotry, racism, and poverty go to die" it would be just a weird slogan for a politician to hang their hat on. That said, the gator/state outline logo is pretty cool. Too bad the message is shit.
  3. But before we get to that, let's turn to Stephen A Smith and Skip Bayless to debate who is the better driver -- Max Verstappen or Lewis Hamilton. Gentlemen, we have 18 hours of airtime to fill... go.
  4. No doubt. I've seen what we do to sports here. It's how we got 4.5 hour college football games and conferences that have 16 teams, of which 12 we have practically no history with.
  5. The fact that you no longer have to worry about long distance charges, nights/weekends, or counting minutes on a phone plan is pretty great. Just call who you want when you want.
  6. I'm not so sure that Max doesn't let Alonso or Checo pass him just to have something to do in the race. From Reddit. They tell Max he can't get fastest lap and to just bring it home. Max gets fastest lap. Lap 60: Max: What's the fastest lap? GP: It's a 16.6. It was a first lap on a new soft for Checo with DRS. So I wouldn't worry about it Max Max: What's my fastest lap? GP: Yours is a 17.3. Like I said, you've been given a black&white flag so we cannot afford anything Lap 62: GP: Mode 7, please Max. Mode 7. There's now five laps remaining. Okay, now can you bring it home within the white lines? Thank you Max: Yeah yeah Q: (Ben Hunt – The Sun) For Max, just bringing it back to you. You were obviously told to keep within the white lines, risking a penalty. You kind of ignored that and just pushed ahead and got your fastest lap and the bonus point. Do they tell you off - the team - after doing that? Or do they give you a little bit of freedom to get away with things like that? Max: Well, I kept it within the white lines, I just went a bit faster on the lap. So I didn't do anything wrong. They don't know how much pace I have in the car, right, when they tell me this is the fastest lap, don't bother, but I knew that I could do it. So yeah, I just had to keep it within the white lines but this is something I think we can laugh about already. I was laughing about it with Helmut after the race so I'm pretty sure that they're quite happy.
  7. Glad to be back on a real circuit for a change. Hopefully with more space it will mean no red flags because any incident causes a complete stoppage on the street circuits.
  8. It fun wen stocks go up. Had to force myself to buy when it felt so much easier to earn 5% on savings/CD but happy at the moment.
  9. Is this a staged "media question"? It looks/feels completely scripted... and not just in a "I had this line ready" sort of way. He starts his smirk before the question is even asked.
  10. Yeah, one reason I voted for Watson was for a sane approach to homelessness. His term is what, a quarter over now? Haven't heard much of anything. Meanwhile, my wife has played rec-league volleyball for two decades at the rec center near House Park and finally said she isn't sure how much more she is going to do it because the issues going on in the parking lot after dark.
  11. I saw $1,200 over two years for a $300K home. So $50 a month.
  12. Also, it if weren't for the absolute real world consequences of their actions (or inactions in the case of real action following Uvalde), this would be the best drama on the planet right now.
  13. This Ron Filipkowski bit is pretty good. Something to keep in mind when he complains about being targeted for being a presidential candidate. Now going on 20 days without an event...
  14. Really is weird. He always had that streak ("I come to the office, I sue the Obama Administration, I go home"), but just seemed like he went off the deep-end. For the record, from what I know about the plans, I'd actually prefer Patrick's with the homestead exemption increase. It actually focuses on homeowners while the House plan seems to focus on everyone -- including commercial property owners, who I feel normally don't carry their weight. What I'd prefer more is the homestead cap, compression, and a appraisal cap decrease. 10% a year means your taxes can double in just seven years. 5% would double that length of time.
  15. Really? Y'all take issue with that?
  16. I could alternate between these every day for the rest of my life and be the happiest man on the planet.
  17. I don't watch Indy Cars that much, but good god the weaving was insane. I was ready for someone to go spinning from it. You just can't have that going on at 225 mph.
  18. I just laugh at the idea of $5K being a high deductible. /selfemployedobamacareinsuranceuser
  19. I will add... How much longer with Sainz be around at Ferrari? Leclerc is the golden boy there. Sainz seems to be getting pretty chirpy with the Ferrari missteps. Alpine had a really, really good weekend. Mercedes is going to end up second in the Constructors despite not having the second-best car simply because of the driver lineups. Hamilton+Russell > Alonso+Stroll. And I wouldn't be surprised if Alonso ends up second in the driver's championship. I think the odds are in Checo's favor, but Alonso is so damn good and consistent.
  20. What's he running for in the next session. He has my vote.
  21. I waited on that bus on Dean Keeton in undergrad 20 years ago. It was January, wind was whipping through those damn buildings. So fucking cold. I stood there for an hour waiting on the bus until I finally walked back to the dorm and looked up that the stop was closed due to the 3M half marathon. No notice at the stop (this was before iPhones were really a thing) to look it up.
  22. Just came to post this. Watching practice and it's a beautiful blue day. Just a great setting.
  23. The House has been looking into Paxton's dealings that have been well-known, but it looked like no one was doing anything about it. The House General Investigating Committee had a meeting scheduled earlier this week to discuss their findings. Right before that, Paxton sent out the notice about Phelan being drunk and that Phelan should be resign. That was a bomb that one prominent Republican was calling out another Republican leader. But then at the meeting, the committee aired all the dirty laundry (See the allegations here: https://www.texastribune.org/2023/05/24/ken-paxton-abuse-power-house-investigation-texas/), which made any sort of allegation of being drunk on the House floor look like a speeding ticket by comparison. Then there is a dumpster fire at the TX Attorney General office where papers are obviously part of the dumpster contents. Today, the House GI Committee unanimously voted to push for impeachment in the House. All chatter is that they have plenty of votes to do it. I would think if he were impeached and removed that a lot of the protection he has had would be gone... and it would be much easier to move forward with any sort of legal action.
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