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  1. Fwd:Fwd:Fwd:Re:Fwd:Fwd:Truth About Liberals! Hahaha!!1! Funny because it's true! Pass along to a liberal - Grandpa Ted
  2. Qualifying tomorrow. First real racing of the year. Let's go.
  3. Who was the last QB where on any given play you thought they could score a TD no matter where on the field? Vince was like that. Tebow was like that due to that stacked Florida team. Manziel was like that due to scrambling and Mike Evans (no, I'm not saying he was one of the best). Cam was like that. Was Burrow? Actually Mayfield and OU put up so many points, I guess they were like that.
  4. I think the value of BTC as a currency is quickly leaving in the rear-view mirror. It's at best a store of value and at worst, a speculative asset. Why would I want to spend BTC to buy pizza when it's gained significantly since inception? That $20 pizza could be worth $2,000 one day (or $0) The tax situation as well is a huge hindrance. Nobody wants to have to calculate their cost basis for a pizza.
  5. I started to watch Curb for the first time a few months ago. Was shocked at how old he looked. Then to go back and see the aging from earlier seasons was rough. Fuck time, you scary.
  6. Searched for Ricky Williams stuff on Etsy. https://www.etsy.com/listing/866209298/ricky-williams-autographed-signed-miami
  7. He/she will be, on the surface. But I'd think you'd be hard-pressed to find someone as crafty as McConnell. I figure it will be like the House speaker where they just can't keep people in line.
  8. No. When he had the chance to do what was right, he didn't. His actions stole one (arguably two) SCOTUS seats. He could have ridded us of Donald Trump and didn't. “It was a violent insurrection for the purpose of trying to prevent the peaceful transfer of power after a legitimately certified election from one administration to the next.” He may not be as "rah-rah" about the MAGA takeover of the party, but he is every bit to blame.
  9. Very accurate. Expected Sonic the Hedgehog to make an appearance.
  10. BTC rising 25% in two days is an obvious sign of its strong fundamentals. What the hell. I like BTC, I own BTC. This is silly.
  11. Coming soon to the state of Texas, I'm sure: https://thehill.com/homenews/lgbtq/4491918-tennessee-house-pride-flags-schools/ Tennessee House passes stringent restrictions on pride flags in schools The measure, House Bill 1605, would prohibit local education agencies from displaying flags other than the United States flag and the Tennessee state flag in public schools. It would allow schools to display the POW/MIA flag, a flag that represents a city or metropolitan government or an official school flag, among other exceptions. While the bill does not mention LGBTQ pride flags outright, GOP state lawmakers have said it is meant to restrict them. Bill text: (1) Prohibits an LEA or public charter school from displaying, or permitting any of its employees or agents to display, a flag other than the following on or in a public school: (i) the U.S. flag; (ii) the official Tennessee state flag; (iii) a flag that cannot be disturbed or altered pursuant to the law relevant to Tennessee heritage protection; (iv) the POW/MIA flag; (v) a flag that represents an Indian tribe, as defined in federal law; (vi) a flag that represents a city, county, metropolitan government, or other political subdivision of this state; (vii) a flag that represents any unit, branch, or other division of the armed forces; (viii) the current, official flag of a country or political subdivision of that country; (ix) a flag that represents a college or university; (x) a flag that is displayed temporarily as part of a bona fide course curriculum; (xi) an official school flag; or (xii) the flag of an organization duly authorized to use a public school building. However, the flag of an organization duly authorized to use a public school building may only be displayed at the time and place that the organization is authorized to use school property; My reading of that text seem to mean that you could fly the flag of Palestine, but not the pride flag. You could fly the Confederate flag. You could fly the flag of Cal-Berkeley. You could fly this flag, representing the University of Hawaii: A person guns down kids in a Tennessee school and no changes to gun laws. But flying a pride flag? Fuck that. Not in Tennessee. Culture wars gonna culture war. Not sure how this stands up to 1st amendment grounds.
  12. Laughs in Texan... and then stops, thinks about it, and starts crying.
  13. As I said before, could go to $1 million, could go to $0. I completely see the bear case and the bull case. I've seen enough to think there is something there and want some exposure, but I'm not putting my life savings into it. I do think that it's getting a little long in the tooth to call it all nonsense. Now buying in at these prices may be nonsense, but the bitcoin idea seems to have some solid points to me and the pool of people that want a piece continues to grow.
  14. Thing is, the recent Google update shot Reddit up the rankings. Given that the latest financial were before that update, I do wonder if the first results are going to surprise to the upside. I don't know that any website has ever seen the sort of boost that Google gave Reddit in the past few months. It's insane. Edit: I just googled "Best headphones to buy" and Reddit is gone from the first page of results. It's like Google read the article I linked above (https://detailed.com/forum-serps/) and totally reverted.
  15. I heard Biden was going to get an early start on Spring Break at SPI. He's headed to Clayton's.
  16. Yeah, Buc-ees is gross. I refuse to stop there and I 100% agree they have some good stuff to grab.
  17. Serious question -- is there a least worst candidate? Seems like the guys that voted for things like Paxton impeachment and against school vouchers are anything but moderate. Hell, I'm rooting for Phelan in this battle and he is still a driving force behind open carry and abortion bans.
  18. Is there another public company that has a large segment of business coming from pornography? I know that Rick's Cabaret is publicly traded. Other than that?
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